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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Canon Laser Printer: A Review of the Canon D340 Digital Copier Laser Printer

A printer which is designed either for personal, professional, or business use must have excellent quality printing abilities, and a Canon laser printer is my best bet for that.  Specifically as a copier and printer, the Canon D340 Digital Copier Laser Printer is one of the best models that I have ever used.  Let me enlighten you through this review that I have written for that exact purpose.

This model is a nice conventional white printer with buttons which are very easy to use and a small LCD display for essential information.  It looks like any common laser printer and copier, but it's compact enough to be easily set in a room, table, or desk.  The dimensions of the machine are 18'' x 21.4''' x 17.8'' and it has a weight of 35.2 pounds.  It's very bulky and it's not advisable to be used as a portable machine.  It should be settled in a single location which is most convenient for your use.
The LCD display is very small and is only meant for showing important data.  The buttons are intuitive, simple, and very easy to use.  It is not designed for network use so you can only access it through one PC.  The device also has a lot more functions that can definitely help you speed up your work and make better output for an even more productive work pace.

Printing and Other Functions
The device is a printer and a copier in one, so compared to other Canon laser printers, this is much more functional.  The printer can produce output in as fast as 14 seconds per minute, not as speedy as other models but certainly fast enough.  It has a high resolution for enhanced output of up to 1200x600 dpi. The printer also has a toner saver mode which allows you to use less toner for lesser costs.

The copier is the prized feature of this device.  It has a very intelligent copying system which lest you scan once and copy many, so you won't have to keep on scanning a single document to produce multiples copies.  The copy speed is the same as printing, as well as the quality so your copies are just like or even better than the original one.  You can produce 99 copies of a single document in one setting. You can also reduce and enlarge your documents from 5% to 400% and every whole number in between with the zoom feature.  It can automatically collate copies of documents according to the page, so if you're reproducing multiple pages of multiple copies, you won't have to sort every one of them individually.  The 2 on 1 function allows you to print two documents in a single paper so that you can save more paper and help the environment.

Other Features
The 250-sheet tray makes printing multiple pages a lot easier because you don't have to keep on refilling the paper tray.  The automatic document feeder input of the copier makes copying more accessible and less hassling to use, especially if you only need a few copies.  The product is also Energy Star qualified so for environmentalists and nature-lovers, this is a very friendly and safe device.

I don't think anyone would be disappointed in this Canon laser printer.  I have used it for a long while and so far, I have been completely satisfied with its performance.  The Canon D340 Digital Copier Laser Printer is a very remarkable machine and I highly recommend it to all those people who desire to have an excellent laser printer and copier, for whatever purpose it may serve.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Troubleshooting Your Non-Printing Printer - Five Things to Check

Has your printer stopped printing?  This always seems to happen as you try to print the boarding pass for your Caribbean cruise.  Please try these five checks first before you kill your printer.
Several things can fix printing.  Some are easy simple checks and others are more complicated.  This article presents the five things you can do to repair printing.  After that, you are free to get a hammer, take out your frustration on your device, and buy a new cheaper one.  We begin here first, with the simple easy checks and then progress to the more complex issues to resolve.

Check 1: Printing devices must be powered-on to print.  Please make sure that the power is turned on and that the power-on light is lighted.  At this time it is best to make sure that all cables are plugged into the device and that there are no error light indicators on.   A quick check of the paper tray and paper hopper is in order as well.  These should have a sufficient supply of fresh paper in them.

Check 2: Please make sure that you are using the printer you are expecting.  To verify this when using Microsoft® Word, please click on the upper left menu item "File" and then "Print" from the drop down menu.  This reveals the printing panel to the right of the drop-down menu.  In the printing panel on the upper left is the print button.  Immediately below that, the printer is identified.  If the name of this device is not the printer you are expecting to use, there is a triangle pointing down on the right-hand side.  Clicking on this triangle reveals a drop-down list of printers to which your computer can send the document for printing.  Please make sure you have selected the printer that you expect.  There are similar selections other computer programs that permit you to verify and to select the printer you wish to use.

You can print on a different printer as a test.   When the document prints on the other printer, your printer has the problem.   This helps you identify precisely where the problem is, either hardware or software components.
Check 3: Please verify that the documents waiting to print are not stopped and held up in the print queue.  When a printer encounters any problem printing a document, it just stops printing.   Any document that is subsequently sent to the printer cannot be printed until the previous document is completely printed.

Printers print one document at a time.  This is similar to cows crossing a stream.  If the first cow comes to the stream and does not cross, all remaining cows wait in line to cross the stream behind the first cow.  If the first cow does cross the stream, the other cows follow.  When one of the other cows refuses to cross the stream, the cows following it stop and do not cross the stream.

Similarly, printers print all documents in the order that they are sent to the printer.  If the ink runs out, if there is a paper the error, or if there is some other malfunction that stops a document from printing, that document and all remaining documents will stop printing.  After the error is corrected, the document may or may not automatically start printing.  Sometimes you must restart the document printing for that document and subsequent documents to print.

The printer document waiting line on Windows 7® is found by clicking on the "Start" button and opening "Devices and Printers".  In the "Devices and Printers" window you select the printer you are using. Clicking the right mouse button opens a pop-up menu from which you select "See what's printing". This opens the printer queue.  If there are no documents listed, then Windows® believes that all documents have been sent to the printer and printed.

Sometimes a printer is set to work offline. In this event nothing can print because the device is offline. When a printer icon is colored light gray, the printer is likely set offline.  In the "See what's printing" window, clicking on the "Printer" menu item produces a drop down menu.  The "Use Printer Offline" selection appears about three lines from the bottom of this menu.  Since Windows 7® is context sensitive and displays only the possible menu selections appropriate, the "Use Printer Offline" menu selection is often not visible.  To place the device online, please un-check the "Use Printer Offline" menu item.

Check 4: Many printing problems are caused by the loss of connection between the computer and the printer.  To check the printer connection on Windows 7® you again click on the "Start" button and open "Devices and Printers".  In the devices and printers window you select the printer you are using, click the right mouse button to open a pop-up menu, and you select "Printer properties".  The printer properties window should open on the "General" tab.  In the lower right should be the "Print Test Page" button. Clicking on this button is a quick way to test whether the computer is connected to the printer.  It should immediately print a test page on the printer.  If it does not print a test page, then the link to the printer may not be functioning properly.

To verify the computer's connection to the printer you select the "Ports" tab.  The "Ports" tab identifies the port that connects the computer to the printer.  When the printer is connected by a USB cable to the computer, the port label identifies a USB port.  Sometimes unplugging a USB cable and plugging it into a different USB port re-establishes the connection between the computer and the printer.

Driver programs connecting Windows to the printer port may not be functioning properly with Windows.  In this case reinstalling the latest printer driver programs can resolve this issue.  The driver programs must typically match exactly the version of Windows on the computer.  Often separate driver programs are used for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows®.  The latest driver programs are found at the printer manufacturer's website.
If the printer is a network printer, a standard TCP/IP port is checked.  A TCP/IP port connection can be broken when the incorrect printer IP address is used.  To reconnect the printer to the computer, make sure that the IP address on the computer is the same as the IP address assigned to the printer.  When the printer is a wireless printer, verifying the connection becomes more difficult.  Similar to any other network connected printer, a wireless printer must have the IP address match the address used by the TCP/IP port on the computer.

Sometimes the printer may be identified by name and not by IP address.  If the name is correct, a test page should print on the printer.  When a test page does not print, the most direct resolution of the problem may be re-installation of the printer.  This would require the original printer installation CDs or a download of the installation software from the printer manufacturer's website.

Check 5: Wireless printers often lose their connections to the network.  This can be verified by going to the printer and selecting from the printer menus a print out of the network configuration.  An alternate test is to use a different computer to print a test page to the wireless printer.

When a wireless printer has lost its connection to the network, the simplest and most direct solution may be to reinstall the wireless printer on the network.  This again would require an installation CD or a download of the installation software from the manufacturer's website.  Wireless printer installation differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Some printers require an active USB connection into the printer to complete wireless network installation.  Other printers can be installed without such a USB connection.  Wireless installation requires knowing the network key or password.  Sometimes the latest Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security must be used for the printer to connect into the wireless network.  The older Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) does not permit some printers to connect to the network properly.

Performing these five checks should at the very least identify where the problem lies.  You should be able to then zero-in on the root of the problem.

If a printing problem is caused by physical damage, it is sometimes, but not all times, not cost-effective to repair the printer.  In this case it is best to get out a big hammer and take out all your pent-up frustration on the device.  Next go to the store and buy a newer, faster, and better one.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Buyer's Guide To Copier Machines

Copier machines today do not just copy documents; they now offer different features such as scanning, faxing as well as printing.  As machines becomes more advanced, it is hard to decide which machine would suit your needs.  Knowing the important features that the company needs however, can change that and make it easier to find the right copier.

That being said, to find the copier machine that would suit your needs, you must have a checklist or a guideline about the type of machine you need as well as other considerations such as budget, purpose and where you will be placing your new copier.

Analog Copier
If you are on a tight budget and would only need the most basic photocopying services, then an analogue copier machine would suit you.  Analog copiers are more affordable compared to color and digital machines.  Copies made can be of good quality depending on the brand and specifications of the machine that you would buy.

Digital Copier
On the other hand, if you want more functionality but have a limited a budget, a digital photocopying machine is your best option.  Digital photocopying machines usually come with two or three features such as fax and print features in one unit.  They are a bit more expensive than the basic copier but are slightly lower in price than a color copier.  Digital copiers are stable, cleaner running, and produce less noise than the analog ones and the printing quality is better.

Colored Copier
If you want the latest features combined with functionality and budget is not an issue, then a colored copier is the best machine for you.  Colored units are also preferred for advertising companies or those that specialize in fliers, brochures or magazines and ad campaigns.

The multi-functional copiers can be a real ROI for the company.  These machines include three or four functions such as scanning, printing, faxing and photocopying in one unit and they are ideal for big companies who require all the functions.  Some multi-function copiers include only two or three functions and are cheaper compared to a four- or five-in-one multi-function copier.

Purchasing your Copier

Now that you have a basic overview of the different types of copiers, the next thing to do is to check the size of the copier.  Do consider the location of the copier.  Will you place it on top of a table or in a corner as a standalone?  Shop around to compare prices.  There are several brands that you can choose from. Examples of brands are Canon copiers, Ricoh,Toshiba, Sharp and Xerox.  Refurbished copiers are also available; they are cheaper and the best buys if you are not a heavy user.

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The Environmental Impact of Buying Refurbished Copiers

"Going green" seems to be a very common trend these days.  From household cleaning products to the car sitting in your driveway to the recycling bin at your grocery store; almost every product has a way to help preserve the environment.  Did you know though, that you can take this a step further and keep your office green as well?  Buying refurbished copiers can help save money, natural resources, raw materials, and help protect the environment.

Buying a refurbished copy machine means that you're eliminating the need for new raw materials for a new machine.  This helps preserve the natural resources that are necessary in the manufacturing of the plastics, metals, and chemicals in the ink and toner.  The natural resources that are preserved in the manufacturing process alone are reason enough to consider buying a refurbished copy machine
Copiers can also have power save modes or sleep features.  This is very similar to when your computer goes to sleep after a period of inactivity.  The copiers will go through the same process, shutting down unnecessary programs in order to save electricity.  This not only puts money back in your pocket, but also helps cut down on your company's carbon footprint.  Looking for the "Energy Star" logo on your refurbished copier is a wonderful way to make sure that your copier has been endorsed by the government's energy saving programs.

Even simply buying ink and toner cartridges and refilling them after they've run empty can help lessen the impact on the environment.  This process will provide the same benefits that buying the refurbished copier will: lessen the use of natural resources during the manufacturing process, and reducing the need for raw materials.

Refurbished copiers also help keep the materials out of landfills.  Copiers and ink and toner cartridges are composed of elements and chemicals that take hundreds of years to completely decompose in a landfill.  Buying a refurbished copier can help reduce the pollution from the landfill.

Refurbished copiers are a wonderful way to help reduce the impact on the environment.  Even big brands like Canon copiers, Ricoh copiers, and Toshiba copiers can be refurbished to help keep your office Eco-friendly.  So if you need to help keep your office green, why not buy a refurbished copier? From preserving natural resources, cutting down on raw materials, and reducing the energy costs, refurbished copiers are a wonderful way to help protect our environment.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Small Laser Printer Solves Portable Printing Needs

For people who are traveling and need to work while on the go, a printer that is lightweight and easy to carry is a necessity.  At the moment, the creators of laptops do not have the technology yet to incorporate a printer into the laptop itself--a feature that is bound to happen in the near future.  As for now, we would have to rely on portable printers for our printing needs when we travel.  What we need to look for is a printer that is small and incredibly lightweight but, at the same time, is still able to print high-quality printouts at a fast speed.  What we need is a small laser printer

The market has a variety of small printers for sale.  The small laser printer has been available in the market for some time now, and prices are becoming more affordable by the year.  With the introduction of portable color printers and laser photo printers, the travel printers have become influenced and further improved.  Businessmen who need to run prints while on the road and like to travel are the primary users of mini printers.  A businessman with a hectic schedule with the need to print things quickly will find small laser printing very useful.  A portable printer is perfect for those urgent prints or spontaneous presentations.

The features on a small laser printer may vary, but not as much as you'd expect. Now because of the progression of print technology today, downgrading the size of a printer doesn't mean a sacrifice in its features.  Companies have been meticulously developing a portable laser printer that can equal a regular-sized one in terms of speed and print quality; and fortunately, they were successful.  Small laser printing equipment can actually rank up well in competition.

They are often quieter than other large office counterparts and are specifically designed to use less space than regular office printers.  There might be a little sacrifice in terms of speed or all-in-one functionality with a small laser printer; but in majority, a portable printer can boast of similar features to its larger stationary versions.  The current technology of a mini printer does not allow it to copy, fax or scan because these features will drastically add to the size of the otherwise portable printer.  On the other hand, mini-printers are still similar in terms of other aspects, which is why a small laser printer is still a good choice for the running traveler.

A small laser printer is chic, incredibly low profile and very easy to pack into cases and to carry with the business traveler.  Some weigh 5 to 10 pounds and require little space to function.  If you are a business traveler who needs a print or two on the road, a small laser printer is perfect for you.  Choosing the best mini printer that can print while traveling is not something that you should be taking lightly.  A wrong choice could waste your time and money.  Before you go on your buying spree, conduct some research on the Internet about the best printers or consult with your hardware store about what printers they are offering.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Select the Best Laser Printer

Before determining the best laser printer that is suitable for your needs, the first thing you should do is understand the basic knowledge about the printers.  

Printers have two ways to produce a picture; an inkjet printer produces a picture by spraying very small dots of ink onto the paper while a laser printing device produces a picture by throwing powdered ink to paper which is then electrically charged to drum for the image to transfer to.  If you have needs to print more photos or graphics and less text-based documents, you might be better off to buy an inkjet printer.  If you have needs to print many text-based documents, a laser printer will be the best choice for you.

Choosing the right device for printing is very important because if you frequently print many documents then if you use an inkjet printer, you will spend more money for the ink cartridges over time then the expense of laser toner cartridges over the lifetime of a laser printer.

Monochrome or Color Laser Printer
You can find a black and white laser printing device for less than $200.  These types are usually cost-effective plus cheaper to maintain as compared to inkjet printers.   A color laser printer is significantly more high-priced, and it is right here that you can be teased to select an inkjet printer as an alternative.  Remember though, that the first investment pertaining to color toner cartridges enhances the upfront price of a color laser printer, yet color printing is going to definitely cost a lot less per page than inkjet printers.  Although some color laser printers can handle the printing of photographs, the picture quality depending on the quality of the laser printer will sometimes be substantially worse than some inkjet printers.  That is why if you have a strong intention to print photos, it is recommended that you select an inkjet printer usually.

Print Quality
A laser printing device can yield crisp and razor-sharp text output associated with simple graphics (grayscale) yet it doesn't mean you need to neglect resolution specifications entirely.  Printer resolution is usually assessed in dots per inch.  If you have a printer which has a higher resolution then it will result in a sharper and crisper outcome printed job.  That is why it is worth taking into consideration if you will be printing graphics.  Monochrome/grayscale laser printing devices have a resolution at 1200 by 1200 or 600 by 600; however these scales are usually more than enough regarding printing text and graphics.  The resolution of a Color laser printing device is often as high as 2400 by 1200, that increases the quality of the colour print substantially.

Printer Memory
Memory space decides how fast your printing device prints plus the quality of the prints it creates. Printing devices with laser technology save documents within memory.  More memory enables you to print a higher resolution at quicker speeds.  If you deliver a high-resolution to your printing device, yet do not have the memory to take care of it, the printer instantly sets the work's station resolution to check the actual printer's capabilities.

Memory space upgrades are relatively affordable; therefore if you select a cheaper laser printing device along with less memory, search for one which can allow memory space upgrades, particularly important if you do network the printer with several users in your workplace.  The majority of expensive laser printing devices, is equipped with at least 64MB of memory space.  If you are purchasing for a large business with many print jobs, select a laser printer which can be upgraded to at least 128MB, if not more.  Once again, if velocity is the key element, take into consideration to buy the model with additional memory space.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Selling Points For a Copier

Copier sales might be seeing a slight decrease because a lot of businesses today are opting to not buy a copier and to simply purchase copies from a store whenever they need them, but is this really the more efficient option?  For businesses that need to make lots of quality copies on a daily basis, it's a wiser choice to purchase a quality copier for themselves.

Owning your own copier will save you time and time is money.  Sometimes you need a copy in 5 minutes, and don't have the time to send somebody to a store.  The person has to drive to the store, wait for service, wait to have copies made, carry the copies to their car, and drive back.  By owning your own copier, you could reduce this process to a 30 second walk to and from the copier, and copies that are made immediately.  You can save your employees a lot of time that can be spent efficiently rather than wasted.

Owning a copier for your business will also save you money.  Sure, buying a copier is a lot more money than making copies a few times, but you're likely making copies more than a few times a day, week, or month.  A copier is an investment that will pay for itself over time.  Every copy you make on your new copier represents money that you're saving to merit your purchase.  Not to mention the gas money you won't have to spend driving to and from the printing services store.

Printing service stores are great for individuals who make a few copies a year, but copier sales should still be strong among companies who require copiers daily, or even weekly.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

What to Look for in a Printer Copier Combination

What Do I Need in a Printer Copier?
This can be a difficult decision to make because you need to know things like workloads, and duty cycles. But you can learn all about these things by turning to the internet and doing some research on a printer copier.  It's important to learn how a printer copier will work and how it can benefit you.

Once you know the employees in the workplace or how the company will use the new office equipment, you can begin to compare specs between different brands on the internet.  It's always a good idea to compare a few different brands at the same time to get an idea of prices and features they offer.

What you should look for is a brand that stays within your budget and will also get you all of the features you want.  Also make sure it performs the way you need it to.  If you have a fifty cent budget, don't expect anything high quality.  Your best bet is to wait until your budget is a bit higher to ensure you get a better printer copier.

Network Ready
Is your printer copier going to be used by more than one person in the office?  The best way to achieve this goal is to put the machine on your local area network, and give access to the people who use it the most.  This solves the problem of having people leave their work area constantly to print, or copy items.

Wherever you choose to buy your printer copier, be sure to ask about ease of installation on your network.  You don't need your network people taking all day trying to figure out a complicated setup for a new piece of equipment.  This takes away valuable time of your network technicians.

Space Saver
Typically the multifunction units are quite compact when compared to other office equipment.  They can normally be setup in a small cubical, or storage space.  This makes them ideal for small work places. They can usually sit on a desk or a shelf.  They aren’t big pieces of equipment and don’t require a lot of space.

Fewer parts breaking means they will save you time when it comes to repairing them.  This will save your company some money and every company, owner or boss likes to hear the words “money saver”.  If your office isn't a place that will demand anything extreme out of this equipment, it will do everything you need it to.

* 20 Copies Per Minute
* First Copy Out at 8 Seconds
* 600 dpi Image Resolution
* Scan Once Print Many
* Printing Speed: 15ppm
* Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
* Standard Full Color Scanning: 50 - 9600 dpi

* Single 250-Sheet Cassette
* 50-Sheet Bypass Tray
* GDI Printing
* Full Color Scanning
* SRU (Service Replaceable Unit)
* 2 in 1
* Auto Exposure
* Toner Save Mode

When you think about buying a new printer copier or scanner for your business or home office, taking suggestions from different resources can lead you to making the best decision. Getting the right printer copier for your business is not that far away.

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Friday, April 15, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Canon & Xerox Copy Machines

Canon or Xerox copy machines come in a variety of different types and sizes and can be trusted that they will deliver higher quality work in bulk in a very short period of time.  They are in two different categories; black and white only (or monochrome) and color copy machines.  It is therefore important for you to determine in advance which one will be more fitting for the kind of work that you have to do.

They also differ in physical sizes and speeds, such that there are those that you can just place on a table top and others that will require quite a bit of considerable amount of space for its foot print.  It is up to you to decide, depending on the amount of space you have to spare for the machine and also depending on the work load that you have and at what speed you’ll need; which could be anywhere from 10CPM up to 90CPM for tabletops or office grade medium size console units. 

You also need to think about the specifications of the Canon or Xerox copy machines in case you need to perform multiple tasks at the same time and this could probably lead you to think more about the digital ones available today.

With quality products comes a need to cough up a little bit more money, but it is well worth it, if you are going to be assured of reliability and durability.  

If you can afford to part with a little bit more dollars, you might then want to consider one of the latest editions of the Canon or Xerox copy machines which are more value loaded.  Before purchasing though, you need to run a test on them and probably get the sales personnel at the sales stores to clarify any misinformation you may have.  

Once this is done, you’ll probably be ready to pull the trigger and make the payment and have your machines delivered to your office to start your projects.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Copier Machine Product Examples

A copier machine is commonly used in offices and school places as they provide copying purposes that is part of these community structures.  Xerox Corporation presented the first in the year 1949.  Photocopy machines are widely known as Xerox machines back then.

Nowadays, copier machine apparatus' are more advanced.  Top quality can provide high-grade photocopying tasks such as copying colored materials like photograph pictures.  Manufacturers continue to develop more useful copy machine models to meet the growing demands, in the field.

Office Copiers
Copier machine equipment is ordinarily found in every office corner.  Most offices prefer to use digital machines, due to its ability to save more time, money and make employees at work to be more productive.

One type of copier machine is the Sharp AR-208D.  It is designed for small spaced offices.  This model comes in desktop size printers.  Despite the size this machine has, it also has 600 dpi PC Printing, electronic sorting plus standard color PC scanning features.  AR-208D can make 20 document copies per minute and can produce, at most, 99 document copies if placed in continuous copying setting.

All in One printers
All in one printers are the latest models produced by different manufacturers. These machines provide Fax printing, document printing, scanning and photocopying tasks.  The design was created to deliver the most commonly used features all in one package and thus, increase productivity levels using such machines.

HP LaserJet M1319f MFP is an example of the latest all in one printer manufactured by HP. This machine provides scanning, faxing, printing and copying services.  This equipment is both a cost-efficient and time efficient investment due to its multi tasking abilities.  This machine can print a maximum 8000 pages per month, make 99 document copies per day and can hold up to 500 pages of 8.5x11” size fax memory.

Personal machines provide the portability of convenience and ease of access.  Personal sized copiers are tailored small and light to allow users to move around and still access their copiers without any hassle.

Canon PC170 copier machine is an analog copying device that can fit in small spaces.  The size of this equipment is 32" width and 4.5" height.  It is comparable to the usual flat DVD player.  Personal Copiers like this makes copying services available at home and at places wherever the user wishes to go.

A copier machines is one of the many great contributions of technology that help improve lives and create quality living.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Selecting the Best Pouch Laminator For Your Needs

A pouch laminator can make a great addition to your home, office, school, or professional print shop, but with all of the outstanding laminating machines on the market, knowing which machine will fill your unique needs can be difficult.  Below we will break down the differences between the various styles of pouch laminators to help you make an informed decision about which laminating machine to purchase.

The Basics
Nearly all pouch laminators are thermal machines, which mean that they utilize heat to seal the pouch and fuse the layers together.  Depending on the machine, the heat is applied by either heated plates or heated rollers.  All machines utilize rollers to help ensure secure adhesion, eliminate air bubbles and move the laminated documents through the machine.  Low volume machines (primarily for home use) are equipped with two rollers, mid-level laminators (for offices or schools) contain 2-6 rollers and professional laminating machines (for high volume users or copy shops) include between four and ten rollers.

Most machines offer variable temperature control to allow users to adjust the heat level based on the thickness of the laminating pouch.  Many pouch laminators also include a reverse feature, which makes it easier to clear jammed or mis-fed documents.  Other popular features include a stand-by mode (preserves power while the machine is not laminating), the ability to laminate without a carrier sheet (used to prevent adhesive from oozing out from the edges of the laminating pouch and onto the rollers), cool rollers (help to reduce curling of laminated documents), and the ability to laminate photos.
When selecting a pouch laminator, you'll need to evaluate the features that are the most important to your specific needs. If you will be producing a high volume of laminated documents, you may want to look for a machine that has a high maximum laminating speed.  If you regularly use thick laminating pouches (7 mil or 10 mil), then you'll need to ensure that your selected machine can handle thick pouches.  Those who only laminate IDs or badges may be content with a model that has a maximum document width of 4", while those looking to laminate signs or displays will likely want a machine that offers a larger width.  Taking the time to review the features of the available pouch laminating machines will help to ensure that you get the best laminator for your purposes.

Home Pouch Laminators (for Low Volume Usage)

Pouch laminating machines for home use offer the most basic features, without many of the advanced options that are used in office or professional settings.  These laminators are most commonly available in 9" and 13" widths, and can laminate 3 mil and 5 mil pouches only.
Among the most popular models of home pouch laminators are the SircleLam HQ-230 and HQ-330.  Both versions offer the following features:
- Maximum laminating speed of 9.85" per minute
- Laminates photos
- No carrier sheet required
- Adjustable temperature
- Cold setting (for use with self-adhesive "cold" laminating pouches)
- Reverse (for releasing jams)
- Six minute warm-up time
- One-year warranty

The only difference between these two models is the maximum width - the HQ-230 laminates documents up to 9" wide, while the HQ-330 allows users to laminate documents up to 13" wide.  If you only laminate infrequently, and do not use pouches thicker than 5 mil, then a home pouch laminating machine may be the perfect choice for you. If you are looking for something a bit more robust, then read on to learn about office pouch laminators.

Office Pouch Laminators (for Moderate Usage)
Pouch laminating machines for office use offer a greater range of features than those designed for home use, and can handle a medium-to-high volume of usage. These laminators are available in widths ranging from 4" to 13.5", and can laminate pouches from 3 mil and 10 mil thick.  In addition to being able to stand up to more frequent usage than home laminators, office pouch laminators also laminate much more quickly (in some cases, more than three times as fast as the home machines).
Two the most popular models of office pouch laminators are the Akiles APL-320 and the SircleLam LA-7020E. Below is a comparison of their features:

Akiles APL-320
- Max. Laminating Speed: 24" per minute
- Carrier sheet not required when laminating 5, 7 or 10 mil pouches        
- Max. Width: 12 1/2"    
- Four Rollers    
- Independent Heat & Motor Switches
- Variable, Electronic Heat Control
- Heating Element: Heated Rollers
- Warm-Up Time: 3 minutes
- Cold setting
- One year warranty

SircleLam LA-7020E
- Max. Laminating Speed: 33" per minute
- No carrier sheet required (recommended when laminating 10 mil pouches)
- Max. Width: 11 13/16"
- Four Rollers
- Independent Heat & Motor Switches
- Variable, Electronic Heat Control
- Heating Element: Aluminum Heat Plates
- Warm-Up Time: 3 minutes
- Cold setting
- Five year warranty

Both of these machines are equipped to handle daily use, however they differ in a few key areas. The Akiles APL-320 has a larger maximum width, but a slower laminating speed than the SircleLam LA-7020E. Independent heat and motor switches and variable, electronic heat control are included on both laminators, but the types of heating elements differ.  Depending on your requirements, either of these machines would be a productive and beneficial addition to an office setting. If you need a machine that is even more powerful, then read on to learn about professional pouch laminators.

Professional Pouch Laminators (for High Volume Usage)
Pouch laminating machines for professional settings are the most robust machines on the market, and offer the most features.  These laminators are available in widths ranging from 4" to 44", and can laminate pouches from 3 mil and 10 mil thick (with select machines having the ability to mount and laminate simultaneously). Professional pouch laminators also have the highest maximum laminating speed, with some machines laminating 12' per minute. Nearly all industrial machines come housed within metal casings for added durability.
Though already discussed in the office pouch laminators section, the SircleLam LA-7020E is also popular in professional settings.  Other well-liked professional pouch laminators include the SpeedyLam 330R-10 from James Burn International and the Akiles Pro-Lam Photo, which are detailed below:

SpeedyLam 330R-10
- Max. Laminating Speed: 12' per minute
- No carrier sheet required
- Max. Width: 13"
- Ten Rollers
- Independent Heat & Motor Switches
- Variable, Electronic Heat Control
- Heating Element: Six Heated Rollers
- Warm-Up Time: 5 minutes
- Cold setting
- Max. Pouch Thickness: 14 mil

Akiles Pro-Lam Photo
- Max. Laminating Speed: 38" per minute
- No carrier sheet required
- Max. Width: 13"
- Six Rollers
- Independent Heat & Motor Switches
- Variable, Electronic Heat Control
- Heating Element: Four Heated Rollers
- Warm-Up Time: 5 minutes
- Cold setting
- Max. Pouch Thickness: 10 mil

Both of these machines are equipped to handle high-volume, professional use, with the primary differences relating to the number of rollers and overall speed.  The SpeedyLam 330R-10 from James Burn International laminates nearly four times as fast as the Akiles Pro-Lam Photo and has two four additional rollers, but the Akiles Pro-Lam Photo costs less than half of the price.  Depending on your requirements and resources, either of these machines are capable of producing a high volume of laminated documents.

You Need a Correct-Tek Copier Repair Services, Refurbished and New Copier Sales Parts..
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Friday, June 5, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Copier Leasing - The How and the Why

Photocopiers are necessary in most office environments, but the costs can tax even the biggest businesses.

Consider the basics of what most businesses need in a copier and you'll see why: networked to provide printing and copying functions; options to copy in color; collating; double-sided copying.  Some need even more functionality, including high-speeds, high-capacity and volume, e-mail and scanning, fast warm-up times, and security features.

A high-end copier can cost in excess of $40,000, and even one that meets an organization's most basic needs can run into the thousands of dollars. Because of the need for the best technology at an affordable cost, many businesses consider leasing over buying.

Benefits of Copier Leasing for Your Business

Costs are the most tangible benefit recognized by businesses.  Copier leasing allows you to avoid large capital expenditures, which frees up cash for more pressing needs.

With IT assets, you are really buying the use of the machine.  Ownership of the machine itself is secondary in importance, especially when you consider how quickly IT equipment depreciates.  In the case of a copier or copier/printer combination, the return on investment comes from its output, not the hardware itself.  When you look at it that way, leasing often makes more sense than buying.

As with any leased IT asset, there may be significant tax savings available.  Speak to an accountant to learn more about the possibility of writing off a copier lease as a business expense.

Copier leasing typically includes a maintenance plan to keep your machine running up to factory specifications.  For those who have experienced the frustration of a copier meltdown, you know how important a maintenance contract can sometimes mean.

Costs for both the lease and the maintenance contract are generally fixed, meaning you know your monthly budget well in advance.

With leasing, upgrading to the next model is easy.  When the lease expires, you get a whole new machine with the latest specs and functions.

What You Need To Know About Copier Leasing

Many copier leases charge on a volume basis.  Be sure you have an accurate idea of the volumes you produce each month, to know for certain, whether leasing is the most cost-effective option for you; cause if you don’t have a heavy enough monthly volume, then it might not be feasible.   You may want to ask your vendor about a minimum copy requirement too - if they are charging on volume, they may require a base number of copies each month.

Although maintenance is often included in the lease, toner typically is not.  Toner cartridges are expensive so be sure to include an estimated cost for replacements in your budget.  Again, a clear idea of the number of copies you generate per month will help with forecasting.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, The Best Multi-Purpose Cheaper Copiers Guidelines

Cheaper  Copier Machine:

A Cheaper Copier machine is one of the best value equipments widely used in offices and commercial places today.  These devices are a gift for small size offices or new businesses, as such an investment savings.  Which normally turns out to be a great deal of money?  These types of machines were earlier called, Xerox machines, but with the advancements nowadays, these units provide top quality and high-grade photocopying tasks.  They perform functions; like copying colored materials; like photograph pictures, and much more.  With the industries growing demand; manufacturers continue to make new inventions and developments in the copiers to make them more useful devices.

Cheap Copier Features & Advantages:

There are a lot of advancements and innovations in the field of copiers.  Hundreds of models with amazing features have made work very easy and safer, thus saving a lot of time, space and most importantly money. This modern office equipment today, is multi-functional and capable of performing various unique functions like printing, faxing, and scanning with a single device.  These electronic devices allow copying, sending faxes, or making collated - even stapled - sets of documents from just a single piece of equipment.  These units also produce exceptional, sharp black and white images, true-color images and even many professionals use them for graphics and artwork as well.  Today's copiers are also fully loaded with features like settings for security, speed, resolution, brightness and contrast, and sizes.  If you need zooming capabilities, many copiers come with 25 to 400 per cent and minus 800 per cent reduction/enlargement capabilities. The type of copier that you choose will depend on your specific needs.

Cheap Copier Types:

There are many brands which manufacture different types of copiers in the market today that easily fulfills all the home, office and business needs. The most widely used cheaper copiers are the color inkjet photocopiers, desktop multifunction copiers, smaller laser printer copiers, network copiers and digital copiers.

Cheap Copier Buying Guide:

The huge price tag of the new copier machines is one of the main reasons that have forced many small business owners to buy cheaper or refurbished copier machines.  Before purchasing the cheaper copier machines, do ask the vendor about their refurbishing procedure.  It should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out, have all damaged parts or accessories changed.  The machine should be further inspected for any possible problems.  Resolve the warranty issue before hand with the dealer and do not settle down for a 30 day warranty period by any means.
Arrange for a maintenance agreement prior to the purchase, which covers all the parts that typically wear out or break, including the belts and drum.  When buying a used copier, the insurance is definitely worth the cost of the service coverage.  Many copier dealers will sell a used copier "as-is" for even steeper discounts, usually with no warranty or one as short as 14 days.  While the initial price may be attractive, you'll probably wind up paying more in the long run in repairs and maintenance for this reconditioned copier.

A cheap copier machine is one of the many great contributions of technology that help improve lives and create quality living.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Do It Yourself Copier Repair and Paper Feed Troubleshooting

From the moment that you realize you need a copier repair, frustration sets in.  You had a feeling that something was going wrong, but you could not put your finger on it.  Still, you had a lot of duplicate copies that needed to be made, and you did not have time to figure out just what was going on.  So now; you have a piece of equipment down, and all of the work in your shop or office has come to a complete standstill.  While you may need to call a professional to come out and take care of things, consider trying to do a little copier repair fix yourself, by trying to deal with the paper feed issues on your own first.

Investigate the Problem

You already know that the paper is not coming through to the exit tray, as it should.  The lights are on and flashing; your work is piling up and not being completed.  Even if you are sure you have a paper feed issue in the copier, make sure that you understand exactly what is happening.  First ask yourself, which paper tray is the paper coming from?  Secondly; are the sheets being picked up by the machine at all, or is it just sitting there with the indicator lights displaying a false paper jam; in other words, is it indicating an actual jammed piece of paper or not?  Thirdly; if you clear everything out, is the problem resolved?

It is always tough to solve a problem if you don't know exactly what is going wrong.  Once you have done a little troubleshooting, you will have a better understanding and better idea of what is going on, so you can then get down to doing a little bit of your own copier repair yourself.

First: Check the Paper

Make sure the paper is stacked evenly, flat, square and loaded properly .  Side guides are not too loose and not too tight, either condition can cause problems that can easily be remedied and save yourself a lot of wasted time and expensive repairs.  Paper that is not stacked evenly, square, and flat can cause jams and paper pickup misses.  Paper loaded to tightly by the adjustable side guides or backstop can  cause mis-feeds that sometimes indicate false paper jams.  Paper loaded to loosely can cause skewed paper which usually ends up in a jam condition because of crashing into a guide, sensor arm, or roller.  Also, check to make sure the proper weight paper is being used; not to heavy or not too light, which can also cause mis-feeds and or jams as well as paper that is either too damp or too dry.

Second: Check the Rollers

The rollers are often the source of many copier repair problems.  If you start to see that things are jamming up as the paper is being drawn into the machine, there is a good chance that the rollers are the culprit of the problem.  Remove the paper and take a closer look at the rollers.  If there are loose pages torn off in there, they could be causing the entire system to shut down.   Most of the time they can be removed by hand.   If the path is clear, it may be time to clean out the rollers.
While still considered a copier repair, cleaning out the rollers is also a maintenance issue.  If you don't want to continue to see the same problem over and over again, schedule a time to handle this work on a peridotite maintenance schedule. (Anywhere to every quarter, 6 months, or a year; depending on how heavily a paper volume is being run thru the copier.)  Use a cleaning solvent like Formula 409 or Fantastic, but never alcohol; and spray it onto a towel.  Take the towel and rub it over the entire surface of the rollers.  You don't want to leave them saturated, give it a few minutes to dry; otherwise you’ll start to see the substance coming out on your documents once they have been run through the system and that could cause some severe damage to other components of the machine.  Take another cloth and wipe the rollers off completely.  Remember, do not to try and force them to turn.  There should be a mechanism that you can release or a directional knob that will allow them to turn unhindered.

Third: Alternative to the Problem

If you don't have a fix for the problem, you do have another option.  On some models, it is possible to bypass over the tray that is giving you grief, and manually select another paper drawer, so paper is being pulled and processed out of another tray.  This allows you to continue with your work flow for the day, while being un-interrupted, despite the fact that you don’t have a solution.  If you opt for this route, you may want to go ahead and schedule the copier repair service for another day and time.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, How to Save Your Company 99% - Buy Refurbished Copiers For Your Business

With the economy being the way it is, at the moment as a business owner, a simple way to save MONEY is by buying refurbished copiers.  A good quality copier is a purchase that is mandatory for any type of organization whatever the size may be; yet it is also a significantly expensive purchase.  Of course you could buy brand spanking new, and line the manufacturers pockets, or you could make your money go a lot further by purchasing a refurbished copier.  The difference could be a savings as much as up to 85% less then a new one.  

Used copiers can present superb value for any small business, start-up, or corporation.  Any organization owners or managers with a limited budget must look to save on expenses, wherever feasible; especially for costly color copiers, that ought to last a lengthy time to vindicate the cost.  Copiers refurbished to a high degree are a great way of slashing thousands of bucks - 10's of thousands on high-end digital copiers - off store prices.  A rental copier is another option, but when you are saving a good deal of cash on a refurbished copier it is a much more sensible way to buy a low-cost unit for the long-term.

When you buy a refurbished copier via a reputable supplier (Canon copiers, Ricoh copiers, and Xerox copiers, which are particularly popular) you can be rest assured, that thorough care has been taken to retain quality, performance and reliability as close to a new copier as possible.  The buyer will not only acquire an as-new device, but in addition, gets a considerably cheaper alternative to the retail cost of a new copier.

The thorough method of copier refurbishment begins by ruthlessly weeding out any, but scarcely used copy machines that continue being in great condition.  These copiers aren't just wiped down on the outside and sold on, but are taken apart and inspected; worn parts are replaced, cleansed internally and then go through a scrupulous 90 points service check-list.  The copier/printer is then completely tested to ensure it performs just as well and up to factory specifications as a new one does.
When buying refurbished copiers make certain you test the unit fully.  Additionally, make sure you check out the copiers meter count.  This will tell you how many copies it has processed (think of it like a cars odometer for a mileage check) and to judge how heavily utilized it has been used in the past.

Probably, the most crucial element for you, as the client, will be the new guarantee on the refurbished photocopiers.  This should give you some sort of peace of mind, as it means, the rebuilt copier and its performance have been repaired to a high level of standard.  It's often worth negotiating a more  lengthier copier warranty (it's always worth a try in business to save further costs!).  In addition, you may want to consider a maintenance contract with your supplier ensuring that all the parts that generally degrade over time; for instance, the drum, rollers, & belts are covered by the contract.

Refurbished copiers really offer an exceptional value and chance for any company owner worth his salt to nab a fantastic bargain, and use the resultant savings to splash out on himself, if he so wishes!  Now you know how to save MONEY, do you know which refurbished copiers to buy?

Now that you know how to save a significant amount of MONEY for your business by buying refurbished copiers which one do you choose?  Check out our website at to make an informed choice.
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Copier Lease or Purchase - Which Is the Best Option

If you are setting up an office, whether in a commercial building or at home, you will probably need a copy machine.  One of the important decisions you will be making, is whether you will go for a copier lease, or purchase one for yourself outright?

Unless you will need multiple copies of documents everyday, generally, the better and more economical choice is a copier lease.  Here are some of the reasons why:

- Maintenance and repair of your own copier machine could turn out to be more costly and more time-consuming than you think.  If you have a copier lease, regular maintenance will be provided for you, providing you purchase a contract with the lease, then if you need the machine to be fixed, all you have to do, is call the vendor, and they will send a repair person out to your location right away.

- In the same way, when a part is needed for your copier, you may have to go to several stores before you can find the exact part that you need...and then you have to install it yourself.  If you have a copier lease with a contract though, they will be the ones to look for a high-quality, but low-cost copier part.  True, you will have to pay for the part, but installation services are free if the lease includes a contract.
In addition, some copier leases also give you the benefit of free minor parts and free installation, but only if you purchased a all inclusive contract with the lease. Most companies will also provide you with a temporary unit, while your own copier is undergoing major repairs.

- When the time comes when you want to change to a more advanced model, it will be very easy, if you have a copier lease. Leasing companies are always willing to modify your lease and exchange your current machine with a newer model.

On the other hand, if your copier machine was purchased, and you want to buy a new one, you will end up with two copier machines.  Unless you have sufficient storage space, you will have the burden of looking for a buyer for your old unit, or you’ll have to dispose of it in some other way.

We specialize in providing Affordable canon copier repair service and sales of Refurbished like New Digital Color and Black and White Copiers.

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