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Call 847-398-5212, Office Solutions - Tips On Buying Office Copiers

The time of handwritten notes and typed letters is long gone.  Today, businesses have to be equipped with all kinds of office gadgets to keep up with the fast pace and modern trends.  This includes having a top-of-the-line, cost effective copier.  Buying or leasing one of today's multifunctional copiers from Correct-Tek Copier Service in Arlington Heights can improve the efficiency of your office personnel.  It can also save you money.

Your staff members will no longer have to stand in line to copy papers, because the machine will work faster.  You can also cancel your printing service as you will be able to print your own advertising flyers, company newsletters, financial presentations, and other bulk paperwork. Copiers from Correct-Tek Copier Service in Arlington Heights are exceptional devices.   

While most models are quite impressive, not all of them will suit your business.  Therefore, pay close attention to our tips.  Through our advice, you will make an informed decision and buy a copier that is right for you that best fits your needs.

1.  Color or black and white - The choice should be easy.  Just think about what materials you copy and print.  If you are only concerned with printing letters and plain documents, a black and white copier should do fine.  On the other hand, if you often work with colored pictures, you will have to select one of the color copiers from Correct-Tek Copier Service.

2. Copy load - Personal copiers cannot handle bulk printing, so only consider models that are made especially for businesses.

3. Tray size - Do not underestimate this feature.  If you often need to print lots of documents or letters, you will need a copier with paper trays that hold at least 250 sheets.  Anything less and your staff will have to frequently restock the trays.

4. Versatility - You want a copier that can do more than print.  You want a device that has the duplex feature (printing on both sides of the page), can handle various paper sizes, sort, stapler, fax and do much more.  Just think about it; anything the machine can do frees up time your office staff can spend on other administrative tasks!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Quick Fix For Paper Feed Problems On Copiers, Fax And Printers

So you need ten sets of a fifty page document for this morning’s meeting.  It's 8:30AM and your meeting is at 9:00AM.  You begin with your project and the copier jams.  You clear the jam, but it keeps jamming! It's not pulling in the paper.  Sure you can call the copier repair person, but you need the copies now! There's nothing you can do, or is there?

All office equipment that feeds paper has a component inside that pulls the paper out of the paper tray and into the machine.  Most are made out of rubber and just like the tires on your car they wear out. When a roller is worn and dirty they will cause paper jams.  The purpose of this article is to show you how you can clean or rejuvenate the rollers long enough for you to complete your job and have your repair person come out and fix it properly.

Alternative Solutions:

When your machine is jamming, first locate where the paper is jamming.  Which paper tray?  Is it tray 1 or tray 2?  Also which size paper is jamming?  On machines that have more than one paper tray you can switch paper trays and then you can skip cleaning the rollers.  Make sure when you change cassettes that the copier registers the correct paper size.  The machine will think it is a different size and it will jam.  The sensors are set for a specific timing, and it will know the difference in length from letter size and legal size.  I also would try using the bypass tray or manual feed tray, if so equipped.  This will get you up and running quicker than cleaning the rollers.

Determining if the Rollers are the Problem:

If you need the specific tray to be functional we will get busy with the repair.
First make a single copy in the tray that is jamming.  By doing this, you are determining where the paper is jamming.  If it is jamming in the exit for instance, you have another problem.  If it is jamming in the center of the machine, again it is a different problem.  Now if it jams at the cassette or paper tray area, the next step is removing the paper tray.  Shine your flashlight into the paper feed area, and see if there are any pieces of paper torn off inside or something blocking the paper path.  Now that you have ruled out a blocked paper path, you can clean the feed roller(s).

Tools Required:

Flashlight, strong cotton towel (so it will not rip off in the machine), WD-40 or Rubber roller rejuvenator.

Note:  Never use alcohol to clean rollers.  It dries out the tread and the remaining tread will get ripped off and then it still will not feed.  Use WD-40 it works great!

Cleaning the Rollers:

Shine your flashlights into the paper feed area and locate the rubber rollers that feed the paper in.  Grab your towel and saturate it with cleaning fluid.  This can be WD-40 or your favorite roller rejuvenator. Start by cleaning the roller and spinning it all the way around not missing any of the surfaces of the roller.  Then go over it again with the dry part of the towel.  As I said, there are many different types. Some have a set of three rollers.  One Pre-feed roller, this pushes the paper into the other rollers.  One feed roller and one separation roller.  Others have a half moon style.  These are harder to clean because they have a clutch system that keeps it at home position when not feeding.

WARNING: If you try and turn these to clean them you will damage the clutch mechanism!  There are two ways you can clean these types.  First you can actuate the clutch by pushing down on the solenoid or release lever.  This sometimes can be hard to get to though.  You can also start the copy process and shut off the machine exactly when the feed roller engages.  This takes some patience and practice, but it is better than damaging the clutch.  Once you get it where you can clean the roller, repeat the procedure above.

Some alternatives to replacing feed rollers:

There is a material called feed roller tape.  I have used it when I didn't have the right roller in my car stock.  It works with some styles, mainly half moon styles.  Just peel off the adhesive and wrap it around the worn roller surface.  They also have some that stretch over the old rollers.  On old copiers or printers that you can no longer get parts for, you can apply clear silicon on the feed surface and let it dry twenty four hours.  It works, but I am inclined to use the real thing.  You can also use generic rollers manufactured for almost all equipment.  I have mixed feelings about these, because I have had to go back and change them again later.  For the best repair, I use genuine OEM feed rollers.  They are still inexpensive and they will last you longer, and you will have fewer headaches.

Feed Rollers

There are many types of rollers and feed systems.   Rollers will normally come in a maintenance kit but they may need to be replaced approximately half way through the maintenance kit cycle.

I hope this has helped you complete your print or copy job.  Please remember that, this article is just a quick fix and not a long term solution.  Be sure and call your copier repair person to fix it correctly.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, When Does it Make Sense to Get Your Printer or Copier Repaired Vs Get a New One

This is one of the questions which always boggle’s the minds of people who have a copier or printer in their home or office, and they often cease to function properly.  How frequently your copier or printer is down for repair; is how often it is used, and how you’re handling its daily usage?  If you handle it in the proper manner, the life expectancy of your copier or printer gets prolonged in spite of calling for frequent repairs, because of mis-handling it, and rough usage.

If you need help from a copier repair service provider, once or twice in a blue moon, it’s okay, but things seem to get annoying when you have to call for a copier or printer repair professional more than once or twice a month.  During the warranty period it is bearable, but what about after that?  Obviously you have to bear the fees of his labor charges and costs for parts that get replaced.  This only burns a hole in your pocketbook.  Now, you have to make the wise decision on the choice between getting your copier or printer replaced or repaired.

To bail you out from this situation, here is some advice.  This advice will work only if your copier or printer's warranty period has expired and it keeps creating a lot of down time because of frequent repairs needed.

First, calculate your repair costs that you have paid for making your copier or printer work again in the last six months.  If the costs are more than 50% percent of the cost of the copier or printer (when you bought it), you should seriously consider, thinking about getting it replaced with a new one.  In this case you definitely need to consider recycling your copier or printer.  If you still think you want to stay with your old unit, then it is for sure you’ll probably end up paying a lot more at the end of the year, than what a new printer or copier would have cost you.

If you think, you can't afford to purchase a new copier or printer at this time, you always have the option of getting it financed with monthly payments.  This way, you will not only get a new copier with a warranty period, but will also get rid of all of your headaches, which your old copier or printer has been giving you over the past 6 months.  You can take the *EMIs as monthly costs of getting your old copier or printer repaired, but at the same cost, you can expect reliability, efficiency and you will virtually eliminate all of your  equipment down time and be more productive once again.
This way, you can easily judge for yourself; whether or not, it makes sense on getting your old copier or printer repaired is worth the expense, or you should replace it with a new one, to make your life easier and more stress relieved.

*EMIs – Estimated Monthly Investments

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, The Best Multi-Purpose Cheaper Copiers Guidelines

Cheaper  Copier Machine:

A Cheaper Copier machine is one of the best value equipments widely used in offices and commercial places today.  These devices are a gift for small size offices or new businesses, as such an investment savings.  Which normally turns out to be a great deal of money?  These types of machines were earlier called, Xerox machines, but with the advancements nowadays, these units provide top quality and high-grade photocopying tasks.  They perform functions; like copying colored materials; like photograph pictures, and much more.  With the industries growing demand; manufacturers continue to make new inventions and developments in the copiers to make them more useful devices.

Cheap Copier Features & Advantages:

There are a lot of advancements and innovations in the field of copiers.  Hundreds of models with amazing features have made work very easy and safer, thus saving a lot of time, space and most importantly money. This modern office equipment today, is multi-functional and capable of performing various unique functions like printing, faxing, and scanning with a single device.  These electronic devices allow copying, sending faxes, or making collated - even stapled - sets of documents from just a single piece of equipment.  These units also produce exceptional, sharp black and white images, true-color images and even many professionals use them for graphics and artwork as well.  Today's copiers are also fully loaded with features like settings for security, speed, resolution, brightness and contrast, and sizes.  If you need zooming capabilities, many copiers come with 25 to 400 per cent and minus 800 per cent reduction/enlargement capabilities. The type of copier that you choose will depend on your specific needs.

Cheap Copier Types:

There are many brands which manufacture different types of copiers in the market today that easily fulfills all the home, office and business needs. The most widely used cheaper copiers are the color inkjet photocopiers, desktop multifunction copiers, smaller laser printer copiers, network copiers and digital copiers.

Cheap Copier Buying Guide:

The huge price tag of the new copier machines is one of the main reasons that have forced many small business owners to buy cheaper or refurbished copier machines.  Before purchasing the cheaper copier machines, do ask the vendor about their refurbishing procedure.  It should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out, have all damaged parts or accessories changed.  The machine should be further inspected for any possible problems.  Resolve the warranty issue before hand with the dealer and do not settle down for a 30 day warranty period by any means.
Arrange for a maintenance agreement prior to the purchase, which covers all the parts that typically wear out or break, including the belts and drum.  When buying a used copier, the insurance is definitely worth the cost of the service coverage.  Many copier dealers will sell a used copier "as-is" for even steeper discounts, usually with no warranty or one as short as 14 days.  While the initial price may be attractive, you'll probably wind up paying more in the long run in repairs and maintenance for this reconditioned copier.

A cheap copier machine is one of the many great contributions of technology that help improve lives and create quality living.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Six Ways Businesses Can Save in Troubled Times

As the economy continues to slow and the outlook appears bleak for recovery in the near future, businesses have no choice but to find ways to reduce costs.  One avenue for cutting costs is through expenditures in the Information Technology area.  Whether your company has downsized or is just finding ways to reduce cost, I have come up with ten ways to reduce costs while keeping productivity high:

1. Anti-Virus says it all.  Make sure all of your computers have an active and updated anti-virus installed. The cost of cleaning off the viruses and repairing the damaged caused will often cost more than several years of anti-virus subscriptions.  Even more if you consider that there are some good free solutions out there for non-business computers.

2. Anti-Spyware tools.  Just like Anti-Virus software, Anti-Spyware software protects your computer from malicious software which can ruin your day and your computer. Running Anti-Virus is just not enough; a good Anti-Spyware will round out your protection plan.

3. Outsource your IT needs.  Having a dedicated IT person at your business can have many advantages, but it has many downsides.  Outsourcing your IT needs can:  1) make your IT department more flexible, as an outside vendor has a larger set of resources to augment in times of increased need;  2) with outsourcing you do not have to worry about your IT person being on vacation or sick when you need them;  3) you do not have to worry about hiring the right IT person;  4) you do not have to worry about payroll taxes or benefits and  5) you can have the knowledge that you will always get the best, most up to date information.

4. Replace your copier.  If your copier is under lease and is within a year or two of the lease expiring, contact your copier dealer to see if there is a better model to suit your needs.  Often you can get the vendor to buy out your current lease and replace the unit with a new machine which is color and has many more features for about the same cost or less of what you are currently paying.  The money savings also comes in the decrease energy of the new energy efficient machine..

5. Replace inkjet printers.  The real cost of an inkjet printer is not in purchasing the printer, but in replacing the ink cartridges.  An average inkjet page printed in color will cost you .23, whereas a color laser printer can produce the same page for about .08.  That means for every color page you print on your inkjet printer, it is costing you an extra .15 x 20 pages per week = $3 x 52 weeks equals $156 a year. So replacing an inkjet with a color laser will save you $156 a year on average.  Printer companies do not make their money on the printer, but on the cartridges.

6. Be Proactive, Not Reactive.  When times come where we have to cut back, the first thing people look to cut in preventative maintenance, because it is easy. The problem with ease is that the ramifications of this can be far reaching and expensive.  A good example is changing the oil in your car; you would not go without that because you blow your engine.  The same applies to your technology and other equipment in your office.  As times become tough, there are many ways to tighten the belt without affecting the long term stability of your company.  Pick the right measures and you will help your bottom and keep your company safe in the long run.

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