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Call 847-398-5212, Copier Lease or Purchase - Which Is the Best Option

If you are setting up an office, whether in a commercial building or at home, you will probably need a copy machine.  One of the important decisions you will be making, is whether you will go for a copier lease, or purchase one for yourself outright?

Unless you will need multiple copies of documents everyday, generally, the better and more economical choice is a copier lease.  Here are some of the reasons why:

- Maintenance and repair of your own copier machine could turn out to be more costly and more time-consuming than you think.  If you have a copier lease, regular maintenance will be provided for you, providing you purchase a contract with the lease, then if you need the machine to be fixed, all you have to do, is call the vendor, and they will send a repair person out to your location right away.

- In the same way, when a part is needed for your copier, you may have to go to several stores before you can find the exact part that you need...and then you have to install it yourself.  If you have a copier lease with a contract though, they will be the ones to look for a high-quality, but low-cost copier part.  True, you will have to pay for the part, but installation services are free if the lease includes a contract.
In addition, some copier leases also give you the benefit of free minor parts and free installation, but only if you purchased a all inclusive contract with the lease. Most companies will also provide you with a temporary unit, while your own copier is undergoing major repairs.

- When the time comes when you want to change to a more advanced model, it will be very easy, if you have a copier lease. Leasing companies are always willing to modify your lease and exchange your current machine with a newer model.

On the other hand, if your copier machine was purchased, and you want to buy a new one, you will end up with two copier machines.  Unless you have sufficient storage space, you will have the burden of looking for a buyer for your old unit, or you’ll have to dispose of it in some other way.

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Call 847-398-5212, Looking for Best Copier Repair Service

If you are running a scanning department for your company, you understand the importance of a good copier, and you need a good service that will be there on the double to replace toner cartridges.  For example, your business needs your copier up and running.  If you run your business and depend on your copiers, your service man needs to be there quickly, so if you are down to one copier for a crew of fifty, who use it constantly for copying files to scan, then you need to have the service response quickly.

It can become a nightmare; because running these departments depends on if your copiers can continue to run in top notch shape for a constant eight to ten hours a day.  If your copiers need toner cartridges and you depend on five working copiers for production, your numbers can go down quickly, as your crew waits in line at the one copier that is in proper working order; otherwise, your production numbers can go down drastically.

Weekly or monthly machine maintenance and the supply of copier toner cartridges, may seem like nothing to an office environment, that just relies on their computers, for their workloads; but if you are a company taking care of documents and they need to be copied for litigation, or you’re just scanning old files, or even just daily mail for your company; then you can understand the need for someone to be there when your toner cartridges are empty.

Your service technician needs to be there promptly without delay to repair and keep your copiers up and running with toner cartridges.  This is imperative, when you have mail, from ten departments per day, to scan into the computer, and hard copies of these files as well; so you need your copiers to have full toner cartridges too.

Copiers keep your business up and running.  Repair services, need to schedule toner cartridges weekly or monthly, depending on your workloads.  Your service repair company should realize when you need your toner cartridges and be there for you.

For banking this is also imperative because the banking industry depends on this same department; so the need for a prompt and timely response to service requests are imperative.  Otherwise; the result is that you are working overtime waiting on other employees to copy their work, before you can even get to the copier.  This is when your production depends on toner cartridges.

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Five Things You Need to Do Before You Buy a Copier

The average copier lasts five years for most businesses and if you invested in a quality brand-name product, you might even enjoy eight years of stellar performance. During my 35 years in the field working as a copier rep, I regularly met with customers that wanted another copier when the machine they had began to have regular breakdowns. In an effort to save you money as well as headaches, here are my tips on how to buy a copier. First, you need to do the following before your first appointment with a copier rep:

1. Verify you really require another machine rather than unimportant repair work. Schedule a service call and ask the technician to furnish you with a written estimate on what it would cost to fix the copier and bring the copier back to specification. Hopefully, you’ve established a good rapport with your technician in the years he has serviced your account. Ask him to be point blank clear on what he would do if he were you - fix the machine or purchase another one. Technicians are a great source for fair-minded, unbiased information precisely because they are not sales representatives and often understand the new product line better than the sales force that are actually selling the product.

2. Once you have confirmed that you are in the market for a new system, do your homework BEFORE you call a copier rep to set an initial appointment. You have to know the industry lingo. In today's market, a customer does not purchase a copier - they purchase a multifunctional copier system that copies, prints, scans and sometimes faxes. You need to decide if you only require black and white imaging or color imaging, as well. Conduct an internal assessment to determine your company’s requirements in each of these area’s. Do not overlook the possibility of adding color imaging to your new system. Even though costs have fallen dramatically on color imaging and studies have shown that written communication with two or three colors on the page is much more effective, but only providing you have the volume to justify it. Otherwise you can end up with a system that is over kill and will be a very expensive piece of equipment that can end up being very costly to maintain. You may find that you can expect many more capabilities then you did from your last round of a copier purchase for far less money.

3. If you leased your last copier, call the leasing company and request a buyout letter. Ask specifically for the following information to be given to you verbally and in a written form:
a) lease expiration date, b) a buyout to own amount, c) a buyout to return figure, and d) the proper directions, regarding potential return of equipment. Be advised that the copier company you purchased the system from might be entirely different from the leasing company that provided you the financing for the purchase of the equipment. Don't be surprised if the leasing company takes their sweet time in providing you with this information. This is the reason why it is a good idea to prepare ahead of time and have the information available before you meet with the copier representative.

4. Promise yourself that you will get at least three proposals from different vendors before you make a decision on a choice. I promise that it is well worth your time to meet with three copier reps because it will allow you to make the best type of an informed decision for your situation. Besides, as you well know, it is a wise business practice to always take a good look at the competition.

5. Find out which companies sell copiers directly in your market. A copier manufacturer distributes their products by selling through their own sales team or by selling the product to a dealer and then the dealer markets to the business consumer. Admittedly, I'm biased in favor of buying directly from either the manufacturer or a very reputable individual.  

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How to Choose a Printer & Copier Repair Service Provider and to Lower Copier Repair Costs

No one likes it when there is a need for copier repair. In fact, you may find yourself frustrated with how often you are experiencing breakdowns. They can happen for many reasons. Sometimes, they are unavoidable. In most cases, simply caring for your machine on a regular basis can make all of the difference in the world on how it performs. Take the time to contact a technician about any types of repairs you need as soon as they happen. You can do some things to reduce the costs next time around.

Preventative Maintenance on Copiers 

The biggest step you can take to reduce copier repair costs is simply to avoid them altogether. With preventative maintenance, you may see a significant improvement in efficiency with this machine, too. A good place to start is with the owner's manual. It will include specific steps to take to keep the system running properly. Some of these steps may include how frequently you need to change ink or toner. It should also include steps on proper cleaning and dust removal. With regular maintenance, you will find it easier to spot concerns before they become problems.

Train Your Team 

When it comes to keeping the system functioning at its best, sometimes the process starts with training your employees to use it properly. The basic way these machines function is likely the same. However, some systems work slightly differently. Some people may simply be too rough with the way the system works. In other cases, you may notice problems such as loading concerns that lead to paper jams. Moreover, when a paper jam does happen, some people remove them in the wrong way. This damages the way the system works overall. It can also damage the working components of the system

Have a Technician in Often 

Often, preventative maintenance will include having a professional come in to inspect the system annually. This may occur more frequently if the system is used heavily. Keep in mind that it is up to you to ensure that the person working on the system has the training and experience with the actual make and model you own. Finding someone with plenty of experience with the right make and model will ultimately ensure that the technician knows how to make repairs properly. This means there is no risk of further damage.

Copier repair is a big deal and not something to put off. If the system starts to show signs of concerns, have a professional out to fix it. When you take these steps, you reduce the risk of damage. This means less risk of costly replacement parts or having to replace the copiers in total. Moreover, you can keep your team's productivity up, which will drive costs significantly lower than having a system that is not working and down a lot.   

We specialize in providing Affordable copier repair and sales of like new Digital Color and black and white copiers. 

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