Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Tips on Obtaining the Best Deal on Office Equipment

Buying office equipments can be very tricky.  While you want to acquire machines that will give you the best services for your business, buying them without the proper knowledge and insight can be more costly.  It can cost you thousands of dollars per machine.  

Operation cost, wide of the mark outputs, and unnecessary maintenance schedules can wreak havoc to your business' resources and can even make your reputation flawed.  And so, choosing the right office equipment and the right deal, whether you are small to medium-size or huge businesses, is essential if you want to save money, value resources, and maintain a good reputation with your customers.

Here are some feasible tips to help you get through the challenges:

1. Know what you need
Not knowing what you need is as bad as not having enough information about the products you want to buy.  Today's technology has provided state-of-the-art products and equipment's built to provide businesses the reliability and efficiency that their customers need.  If you don't know specifically the type of functions you need, you could end up buying the wrong product.

For example, you can evaluate the kind of output you need.  If your business is into marketing or advertising, you may find that getting the best printer with remarkable color rendition can be an asset.  If you want to save money and energy, it is best to attach the machine into a network where people can easily access instead of acquiring dedicated office equipment's such as printer and scanners.

Office equipment nowadays are equipped with multi-functional devices built for the modern office environment.  All you have to do is to find the right function and model to help you create outputs needed by your customers.

2. Do your homework
Try to find suppliers or vendors that will give you the best deal.  However, keep in mind that low prices are not always a bunch of good deals and may not always guarantee reliable services.
When choosing the right supplier, always try to give the greatest attention to details such as flexible options, reasonable prices, availability of discounts for bulk purchases, good warranty, and guaranteed maintenance and repair services.  The last two factors are very important, since even the best products can also wear out in due time.  Hence, getting the best warranty and repair services can put your business' bottom line in the best level.

3. Ask for recommendations or references
Getting the highest quality of service always come with the best testimonials and recommendations from trusted colleagues, friends, or relatives.  Nothing works better than first-hand experience.
In today's highly commercialized world, businesses know how important word-of-the-mouth marketing is.  In fact, it is considered to be the latest trend in marketing and more and more people are getting the best results through this type of promotion.  That's because most people will most likely buy products from suppliers or vendors whose services have already been tested and proven.  And so, referrals or recommendations from other people will help you find the best product and the best deal.

Boiled down, saving money and getting the most out of your office equipment are not entirely dependent on prices and quality alone.  You have to rely on the services and efficiency that their suppliers and vendors provide.  After all, in a built environment like offices, you may need all the services you can get to guarantee satisfaction.  It is useless to buy good products, if people responsible for their quality and efficiency will not stand behind their products.  And so, buying office equipment should never be an either-or thing.  Acquiring the most comprehensive knowledge in choosing the right equipment will always guarantee your business' success.

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High Quality Office Equipment - The Secret of a Flourishing Business Operation

It is a simple fact. Sometimes what you don't know, can hurt you a lot, and that is especially true in office applications.  Missing documents, unorganized files, or an unreliable printer, which can often go undetected until you are at risk, can be a huge drag on a business' bottom line; but that is not the real problem.  The real problem is that you do not know exactly whom you can rely on to get the ultimate, reliable office equipment from, and make your day to day operations in the office more efficient and profitable.

One of the biggest problems with combating typical office issues is that there aren't enough eyes to spot every problem and not enough knowledge to keep you updated on the latest trends and technologies. Sometimes, you just know that you are wasting resources.  It could be energy, equipment repair costs, right machines for the job, or a combination of all these things.
Imagine if you did know and suddenly you had a single view into your entire network of facilities. Imagine how much savings you will have if you will be able to reduce energy costs and lessen product loss.  Imagine if suddenly you had better information about your office equipment, so you could be more confident in your decisions every day.

Just imagine, if you can handle all these things, what's there to worry about?

Today's office equipment ranges from simple to complex applications that provide modern entrepreneurs efficiency, less operating costs, and better bottom line results.  That's why the choice of office equipment has become an essential factor in business management.  The way you decide and choose your equipment will have a huge impact on your business' productivity and reliability.  Keep in mind that your customers rely on you and the last thing you need to worry about is your reputation.
So, how do you deal with these problems in the first place? Here's a list of some tips to live by:

1. Evaluate what you need
At any point, every office seems to need almost all of the basic office equipment, like printers, scanners, copiers, shredding machines, etc.  However, not all office equipment is created equal.  With the advent of technology, modern office equipment can provide multi-functional services; that older models don't have.  Hence, it is important that you know specifically what type of services you need before buying one.  For example, do you have a network in your office?  Do you need dedicated printers or workgroup printers that can cater services to anybody from your network?

2. Assess your work spaces
Office equipment, when not thoroughly considered, can eat a lot of space in your area.  Printers with multi-functional devices can consume a huge space in your work area as they are big in size.  It is best that you dedicate a particular space for your office equipment so people will know where to access them.  Creating a clutter in the working area can only trigger more problems and may affect a smoother work flow.

3. Guaranteed services
Even the most advanced technology cannot impede the natural wear and tear of office equipment. That's why it is important that you have reliable services provided by your suppliers or vendors.  So, regardless of the type or model of the machine you will buy, it is best that you have the most complete and all-inclusive range of services and warranty programs to guarantee that your investment is amplified to your utmost fulfillment.

4. Variable financial options
Office equipment is a good investment, but acquiring them in a bad deal will get you nowhere.  Always find a vendor or supplier that can give you feasible and flexible financial options.  Whether you go on a cash purchase, lease, or credit, it is best that you have a handful of preferences to choose from.

Indeed, getting the best office equipment, at the right deal will help you improve your operations and management of your business.  With limited resources and increased pressure for better returns, ensuring that you have the most appropriate and reliable machines is critical to your success.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Taking Care of Your Office Equipment Properly to Avoid Malfunctions

Just like the machine that our human body is, your office equipment also suffers from downtime.  Much like a very unwell body, when your copier or fax machine goes out of order, a lot of office tasks are put on hold.  This means reduced productivity, not to mention stress and unmet deadlines.  This can be avoided.

Downtime, whether for a short or long period of time, ultimately results in loss of revenue.  There are techniques and tips which can be used to help you prevent downtime.  There are many ways which you can avoid this:

1. Adequate practical knowledge of office staff - It doesn't really take a genius to troubleshoot common office equipment problems, especially when the staff have sufficient technical familiarity, common sense will also do, with these types of equipment.

2. Regular maintenance checks - Prevention is better than cure.  Habitual check-ups of your office equipment keep them well-oiled, so to speak, and avoid any possible downtime.  Although, of course, it doesn't really make it foolproof, you're definitely reducing any possible downtime.

3. Quality office equipment - Quality comes with a price, that's a fact.  However, in the long run, it may prove to be a more practical choice than purchasing a lesser priced counterpart.

With these tips, you will be sure to have lesser occurrences of downtime and a longer life for your office equipment.  You save money by not calling in maintenance for every little technical problem that arises. You can also save money when there is less downtime at the office.

What if your copier suddenly throws up all the papers you feed it and you need all the copies in the next 30 minutes for the upcoming board meeting?  Can you possibly wait for the maintenance crew to show up and repair it?

When it's an emergency such as this, you will have little choice; but to do the job yourself, if you want to get your tasks done on time.  Not only that, it really helps to have some knowledge on how to deal with urgent situations.

Here is a simple step by step procedure on resolving your copier emergency:

1. Try feeding the copier different sizes of paper.  It might be because one of the paper sizes is jamming the machine.  Is the paper simply stopping, or is it crumpling up?

2. Listen to the machine.  What kind of noise does it make- whining, does it seem to be spinning its rollers or does it seems as though its off?

3. If only one size is jamming the copier, then it means that the trouble lies in one of the cassettes.  All you need to do is switch the position of the cassette and there you go.

4. If possible, clean the cassette as well as the rollers which turn the paper.

5. However, if all cassettes seem to be jamming and the paper stops in the machine without crumpling, it's possibly because of worn out rollers.  You can perform the same procedure as above to clean out the rollers.

6. If the machine is jamming and the paper is crumpling, then follow the path of the paper carefully and determine if there is something inside which causes the paper to stop.

7. Listen to your machine; it can save you a lot of time.  If it appears like it is just spinning, its probably  rollers then.  You can try and look at them, since they move the paper through the machine. 

If the copier whines or if it groans just before jamming then you will have to call for service.
It will really help if you are able to address simple office equipment glitches on your own.  Saves you a lot of time and money, and helps you meet your deadlines without waiting for the maintenance crew to arrive and fix these downed machines.

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Friday, September 20, 2019

Home Based Printer - A Fast Printing Device

A printer is one of the most important computer accessories that are required by human beings in this tech savvy technology dependent world today.  Previously, printers have not been handy and compact devices, but have been mostly of the larger sizes, which took up more room and much more time in printing jobs.  Today though that is not the case and not so in this current era.

Nowadays, there are various handy light weighted printers that are available, which provides for quick services.  These printers are of extremely importance during the time when urgent printing of a certain number of pages are needed.  The major advantages of these handy printers are they can be used at homes and the cost of ink is not extremely high in comparison to those larger printers that were available during the beginning of the technological era.

Most of the home based handy printers are inkjet printers.  However, cheap laser printers are also now being used at home today.  Keeping an efficient printer at your possession lets you embrace yourself with the facility right by your hand.

Having a printer in your possession at home also lets you afford your printing task to next day printing while taking your time; whereas this sort of thing will not take place, if you have to rush to a nearby printing store for a print job to be done.  If you have lots of materials to get printed, then you may have to wait in the queue for the job to be done and sometimes even the shop can't afford you the time for the printing jobs for reasons being; like shop closing time has been reached, too much rush to print, etc.

Several companies are available in the market for those who manufacture some really high quality fast printing devices not only for home, but also for offices and business purposes.  Most notable companies among them are Hewlett Packard, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Samsung, Toshiba, etc.
Although it's better to use original cartridges each time the printer runs out of ink, sometimes people tend to look for some cheaper substitutes of the original cartridges in order to save some of their hard earned money.  Among the cheaper substitutes, Ink Refilling is possibly, which is the best alternative option available.  

Refilling is done by injecting ink into the empty ink cartridge that the printer was using and then after refilling the cartridge it is again inserted into the printer to be used once again.  Although it works just fine, sometimes it has been observed that the print quality slightly deteriorates if compared to the print quality available during use of the original non refilled ink cartridges..
Another alternative is to buy compatible cartridges which also are much cheaper in prices. When doing so, sometimes using these compatible cartridges may result in non-printing functions as the printer doesn't recognize the cartridge or poor print quality, etc.

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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Printer - A Need of Every Computer

A printer is a revolutionary birth in the world of computing.  It is a device, which generates a hard copy of the documents stored in electronic form also known as soft copy.  It prints the data on physical print media such as paper or transparencies.

Printers are intended for low-volume printing jobs, which necessitate very less time to get a hard copy of a given document.  Printers are sluggish devices and the cost per page is reasonably soaring. Since the improvement of quality and performance of printers, many jobs that used to be done by professionals in print shops are now being done by people on their own local printers.

Most of the new printers come with a USB cable, which serves as a document source.  Many printers are principally used as local peripherals, and are attached by a printer cable.  Printers that have built-in network interfaces and can serve as a device for hard copy for any user on the network are commonly known as network printers.  Printers are often are designed to keep up both local and network connected users at the same time.

Modern printers can directly connect through electronic media such as memory sticks or memory cards, or two devices such as digital cameras and scanners with the help of USB cables and Bluetooth.  Printers that include non-printing features are sometimes called Multi-function Printers (MFP) or All-In-One (AIO) printers.  Most MFPs include printing, scanning, copying and the facility of fax are among their features.

In the early years, the speed of printers was measured in units of characters per second.  However, in modern era speed of printers is measured in pages per minute (ppm).  The speed of printing 30 pages per minute is considered as a fast speed, but there are many inexpensive printers whose speed is far slower than this.  A Laser printer can be the fastest printer, which also comes in different variants of its speed.  However, its speed is sometimes faster than all other printers.

There are various types of printers such as monochrome printer, which can only produce an image consisting of one color, usually black.  A color printer, which can produce images of multiple colors.  A photo printer, which can produce images of high resolution with multiple colors.

The world's first computer printer was the 19th century mechanically driven type equipment; invented by Charles Babbage.  Now there are many companies, which are providing low-priced printers with admirable performances and features.  Such companies are Canon, HP, Brother, Lexmark, Xerox and Toshiba etc. to name a few.

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Can Offices Rely On Toshiba Toner and Printer Products?

Many different people have heard of Toshiba printer and toner products but the question is how reliable are they actually? Owners of businesses and home offices have come back reporting good things about Toshiba. It actually has gotten top reviews according to some office goers. They say it just makes the day go by faster and makes the work-load get done with better quality. Just from this, you can tell that Toshiba is a reliable product to choose.

Finding a printer with good toner products can be a pain. Trusting in a printer company is a big deal. The ability to achieve everything an office needs in one machine is a great achievement that Toshiba was willing to spend the time to do. Toshiba customers have had complete satisfaction in the fact that their printer makes the best looking documents and pictures and doesn't cost them too much to do it. It is also a highly recommended brand because the units last. They aren't constantly jamming and breaking down because the mechanics of the machine are formulated in such a way where the designers were thinking ahead and taking all scenarios into consideration.

There is no false advertising with Toshiba. They are talked about in a good way where everyone can go through their day smiling while using one of their pieces because of the worry-free feeling it creates from being a trusted machine. The toners for one thing, last for a very long time. They print color and black and white with a beautiful sheen that will impress you and your co-workers the first time you see it come out. Just because the printers are small and seem kind of frail doesn't mean there's not a large body builder of a beast inside there.

While you can rely on them to work well, you can rely on them to catch peoples' eyes as well. The designs fit perfectly into the office setting and they all have a nice looking surface. Of course there are many different designs and colors that these pieces come in but there will be the one for your office that just looks like it already belongs in there. Making your office happy is going to make work more pleasurable as well. You can rely on Toshiba to make your entire office a better environment to work in. Your office is your second home. You have to make it the best you can.

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What Will Toshiba Printer And Toner Products Do For A Home Office?

Toshiba is a company that is known for having a wide variety of electronics in their company.  They are constantly inventing the next best thing for the world including the next best printer.  They have many different style printers and copiers including smaller ones that are best for the home office.

Toshiba printers and copiers are amazing for the home office because of their quality and low start up and maintenance costs.  You can get a home-style printer or copier that looks chic as ever and fits right onto your desktop in the comfort of your own home while at the same time printing the most official high-quality prints or copies, that you see nowhere else besides a photo lab or from one of those extremely expensive office printers or copiers you see at the 24 hour printing stores.
It's nice to be able to do everything yourself, save money and save time all at once.  Everyone wants to save money, but, what Toshiba has figured out is that people running a company out of their house is probably working extra hard and needs a helping hand in tightening their budget, while not cutting back on quality.

Toshiba's designs are made for you to be able to perfect your most important documents and photographs without being able to tell that it is from a small at home printer or copier.  You can even have other features built in to your printer or copier such as scanning, faxing and duplexing.  Toshiba allows you to do all of these functions while conserving the equipment's resources.  What I mean by that is that it saves you on toner and on power.

The toner for one thing is frugally used in each print which comes out strong and thick looking, but is actually saving ink.  It cuts back a small amount which helps the pigments cling harder to the paper fibers for a longer lasting print and a longer lasting toner cartridge.  The cartridge CAN be recycled however.  It also can be refurbished individually and snapped right back into place.

Say you are really partial to using the Cyan.  That cartridge can be replaced three times over, while you still have the other ones charging through like champs in the machine.  Toshiba makes sure you get your money's worth with their product and allows you to refrain from wasting anything.
Just because you are at home doesn't mean you deserve less.  Your printer/copier will have the same strength as one that you may find in a large professional setting only you'll be getting it for less.

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Tips for Choosing the Right Copiers For Sale


Copiers are machines which make paper duplicates of documents.  They are very useful and have been around for many years.  

Most of the copiers make use of heat fusion, while some models use inkjet technology to make copies.

Types of copiers
  • Analog copiers: These are outdated
  • Digital copiers: These may be able to print, scan and fax in addition to making copies.
  • Types of digital copiers include: Monochrome copiers: these make copies in black only.
  • Color copiers: these can make copies of documents in a range of colors.
  • All in one copier: these can print, scan and fax.
  • Multi functional copiers: these come with a very wide range of functions. Factors to consider in making a choice of copier

In making a purchase of a copier, the following factors will need to be put into consideration:
The amount of paper that can be loaded into the machine at a given time should be considered.  Smaller copiers will be able to able to receive about 100 sheets of paper, while the most advanced models can be loaded with up to 2500 sheets.

The size of the paper used: some models can only accommodate a particular size of paper, while others will accept a large variety of paper sizes.

The speed at which copies are made: the speed could be as low as 10 copies per minute, or as high as 100 copies per minute.

Toner: this is for digital copiers. The monochrome copiers use only one toner cartridge, while color copiers will require several toner cartridges for the different basic colors.

Memory: the latest models have some memory features, which makes them work more efficiently.
Extra capabilities: some of these features include scanning, faxing, networking capabilities, emailing, security features, image editing.

What are some companies that manufacture copiers for sale?
  • Konica Minolta: this company offers a wide range of digital copiers
  • Sharp: they manufacture multi functional copiers with a wide range of capabilities.
  • Toshiba: manufactures a wide range of copiers for office use.
  • Xerox: machines made by this manufacturer are noted for their durability.
  • Ricoh: produces a wide range of digital copiers.

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Konica Minolta Printer and Printers

An environment full of professional approach is one thing that every office around the world craves for. Professionalism needs not only to be practiced by the employees, but from the office management as well.  Apart from soft skills like human management, offices need to create an ambiance that promotes and catalyzes professional atmosphere.  Advanced hardware tools like high-tech workstations and facilities for communication and printing add to overall look of an office.  You don't need your office boy/s to run here and there with loads of printing work.

Talking about printers, it is such a necessity in any office these days that one can hardly do away with it. Everyone in the office needs printouts for different purposes like for notices, press releases, projects, training's, designs, slips, schedules, programs, etc.  Hence, having a multi-function printer is always a better option.

Multi-function printers serve not only your printing needs but they also work as a laser printer, copier and scanner.  Loaded with hi-tech features, they give fast print speeds, and up to 200 sheet input capacity.  Some of the added / optional features of a Multi-function printer that will surely be handy in any office are:
  •          24 bit color
  •          Direct printing from digital camera
  •          Receiving digital faxes from a PC
  •         Automatic document feeder
  •          Up to 96 MB RAM

Available in stylish and professional designs, your investment is sure to give your lasting returns.  Famed for giving complete customer satisfaction with optimal performance, all leading brands are offering these Multi-function printers.  If you wish that professionalism should prevail in your office then buy one for your office.

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Creation Of The Copier

It hasn't always been so easy to make copies.  We now can just walk up to a photocopier machine and press the print button and we instantly receive perfectly replicated copies of our original.  Just forty seven years ago the copy machine was a pen and some sheets of carbon paper.  Instead of pushing a button you had to write and write and then write some more!  Just before the 60's this was a reality and carbon paper was a big seller.  Chester Carlson, a patent attorney knew how much of a pain it was to continue rewriting everything by hand because Carlson had arthritis.  Carlson had an idea of designing a machine that would automatically make copies, so he didn't have to do all of that copying by hand.

Think about doing your job without a copier.  You probably will have a hard time imagining it.  Did you know that most manufacturers didn't think that a copier would be of much use?  Chester tried for years to get people to catch his vision but nobody was interested.  Between 1939 and 1944, Carlson got the thumbs down by many corporations, including IBM, Kodak, General Electric, and RCA.
In 1937 Chester invented a process called electro-photography.  They renamed it Xerography in 1938. He figured out that if the image of an original document was projected onto a photoconductive surface, current would flow only in the areas where the light shined on it. The first copy was made with a sulfur coating on a zinc plate.  He took a glass microscope slide and wrote on it 10-22-38 ASTORIA with ink.  He then pulled down the shade to darken the room.  He built up an electrostatic charge buy rubbing the sulfur surface with a handkerchief.  Then the slide was placed on the surface and a light was shined on it for few seconds.  He then sprinkled lycopodium powder on the sulfur coating.  Gently blowing on the surface, the loose powder blew off and all that was left was the inscription, 10-22-38 ASTORIA. 10-22-38 is the date that the first photocopy was made.  Astoria was the location.

The Birth of Xerox The company that decided to take a chance on Carlson's dream was the Haloid Company.  Haloid was a photo-paper manufacturer in New York.  Guess what they came to be known as? Yes, the Xerox Corporation.  In 1960 the first office copier was produced.  It was the Xerox model 914.  It was the first office copier that could make copies on plain paper.

Being a copier repairman for over thirty-five years, I have seen the good copiers with the bad copiers.  I began working on copiers in 1975.  The copiers that I began working with were messy and they would not last long in between servicing.  The prices for the machines were very high especially for higher volume copiers.  There were some interesting ways of transporting the paper through the machine like the Sharp SF-740.  It grabbed the paper with two gripper devices that were driven with chains.  This machine fused the toner to the paper with a toaster oven type device.

Some people may even remember having to pour toner into the copier from a bottle.  Today's copiers have a cartridge system that works well.  They keep most of the toner inside the copier, not on you best pair of slacks or your dress.  They have rollers for fusing the toner to the paper and have very sophisticated paper feed and transport systems that help reduce jamming problems.  Digital copiers are now on the market.  Now you can not only copy, but print, scan and even fax with them.  Perhaps the most revolutionary change in the industry is the full color copier.  The sales of full color copiers have really started to explode.  There are a lot of new and exciting products being introduced and the quality is really quite good. We have come a long way from Carlson's '10-22-38 ASTORIA.  I just can't help to think what the future will bring us.  What will the copier of the year 2020 look like?

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