Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Realize Great Savings on Office Copiers

Even though most businesses are desperately trying to go green and stop the usage of paper, the dream is far from real.  It is undeniable, that every business using paper prints require a photocopier to say the least; however, when it comes to buying a photocopier in a tight budget, the task is much more difficult than it may appear to be.  If low on budget, we either have to compromise on the set of features of the photocopier or wait for more funds to be allocated.  This is where going for a reconditioned copier can prove to be extremely cost-efficient.

Reconditioned office equipment that is in perfect working condition and is refurbished as per the servicing standards prescribed by its manufacturer.  Refurbished copiers are almost as good as their brand new counterparts, but may have some cosmetic hitches.  By purchasing a reconditioned copier, you ensure that neither do you have to stretch your financial limitation nor give up on any of the key features of the photocopier.  Reconditioned office equipment is ideal for those looking for a perfect blend of utility and cost efficiency.

Another option for meeting your business' photocopy needs is, you can also lease a copier with a periodic rental.  This option is ideal for people who don't need a copier on a permanent basis.  It is a great option for people organizing events, conferences, seminars, etc.  Opting for a lease copier also saves you from all the hassles involved in maintaining the copier as the leasing company usually takes complete ownership of the photocopier and its maintenance.

No matter whether you are looking for a reconditioned copier or a lease copier, the best place to find great deals is the web-space.  Online shopping not only saves you from all the troubles involved in running from pillar to post to find a suitable deal, it also lets you have save a considerable amount of money on the buy as well.  This is due to the fact that the maintenance cost of online stores is much less than that of a physical store.  This gives the sellers the option to price their products extremely low in order to attract more customers.

Though the ideal place to buy office equipment, it is undeniable that the web space has numerous fake websites as well; thus, to ensure that you are not being duped into some fake lucrative offer, always remember to client reviews about the seller or the store before placing your order.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Looking For A Great Deal On Copiers For Sale?

If you are wondering how to find a great deal on copiers for sale, have you considered buying refurbished ones?  The term refurbished may frighten some people off, but it can be a great way to equip your office at a fraction of the usual cost.  You can buy all sorts of refurbished items from phones to printers.

Some stores will send their display models of printers and copiers back to the manufacturers.  These items can't be sold as new as the boxes have been opened and the machines may be slightly damaged.  It is usually only slight scratches on the external part of the machine.  The inner components are still in full working order and are probably even covered by a warranty.

Speak to your local dealers about their refurbished copiers for sale.  Ask them where the machines originated and what process is used to refurbish the equipment.  Some places just do a light clean whereas others will check out the unit thoroughly.  In addition to making sure that the item is working, they will replace any worn parts and will also provide a warranty for a specific period of time which is usually about 3 months.

Regardless of whether you are buying new or used always buy the right size and capability for your needs.  You may have underestimated the amount of copying you will be doing.  You don't want to go to a lot of trouble finding the right copier only to find out you’ll grow out of the machine within weeks.

Don't just pay the first price you see.  Negotiate hard when looking at copiers for sale as you can often achieve further discounts on stated prices.  This is especially true when you use cash at your local store as the store owner can save money on the fees charged on credit or debit card purchases.

You Need a Correct-Tek Copier Repair Services Lincolnshire, Refurbished and New Copier Sales Parts Mount Prospect

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, How Your Office Can Go 'Green' With Refurbished Copiers

Today most of us are taking responsibility for the environmental impact our choices can make on the world.  In our personal space, we recycle everything from old cell phones to cereal boxes.  Just as commercial and residential building contractors are integrating sustainable or recycled materials in homes and offices they build, so should businesses have a similar social and ethical responsibility to the environment.  While most companies ask their employees to recycle their plastic water bottles, certain measures should also be taken to recycle office equipment.

When purchasing a copy machine, it is important to consider the environmental effects of the copier throughout its life cycle in regards to manufacturing, packaging, usage, shipping and disposal.  Let's consider that for each 50-story commercial building in America there were five companies per floor, each with four copy machines, that is a total of 1,000 copy machines per building.  Now if one were to take that number and multiply it by the number of commercial buildings in the United States, which is an outrageous number of copy machines!  If only 1000 of those companies were to purchase refurbished copiers, or donate the used ones upon purchasing new or leased copiers, imagine the 'green' impact that could have on the environment!

The first environmental benefit to buying a refurbished copy machine is eliminating the need to purchase the raw materials needed for producing a new copier, in effect reducing the end users carbon footprint.  If one were to consider the amount of carbon produced through manufacturing and shipping a new machine, purchasing a refurbished copier makes perfect sense.

The obvious 'green' advantage to purchasing a refurbished copier is the reduction of the wasteful dumping of a perfectly serviceable machine.  It takes decades, if ever, for the plastic material that an ink cartridge is housed in to decompose, and printer ink should be properly disposed; as it is non-biodegradable and toxic to the environment.  Purchasing a refurbished copier ensures that a copier does not end up in a landfill, in effect reducing waste.

Another approach to keeping your office 'green' is to purchase a refurbished copier which features the ENERGY STAR label.  According to the EPA, using an ENERGY STAR copier can reduce that machines annual electricity bills by nearly 60 percent, by shutting off after a period of inactivity.  High-speed copiers have a duplexing option that when set to double-sided copies can reduce paper usage by at least 25%.

If your copier is not ready for the landfill, refurbishing it is a good place to start.  If it is ready to retire, buying a refurbished copier is unquestionably the 'green' approach to replacing it.

You Need a Correct-Tek Copier Repair Services Lincolnshire, Refurbished and New Copier Sales Parts Mount Prospect

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, How Much Money Can I Save With A Refurbished Copier?

If you're starting a business or upgrading your office equipment you may be in need of a copy machine. Finding the best copier isn't as easy as you may think.  However, while you may know the main features you want - paper capacity, copies per minute, color copies, etc. - do you know how to get the best deal? Read on to learn how much money you could save by purchasing a refurbished copier.

Why buy used vs. new?
Copy machines are a lot like cars.   As soon as a car leaves the lot, or in this case, as soon as a copy machine is sold, it loses a lot of value.  The cost of a brand new copier is generally very inflated, and can range from $7,000 to more than $50,000, while used copy machines run anywhere from 50% to 75% of the original price.  And much like cars, used copiers come with warranties and run just like new for a very long time.  Furthermore, unlike cars there's really no way to tell the difference between a new and used copier, and who's going to be looking at your copy machine anyway?

Can I trust a used copier?
In general, a good used copier company will only sell you a copy machine with low usage and with any worn parts that needed to be replaced.  In fact, most refurbished copiers are from short term rentals, sales demos, off-lease contracts and repossessions, and have been used less than three months as rated by their manufacturers recommended monthly usage table.  Additionally, most machines have an internal copy counter that keeps track of the number of copies it has made in its lifetime.  A trustworthy refurbished copier company will show you the copy counter as well as provide a warranty on the used copier that you buy.

I don't want an off-brand copier.
No problem!  Most used copiers actually come from top-of-the-line brands such as Ricoh, Konica Minolta, or Toshiba copiers.  And with big brands comes even bigger savings.  On a $50,000 copier you could save anywhere from $25,000 to $37,500.  You can also find refurbished color copiers, desktop copiers, and enterprise copiers that make up to 100 copies per minute.

When times are tough you want to ensure your company is squeezing the value out of every last dollar and cent.  So why would you spend your entire office supplies budget on a new copier when you can purchase a certified refurbished copier at markets 50-75 percent below MSRP?  Purchasing a certified used copier is a smart business decision.  It will provide your office the productivity it requires for many years but won't come with the elevated costs of a brand new copy machine.  Find a refurbished copy machine distributor today!

You Need a Correct-Tek Copier Repair Services Lincolnshire, Refurbished and New Copier Sales Parts Mount Prospect

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