Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, What Kind of Paper Folder Should You Use?

Folding paper by hand is time consuming and takes time away from other more important projects. Many businesses use employees to manually fold paper for mailers, invoices and more.  These are commonly referred to as "folding parties."  The end result is usually a bunch of paper cuts and crookedly folded paper.  What if there was a faster, more accurate and more precise way to fold paper?  There is. It is called a paper folder.

Automated folders, in the past, received a bad reputation due to jams and complicated setup and operation.  Modern paper folders have come a long way.  They are more compact, easier to set up, and the jams are very few and far between.  Looking for the right paper folder may be more daunting than setting one up.

Folding machines are set up into several categories, depending on the volume, the paper and the type of fold.  The two most basic categories are friction feed and air feed folders.  The biggest factor between these two types of folders is the paper being used.  Friction feed paper folders do not handle glossy paper well, but air feed (pneumatic) paper folders do.

Friction-feed paper folders are the most common folding machine used today.  They use rubber rollers to grasp paper and pull it into the machine to be folded.  Most friction style models can handle standard 20lb copy paper.  You will, however, have to check to see if the paper folder you are looking at can handle thicker cardstock.  Many machines can, but you will want to verify this before making a purchase.

Most friction-feed models can do a single fold, a Z fold and a C fold.  Additional folds, such as a gate or French fold, will depend on the machine being used.  The Z and C folds are the most common used, due to the fact that these fold paper for a size 10 envelope.  A Z fold looks like the letter Z and is accordion-like in shape.  A C fold looks like a letter C and opens like a letter (often referred to as a letter fold).

Friction feed folders are typically available in manual setup, semi-automatic and fully automatic designs. The names are self-explanatory.  Manual setup paper folders require the folding plates to be manually adjusted.  Semi-automatic designs require some manual adjustments and a fully automatic paper folder is controlled by a computer with the folds being set automatically.

Air feed machines use an air compressor to suck paper into the machine, rather than use a rubber wheel.  This allows these types of folders to work with glossy, slick paper.  Pneumatic paper folders are commonly used in print shops and generally handle a higher volume of paper than most friction feed models.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, 3 Things to Ask a Copier Service Company

Getting a copier service contract when buying your first office copier or switching service companies are both big decisions.  You should do the research on the different machines.  Try to see if you can find out the reliability record of the particular makes and models that you’re interested in, by not only talking to sales people, but also service reps, who service the equipment.  Research to see if the makes and models have won any awards; then figure out what options you need and whether or not you can justify the cost to get them, and try to identify if the company will provide you good service for the price quoted.  Here are 3 good things you should inquire about when talking to your sales representative.

First, are all the technicians trained on the models you are interested in and can you see proof?  You'd be surprised how many companies have only one or two technicians actually trained on a particular machine.  Also, how can they guarantee a response time with only two techs trained on that model? Most, if not all manufacturers provide trained technicians with a certificate when training is completed. Service managers should have a copy of it on file as well as access to their transcripts. The transcripts show everything that a technician is trained on.

Second, do they guarantee a technician on premise response time?  Most companies average a 4-8 hours response time. That is the time when a technician actually walks in through the door.  Some companies state that "response time" means when you get a phone call from the technician letting you know that they received your call.  Make sure you know what their definition of response time is, so you know what you’re actually agreeing to and what their guarantee is.

Third, what happens if they guarantee a technician through the door in 4-8 hours and he doesn't show up?  Do you get something for free?  Do you get some sort of refund or credit?  Do you get a loaner machine, if your machine is down?  If not; what's the point of the guarantee?

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Large Format Copiers

When you need copying done on a massive scale you need to turn to large format copiers to do the job. A normal sized copier usually has a maximum copy size of 11x17 which is good enough for everyday needs at the office.  Anything larger required, then you will probably have to use a large format copier to carry out the task.  A wide format copier does not use stacks of paper, but instead it uses a roll of paper which can handle various large print formats.

Wide format printers are typically used for building plans and design drawings by designers and architects.  Other uses include printing; signs, banners and GIS maps.  Great for large graphics, wide format copiers give you an edge over the competition at presentations and business meetings.  Wide format copiers differ in size and function.  There are machines that do a variety of jobs and act as copiers, printers, and even scanners.

Firstly; you should decide what functions you need, and list your primary usages, before buying a copier. Is sharp imaging and colors your number one priority?  Or do you just need a fast copier that can produce volume quickly?  Also, consider getting a multifunctional machine which can do more than just copy.  Purchasing a machine that can handle various jobs will take up less space and save you money.

An all-in-one copier will give you the option to print from your computer or direct from a memory card. Furthermore, it will save you the headache of having to configure lots of separate machines that an all-in-one machine can do.  Whether you're going to purchase an all-in-one, or separate machines you'll need a decent amount of space.  Wide format copiers are huge and can take up considerable space. Make sure you have enough room to install one first.  For correct installation, it's wise to get a specialist to avoid making any mistakes.

Canon, HP, and Xerox are all manufacturers of a range of large printers and copiers.  In addition, they manufacture standard printers, copiers and scanners.  You might want to think about other options since wide format printers are highly expensive.  Outsourcing your large copying or printing might actually be a cheaper option.  You should also consider the recurrent expenses involved with operating a printer.  We all know how much printing toner can cost.

Two other expenses you should calculate are paper and routine maintenance.  When you tally up all the costs, it can be quite a shocking figure and perhaps enough for you to give up on buying one and just find a company who can take care of your wide printing.  You can find a printing shop that is capable of wide printing in most towns.  For companies that pride themselves for getting things done timely and speedily, then perhaps outsourcing isn't the solution.

You never know what's going to happen when you rely on another company to do a job for you and if you have important clients to satisfy, it may not be a risk worth taking.  Sometimes to make it as a business, you have to spend money and out-do other companies in terms of speed and quality to survive in this market today.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Use the Internet to Source Original Brother Printer Toner Cartridges at the Best Prices Around

Most businesses find it cost effective doing their own printing rather than outsourcing it and in this case the best decision is investing in the best model printer money can buy. 

With state of the art technology in a variety of quality printing machines on the market, there are suitable models for every business or individual printing needs.  When you choose any equipment for office printing, it is better buying a well-known brand name, so that you know repair and replacement accessories for them are freely available. If you own Brother Printing machines here is some advice for selecting quality brother printer toner cartridges.

One of the most popular brands of printing machines is certainly the Brother Printer range, and in addition to printing machines, there are faxing and copier machines, all reliable to deliver you years of uncompromising services.  However, with replacement brother printer toner cartridges being relatively expensive, shopping around is the sensible way to find the most affordable suppliers.  You will find many outlets where you can find suitable replacement toner cartridges for almost any machine on the market like the Brother Printing machines.

Choose only genuine brother printer toner cartridges to protect the integrity of your printing machines.
Brother printers and fax machines are a reliable brand name on the market that can deliver superior quality printing for years to come if maintained properly.  

Taking shortcuts by using inferior replacement cartridges or trying to refill them yourself can damage the printer drum unit or damage the heat roller system.  The result is costly repairs which can be far in excess of what it would have cost for a genuine replacement toner cartridge.

Genuine brother machine replacement cartridges are the sensible choice, and though you pay a little more, the investment is definitely worth it.  The convenience of the internet allows office buyers to choose the best suppliers of replacement toner cartridges, paper rolls for faxing machines, for most types of Brother Equipment on the market today.

Once you have located a reputable supplier of the accessories you need for your brother printing and faxing machines, then order more than one replacement cartridge so that you always have a backup handy.  You may find certain replacement cartridge suppliers offering you fully guaranteed service exchange brother replacement cartridges which can be a cost saving solution compared to buying brand new cartridges.  As long as they are the genuine refills, you should be able to use these with complete confidence.

When you are sourcing your copier toner or printing cartridges, always make certain that the model number matches the one you have.  Most suppliers have images of the cartridges which also allow to seeing whether it matches the one for your printing machine.  You’ll have peace of mind checking whether or not the outlet offers you a money back guarantee on the replacement cartridges that you order from them.

Now that you can source all your printing products and accessories online, take some time to make a few comparisons before choosing the right suppliers.  Once you know where to get quality reliable replacement brother printer toner cartridges then you’ll have peace of mind that you will never run out of printing toner when you least want it to happen.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Rent A Copier, See And Feel Results

We live in a fast society of digital communication.  The problem is with a wide array of text messages, emails, phone calls, and voice mails coming in at a seemingly endless clip, we rarely have the chance to slow down and immerse ourselves in the information being disseminated.  Instead we respond quickly and efficiently, but without any sort of depth of insight; and with very little hands on intensive care.  Focused attention is difficult in the age of the internet.  It is even more difficult when you are trying to read a document on a screen smaller than the palm of your hand.

This is why copier leasing is still a vital investment for any business.  Emails are great in a pinch, but big products require big reports, with easily understood information presented in ways that makes it more thorough and more demonstrable.  We want to be able to explain something effectively and a well-made chart or graph can make that so much easier.  But that same chart or graph that explodes on the pages of a report printed in eye popping color on a copier rental, looks like a tiny view of colorful nothingness on a smart phone.

When you rent a copier you are making employees and your own jobs so much more effective and way more focused.  It is important to have a method of sharing information that is not easily deletable.  A hard copy of a report can make your case better than even the best Power Point presentation.  Even if that report is just a Power Point presentation printed up and filled out with text, the ability of colleagues and clients being able to take a hard copy home for studying and note taking makes all your work far more valuable to your whole organization.  Copier leases are not so expensive that it would make them prohibitive.  In the long run the quality of work facilitated by the presence of copier leases will likely make up the cost a dozen times over.

In this day and age when everything is digital, you can highlight your work and stand out from the crowd by keeping the tactile sensation of a report on the table.  People will become more informed about the goings on at your company and more prepared to deal with challenges. When you rent a copier you are not just helping the company make hard copies of documents.  You are creating a corporate culture that values permanence and values note taking.  You are creating a culture that values real physical work.

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