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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Can Offices Rely On Toshiba Toner and Printer Products?

Many different people have heard of Toshiba printer and toner products but the question is how reliable are they actually? Owners of businesses and home offices have come back reporting good things about Toshiba. It actually has gotten top reviews according to some office goers. They say it just makes the day go by faster and makes the work-load get done with better quality. Just from this, you can tell that Toshiba is a reliable product to choose.

Finding a printer with good toner products can be a pain. Trusting in a printer company is a big deal. The ability to achieve everything an office needs in one machine is a great achievement that Toshiba was willing to spend the time to do. Toshiba customers have had complete satisfaction in the fact that their printer makes the best looking documents and pictures and doesn't cost them too much to do it. It is also a highly recommended brand because the units last. They aren't constantly jamming and breaking down because the mechanics of the machine are formulated in such a way where the designers were thinking ahead and taking all scenarios into consideration.

There is no false advertising with Toshiba. They are talked about in a good way where everyone can go through their day smiling while using one of their pieces because of the worry-free feeling it creates from being a trusted machine. The toners for one thing, last for a very long time. They print color and black and white with a beautiful sheen that will impress you and your co-workers the first time you see it come out. Just because the printers are small and seem kind of frail doesn't mean there's not a large body builder of a beast inside there.

While you can rely on them to work well, you can rely on them to catch peoples' eyes as well. The designs fit perfectly into the office setting and they all have a nice looking surface. Of course there are many different designs and colors that these pieces come in but there will be the one for your office that just looks like it already belongs in there. Making your office happy is going to make work more pleasurable as well. You can rely on Toshiba to make your entire office a better environment to work in. Your office is your second home. You have to make it the best you can.

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Tips for Choosing the Right Copiers For Sale


Copiers are machines which make paper duplicates of documents.  They are very useful and have been around for many years.  

Most of the copiers make use of heat fusion, while some models use inkjet technology to make copies.

Types of copiers
  • Analog copiers: These are outdated
  • Digital copiers: These may be able to print, scan and fax in addition to making copies.
  • Types of digital copiers include: Monochrome copiers: these make copies in black only.
  • Color copiers: these can make copies of documents in a range of colors.
  • All in one copier: these can print, scan and fax.
  • Multi functional copiers: these come with a very wide range of functions. Factors to consider in making a choice of copier

In making a purchase of a copier, the following factors will need to be put into consideration:
The amount of paper that can be loaded into the machine at a given time should be considered.  Smaller copiers will be able to able to receive about 100 sheets of paper, while the most advanced models can be loaded with up to 2500 sheets.

The size of the paper used: some models can only accommodate a particular size of paper, while others will accept a large variety of paper sizes.

The speed at which copies are made: the speed could be as low as 10 copies per minute, or as high as 100 copies per minute.

Toner: this is for digital copiers. The monochrome copiers use only one toner cartridge, while color copiers will require several toner cartridges for the different basic colors.

Memory: the latest models have some memory features, which makes them work more efficiently.
Extra capabilities: some of these features include scanning, faxing, networking capabilities, emailing, security features, image editing.

What are some companies that manufacture copiers for sale?
  • Konica Minolta: this company offers a wide range of digital copiers
  • Sharp: they manufacture multi functional copiers with a wide range of capabilities.
  • Toshiba: manufactures a wide range of copiers for office use.
  • Xerox: machines made by this manufacturer are noted for their durability.
  • Ricoh: produces a wide range of digital copiers.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Copier Fax Machines- 4 Important Reasons To Get One For Your Office

Copier machines and fax machines are among the most important office equipment today.  Almost every office needs them both, so why not just get a dual-purpose machine?  Copier fax machines have all the functions of both copier machines and fax machines.  If you are not sure whether you should get one for your office, here are a few reasons to convince you:

1. Copier fax machines save space.
Combining the two large machines into one smaller apparatus can automatically free up a lot of space in your office.  You can even go for one of the smaller models of copier fax machines.  You can lose the bulkiness without losing any of the features.  Sometimes these small copier fax machines even have more features than their larger counterparts.  Besides, they look much sleeker and will make your office feel much more modern.

2. Copier fax machines save time.
If you are very busy, and most people are, copier fax machines can help you save time.  They can do more than one task at a time.  Many of these machines can send out several facsimiles at once, using several phone connections.  You can also make copies of documents and send them to your clients at the same time.

3. Copier fax machines save energy.
In the past, office employees had to make copies on the copier, then rush to the other end of the office to send the fax.  With copier fax machines, they can do it all in one place, minimizing the hustle and bustle in the office.  Copier fax machines also save on electrical energy consumption by combining two machines in one.

4. Copier fax machines save money.
When you use a separate copier machine and fax machine, you need to buy two different kinds of toner. With the copier fax machine, you only need one kind.  Moreover, with the copier fax machine, you will have to pay for the repair and maintenance of only one machine, rather than for two separate pieces of equipment.

There are many different kinds of copier fax machines available that you can choose from.  You will have to consider various factors before selecting the right kind of machine for your office.  No matter what your needs are, there is sure to be a copier fax machine that is perfect for you.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Saving Money in Tough Economic Times - Buy Refurbished

The company I work for has been getting calls from customers whose employers are telling them to buy refurbished telephones or have their telecom equipment repaired, rather than to buy new.  In the current economy, we think that makes a lot of sense for all businesses.

Buying refurbished not only saves money, you may actually receive items that are better than new. How can that be?  Well, just like new car models and software revisions, sometimes a bug or two slips through.  When that equipment is refurbished, a responsible refurbisher will correct those bugs so the equipment operates even better than the day it left the factory!

Besides telephone systems and equipment, there are many other items you can buy used or refurbished that will work just as well as new, but at a fraction of the cost.  Your local thrift store or GoodWill store may have used fax machines or copiers that will do in a pinch, too.

Other Items that might be a good "used" buy:
* Digital cameras
* Bar code readers
* Printers
* Credit Card Machines
* Headsets
* Books

Some sites to try:
CubeKing - Will meet or beat anyone's price on used office furniture.

Shop Goodwill Online - Auctions for computer equipment, digital cameras and more - for a good cause! - Try (an eBay company) for used books on marketing, communication, customer service, software, etc.

Scan Again - For refurbished bar code scanners and repairs.

Credit Card Terminal - for refurbished credit card and PIN terminals.

What's better than inexpensive??? Free!!! Try your local Freecycle chapter for used equipment and furniture.

Don't forget the repair option. Many companies offer repairs on phone system components, copiers, printers and the like. Local computer technicians may be able to help you squeeze another year out of your computer.

Some companies offer a full warranty on their refurbished equipment. Make sure you read the fine print. Check with the Better Business Bureau when in doubt.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Select the Best Laser Printer

Before determining the best laser printer that is suitable for your needs, the first thing you should do is understand the basic knowledge about the printers.  

Printers have two ways to produce a picture; an inkjet printer produces a picture by spraying very small dots of ink onto the paper while a laser printing device produces a picture by throwing powdered ink to paper which is then electrically charged to drum for the image to transfer to.  If you have needs to print more photos or graphics and less text-based documents, you might be better off to buy an inkjet printer.  If you have needs to print many text-based documents, a laser printer will be the best choice for you.

Choosing the right device for printing is very important because if you frequently print many documents then if you use an inkjet printer, you will spend more money for the ink cartridges over time then the expense of laser toner cartridges over the lifetime of a laser printer.

Monochrome or Color Laser Printer
You can find a black and white laser printing device for less than $200.  These types are usually cost-effective plus cheaper to maintain as compared to inkjet printers.   A color laser printer is significantly more high-priced, and it is right here that you can be teased to select an inkjet printer as an alternative.  Remember though, that the first investment pertaining to color toner cartridges enhances the upfront price of a color laser printer, yet color printing is going to definitely cost a lot less per page than inkjet printers.  Although some color laser printers can handle the printing of photographs, the picture quality depending on the quality of the laser printer will sometimes be substantially worse than some inkjet printers.  That is why if you have a strong intention to print photos, it is recommended that you select an inkjet printer usually.

Print Quality
A laser printing device can yield crisp and razor-sharp text output associated with simple graphics (grayscale) yet it doesn't mean you need to neglect resolution specifications entirely.  Printer resolution is usually assessed in dots per inch.  If you have a printer which has a higher resolution then it will result in a sharper and crisper outcome printed job.  That is why it is worth taking into consideration if you will be printing graphics.  Monochrome/grayscale laser printing devices have a resolution at 1200 by 1200 or 600 by 600; however these scales are usually more than enough regarding printing text and graphics.  The resolution of a Color laser printing device is often as high as 2400 by 1200, that increases the quality of the colour print substantially.

Printer Memory
Memory space decides how fast your printing device prints plus the quality of the prints it creates. Printing devices with laser technology save documents within memory.  More memory enables you to print a higher resolution at quicker speeds.  If you deliver a high-resolution to your printing device, yet do not have the memory to take care of it, the printer instantly sets the work's station resolution to check the actual printer's capabilities.

Memory space upgrades are relatively affordable; therefore if you select a cheaper laser printing device along with less memory, search for one which can allow memory space upgrades, particularly important if you do network the printer with several users in your workplace.  The majority of expensive laser printing devices, is equipped with at least 64MB of memory space.  If you are purchasing for a large business with many print jobs, select a laser printer which can be upgraded to at least 128MB, if not more.  Once again, if velocity is the key element, take into consideration to buy the model with additional memory space.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Types of Fax Machines

Fax machines are devices that copy data that is wired.  It also acts as a duplicator that is used to copy the incoming data onto paper.  Fax machines are very important in this modern and fast paced life where everything is depended upon time.  This saves time, as it is an electronic device and transmits data at a very fast speed.

There are a variety of fax machines available in the market; depending upon the need and necessity of the user, which can be purchased.  In the olden days thermal fax machines were used, which used thermal papers.  This was not a very good method followed, as they were hard to read and faded away quite soon.  That was in the past!  Nowadays, plain paper is used to print the fax data.  The most common types of fax machines used are laser and inkjet fax machines.

Inkjet fax machines produce good quality prints of faxes, though the speed is slower when compared to the laser type.  They also produce prints at a much lower cost, as the consumables are not as costly as a laser printer;  but if the number of faxes received per day is more than 30, then the slow speed could be annoying, and so it is not advised in places where more faxes are expected to come in.  As they tend to get mechanical problems in the long run, they are not advised in heavy faxing and fax receiving areas.

Laser printers are fit for an office environment and places where a high flow of incoming and outgoing faxes are expected.  These are heavy duty machines and do a good job typing out the matter neatly and clearly.  They are also very fast and so there is no need to wait in queue to send or receive a fax!  The Laser fax machines use a light emitting diode or an LED, which is very reliable and is definitely long lasting.  They are however, expensive when compared to the inkjet and thermal, but looking at the performance, they are definitely worth the cost.  The quality of the images and letters produced is also high.

Thermal transfer fax machine is the third type that uses heat to transmit the ink from a ribbon in the machine, onto the plain paper.  They are reliable and also inexpensive, but the quality is not as good as the others.  Also the whole operation is a noisy affair.  This is mostly used in home-office set ups than in big business and office set ups.

The Fax machine is quite a useful device and can be expensive as well.  It is therefore necessary to take care of it well, always.  Also, before buying the machine, it is necessary to thoroughly analysis  what is the need and type of fax machine to be bought, in order to buy the effective and correct performance machine.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Best Tips in Cleaning Copier Machines

Purchasing a great copier machine will give you all the benefits of having a piece of heavy duty equipment that will give you a multifunction usage of a nice piece of office equipment. This machine is one of the basic needs in your workplace and any other commercial business that you may have.  Here, you will need to choose and determine carefully, so you will not have any further problems when using it.  You need to have the proper cleaning process in place, to keep it working in an orderly fashion in order to get the best of its benefits.

Cleaning a copier machine is a simple task to do if you get the proper steps and methods in order. You do not need to purchase an expensive cleaner and any other appliances for the daily up keep; you only need to prepare some simple cleaning solvents, which you can easily buy in the market today. You need to prepare silicon oil, anti static fluid, toner vacuum and also a paper path cleaning paper. First, you need to clean up the copier surfaces by using anti-static fluid, paying close attention to the exposure glass especially, when doing so. You need to wipe it down until it’s as clean as can be.
Furthermore, when it comes to the photoconductive drum and its parts; it’s very important to remember to never try to clean it with any type of solvent or cleaning materials yourself.  Reason being is that it is a photoconductive material that is a very sensitive part of the copier and can be easily damaged if not handled properly. It is the most prominent part in which the toner ink and the paper adheres to and should only be cleaned and serviced by a trained technician or specialist. You will also need to be very careful if trying to clean the fuser parts using the silicon oil; because it can be very hot. By cleaning it properly, you will get all the benefits of having a great bond of toner and printer paper. Moreover, it will be better if you use the toner vacuum to clean the toner area.  Instead of those steps above, you also can use another alternative by just running the paper in your copier machine. In this way, you can clear the paper path and also get the benefits of cleaning the paper rollers in the same time.

Getting the Proper Process of Cleaning down, will let you reap the best of all the benefits, so you will get the best performance of your copier and its copied documents. In addition to getting the proper process of cleaning, you may also need to choose the proper copier products that you can purchase at affordable prices; such as you can find on copiers for sale, where you can also find the best deals of both Konica Minolta and Xerox copiers for your needs.

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, HP Copier Scanner - A Perfect Device for Office Needs

The HP copier scanner is one of the most useful gadgets in an office.  Efficiency in the workplace does not only pertain to productive employees.  It is also about having the required equipment needed to accomplish different tasks.  The modern times in particular, depend heavily on various machines and gadgets to effectively carry out assignments and responsibilities.  In the past, the sole equipment needed to execute tasks was the typewriter, pen and paper, and the telephone.  Today, technology has evolved and so did the office needs.  As a result of this, offices need to employ machines that would greatly improve the productivity of its employees.

Office equipment, such as the HP copier scanner, and scanner printers are among the widely used contraptions in businesses nowadays.  These machines provide a range of benefits that help to run and manage an office as smoothly as possible.  A scanner printer refers to a three-in-one device that lets users perform different tasks from a single unit.  Typically, it enables the user to scan, copy and print any document or photo.  The gadget is also capable of converting files into digital formats and can produce a hard copy of it as well. The contraption is also able to fax documents.  With this type of machine, there is no need to switch to various other devices to get things done.

Multifunction copier or printer devices such as the aforementioned have become available today in answer to the varying needs of consumers and businesses.  Before, people had to contend with different machines to enable them to perform their tasks.  Also, office personnel had to have printers, copiers and fax machines separately; but with the invention of copier scanners and scanner printers, the redundancy was minimized.  This is predominantly beneficial in times when there are critical operations to be carried out.  This has resulted to better productivity for the employees.  More importantly, valuable time was used to perform other important chores in the office.

Obtaining functional equipment such as the copier scanner is a sensible investment.  In choosing the ideal one, it is important to note that even though they are all functional and provide efficiency, there is still a need to select wisely.  In other words, look for a device that provides the functions that are most required in the business.  

For the most part, evaluate the basic tasks that have to be accomplished on a daily basis.  One example would be, if the staff has to produce photocopies every day, and then acquire a machine that provides superior quality copies.  Then, find one that is easy to operate and requires no complicated steps to enable use.  Also, make sure to ask about the parts and the repairs for the unit. Additionally, compare features and prices in order to find the most appropriate device.

With the valuable aid of an HP copier scanner and other practical office equipment, efficiency can be ensured.  Aside from being space savers, the different features that these machines come with, pose a lot of benefits and advantages that result in better production for the office.  What's more, it is an effective way of keeping the business systematic and productive.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Modern Copiers Offer Higher Functionality

Today's printing and copying technology has evolved to the point when documents can be produced almost instantly.  Copy machines can produce hundreds of reproductions within mere minutes, not sacrificing quality and maintaining the look of the original document.  If your business has been using an older model copier, consider upgrading to a new, modern copier that has the ability to work more efficiency and streamline your document printing process.

There are many brands of copying and printing machines, and the competition between them has driven prices down, passing the savings on to the consumer.  Nowadays, copiers offer unprecedented functionality at prices that were unheard of ten years ago.

When choosing a copier for your office or business, consider the many ways your employees will use its functions.  Digital copy machines optically scan the original document and convert it into a digital format before being processed for printing.  Older, analog copiers optically transfer the image from the original paper to the copy paper, via thru several mirrors and a lens.  When it comes to speed and efficiency, both analog and digital copiers can quickly produce a multitude of documents.  However, most new digital copiers can offer multifunction processes, such as faxing, scanning, and printing.  The digital format allows for cross sharing amongst different media and can streamline your office workflow, and digital copies of documents will decrease the amount of paper you use for printing.

Black and white copiers have been a standard and popular choice for high-volume text document copying.  Black toner costs less than color toner, bringing your overall cost-per-copy down.  If you need the impact of vibrancy though, color copiers can help you make a great impression with high-quality, crisp color documents.  Color copiers are essential if your business needs to make a statement with presentations, brochures, signs or flyers.  Graphic color copiers are available for businesses that regularly produce comprehensive graphic documents where the image is an essential part of the print.

Color copiers are digital and work much like a laser printer, transferring scanned information to a charged drum by laser.  The toner adheres to the charged part of the drum and is heated before being transferred to the paper.   Higher-end color copiers can produce duplications quickly, while the less expensive models need to take multiple passes with the toner to achieve sharp images and colors.

Standard features on color copiers include image centering, border erasing, color balancing and color adjustment.  Higher end copiers offer additional functionality, including colorizing, which allows you to make color copies of black and white original documents by selecting a color for a designated design or area.  However, most users have access to image editing software that can allow them to manipulate the image and reprint it before it is duplicated.  Take into account all the features your employees will need in an office copier before making your purchase.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Efficiency and Style With the Kyocera D2035dn Copier/Printer

It is debatable what the most important machine in a small to medium sized busy office is?  Is it the coffee machine or the desk-top printer?  I expect that the answer to this depends on how anyone is able to function without either one of these machines.  However a coffee machine cannot copy and a copy machine cannot make coffee, so perhaps it is wisest to have both!  The Kyocera D2035dn printer does not have coffee making as one of its capabilities, but it certainly has many other capabilities.

If you are looking for a reliable desktop multi-functional copier to assist in the day-to-day functioning of your busy office, this printer/copier will certainly provide a fully functional option.  For sharp, distinct and professional looking documents, it cannot be beaten for price.  It produces monochrome copies of up to 1800 x 600 dpi.

The Kyocera D2035dn printer is a flatbed copier, which also comes standard with a 50 page document feeder.  The document feeder provides a fast way to copy large documents of high quality at a low cost.

This is a marvelous printer for any home or small to medium sized office.  It will perfectly compliment you fax machine and is very user friendly.  A 250 page in-put tray holds both letter and legal sized paper and the printer can both copy and scan in color in one simple footprint.  Kyocera D2035dn printer has made office tasks simpler than ever with its feature rich options.

The flat-bed design simplifies making copies of books and magazines, which are both scanned and copied easily.  Reductions and enlargements may be made of between 25-400% in 1% increments, and it comes complete, packaged with everything you require to get started.  That is a CD Rom for both set up and installation, an imaging drum yielding up to 100k copies/prints or 3 years  whichever comes first , starter toner, power cord, auto document feeder and user guide.  However your printer cable is not included.

A user friendly control panel will alert users to any potential problems and you can make copies without having to be connected to a computer.  Connecting to a network is a simple matter and there are a variety of network connections available.  The Kyocera D2035dn printer is suitable for use with both Apple Mac OS and Windows for PC, and scans for both these operating systems in color and black and white.

There is a standard limited warranty of one year, which is normal for any type of equipment of this nature, while copy speeds are according to manufacturer's specifications, 35 per minute.
The Kyocera D2035dn printer can make as many as 99 copies at a time.  However there is one very important factor which cannot be overlooked.  Machinery which is this technologically advanced must be operated with the correct consumables, so ensure you use Kyocera D2035dn toner.  The printer itself is very affordable, so you don't want anything expensive to repair going wrong with it due to incorrect use of toner.

Summary: As far as desktop copiers go, the Kyocera D2035dn printer has rich features and efficiency on its side.  Of course there is also affordability to be considered and this is certainly not secondary.  It is a stylish printer which will do pretty much anything you ask of it.  Just be certain and always use original Kyocera D2035dn toner.  

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Copier Printer Scanner Features - Terms and Accessories

The copier printer all in one industry has changed over the past three years.  What use to be options now comes standard accessories on many copier models.  If you plan to lease a copier or purchase a copier printer all in one it's important to know the features and what you actually need for your office equipment.  What is an ADF or DADF (automatic document feeder or double-sided automatic document feeder)?  The ADF or DADF sits on the top of the copier printer scanner and gives you the ability to automatically feed a stack of papers to copy, fax out or scan to a computer.  Some brands of copiers still call this an option.  However, a machine never goes out the door without this.  Usually the feeder allows up to 50 pages (some up to 100 pages) at one time; on your digital copier or multifunction printer.
What does digital sorting mean on Canon, Sharp, Xerox and Ricoh Copiers (other brands too)? All brands of color copiers and multifunction copiers for the past 5 years provide digital sorting without using an external optional mailbox finisher.  Digital sorting means each copy, print or fax job is "offset" from the previous one (shifted side to side or criss cross sorted).  This feature does not limit the number of document sets your copier can sort.  If you had an optional external copier mailbox finisher then you are limited to the number of slots.  What is a duplex unit?  The duplex unit gives your digital copier the ability to do two sided printing and copying.   It's an option on some brands.  However, the more recent models (3 years old or less) it's standard.  On business class copiers (Canons, Sharp, Ricoh, Kyocera, Xerox  and other models) you can do two sided to one side, one to two sided, two sided to one sided copying and printing using the menu keys.

What are the paper Drawers options?  All business class copier printer scanners; come usually with at least two paper drawers.  The lower end personal copiers usually come with one drawer.  Each paper drawer "cassette" handles several size papers from A4 up to 11 x 17.  Most of the current models can handle sizes A4 to Legal.  Most mid-range digital copier's drawers handle paper up to 11 x 17 size pages. Paper Cassette Drawer Options include: Additional paper drawers (feeders) up to 3,000 pages on some models of copiers.  The typical optional copier paper drawers can handle anywhere from 250-550 sheets of paper.  If you are using heavy paper stock you may need to use a bypass tray on your laser printer copier.  Are the copier printers green by saving on electricity?  Energy compliant power save mode is a standard feature on most recent model digital copier scanners.  Due to pressure from governments, end user and marketing professionals, power save mode is here to stay.  Basically the color copier printer will put itself in a lower power usage stage, waiting for printer copier jobs to process.  Once it receives a job it powers back up quickly.  This reduces electrical expenses and saves you money.

Do all copier scanners come with the fax option?  Usually this is an option not a standard copier scanner accessory.  This copier all in one option gives you the ability to send and receive faxes.  Plus, with most brands of photocopiers you get fax to email and fax to computers.  If you have a network it will require the setting of mail boxes and installation of software of each computer.  What are the security and client tracking or billing features?  Lawyers are great at this.  They charge their clients for every piece of paper produced on their printer copier scanner.  One way they track the actual number of pages produced, is through the digital photocopiers security measures.  
Most machines have the ability to assign access codes.  You can assign a copier access code, for each employee, client or department.  Once setup, you have to input a security code before a job will print or copy on the all in one printers.

At the end of the billing period just print an access report to get the total pages copied or printed by each access code.  Not Sure What You need?  Ask questions!  If your sales person is all hype and no meat then go someplace else.  Color printer copier features and options are designed for a specific purpose. Do not assume the digital copier scanner will do what you want.  Ask for the specification sheet.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, When Does it Make Sense to Get Your Printer Or Copier Repaired Vs Get a New One

This is one of the questions which are always asked in the minds of people who have printers or copiers that are often ceasing to function properly.  How frequently your copier or printer asks for a repair, is how often, it is used, and how is it your handling the use of it?  If you handle it in a respectable, proper manner, the life of the printer or copier gets prolonged in spite of calling for frequent repairs with negligence in the handling of it.

If you need the help of a printer repair service provider,  once or twice in a blue moon, it’s okay, but things seem annoying, when you have to call a printer or copier repair professional even once or twice a month.  During the warranty period it is bearable, but what about after that?  Obviously, you have to bear the charges of his service fees and the parts which get replaced, that can get very expensive sometimes.  This begins to only burn a hole in your pocketbook and create a lot of down time.  Now, you have to make a wise choice between getting your printer or copier replaced or repaired.

Here are a few ways to bail you out from this situation, with some good sound advice.  Keep in mind though, that this advice will only work, if your printer or copier'swarranty period has expired and it keeps asking for frequent and regular on going repairs.

First, calculate the repair costs you have already paid out, for making your printer or copier work again in the last six months.  If the costs are more than 60-75% percent of the cost of the printer (when you bought it), you should seriously think about getting it replaced with a new one.  In this case, you will definitely need to consider recycling your printer or copier.  If you still want to stay with your old printer or copier, then it is for sure you will end up paying more, at the end of the year, than what a new printer or copier would have probably cost you.  If you think, you can't afford to purchase a new printer or copier; then you always have the option of getting it financed.   

This way, you will not only get a new printer or copier with a warranty period, but will also get rid of all the stress which your old printer or copier gave you.   Secondly; if that option doesn’t work for you, then you can go a less expensive route and get a refurbished copier that can sometimes even save you thousands and also can come with a warranty.  You can then take the EMIs as monthly costs of getting your old printer or copier repaired, but at the same cost you can expect reliability, efficiency and you will have a much more dependable product that will probably never let you down.

This way, you can easily judge for yourself if getting your old printer or copier repaired is worth the cost or should you just replace it with a new one to make you feel much more relieved and tension free.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, The Best Multi-Purpose Cheaper Copiers Guidelines

Cheaper  Copier Machine:

A Cheaper Copier machine is one of the best value equipments widely used in offices and commercial places today.  These devices are a gift for small size offices or new businesses, as such an investment savings.  Which normally turns out to be a great deal of money?  These types of machines were earlier called, Xerox machines, but with the advancements nowadays, these units provide top quality and high-grade photocopying tasks.  They perform functions; like copying colored materials; like photograph pictures, and much more.  With the industries growing demand; manufacturers continue to make new inventions and developments in the copiers to make them more useful devices.

Cheap Copier Features & Advantages:

There are a lot of advancements and innovations in the field of copiers.  Hundreds of models with amazing features have made work very easy and safer, thus saving a lot of time, space and most importantly money. This modern office equipment today, is multi-functional and capable of performing various unique functions like printing, faxing, and scanning with a single device.  These electronic devices allow copying, sending faxes, or making collated - even stapled - sets of documents from just a single piece of equipment.  These units also produce exceptional, sharp black and white images, true-color images and even many professionals use them for graphics and artwork as well.  Today's copiers are also fully loaded with features like settings for security, speed, resolution, brightness and contrast, and sizes.  If you need zooming capabilities, many copiers come with 25 to 400 per cent and minus 800 per cent reduction/enlargement capabilities. The type of copier that you choose will depend on your specific needs.

Cheap Copier Types:

There are many brands which manufacture different types of copiers in the market today that easily fulfills all the home, office and business needs. The most widely used cheaper copiers are the color inkjet photocopiers, desktop multifunction copiers, smaller laser printer copiers, network copiers and digital copiers.

Cheap Copier Buying Guide:

The huge price tag of the new copier machines is one of the main reasons that have forced many small business owners to buy cheaper or refurbished copier machines.  Before purchasing the cheaper copier machines, do ask the vendor about their refurbishing procedure.  It should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out, have all damaged parts or accessories changed.  The machine should be further inspected for any possible problems.  Resolve the warranty issue before hand with the dealer and do not settle down for a 30 day warranty period by any means.
Arrange for a maintenance agreement prior to the purchase, which covers all the parts that typically wear out or break, including the belts and drum.  When buying a used copier, the insurance is definitely worth the cost of the service coverage.  Many copier dealers will sell a used copier "as-is" for even steeper discounts, usually with no warranty or one as short as 14 days.  While the initial price may be attractive, you'll probably wind up paying more in the long run in repairs and maintenance for this reconditioned copier.

A cheap copier machine is one of the many great contributions of technology that help improve lives and create quality living.

Check out our website at to make an informed choice.
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Differences of Digital Copiers Over Analog Copiers

A photocopier is generally used to make copies of documents quickly and cheaply.  It is mainly used in schools, colleges, offices, and businesses around the world. There are two types of photocopiers- analog and digital copiers.  Analog copiers work on the old and traditional Xerox process to make copies through  several mirrors and a lens that are projected onto the drum; whereas a digital copier, the image is reflected thru only a couple of mirrors and then digitally encoded electronically and projected onto the imaging drum unit thru a high speed laser to  produce the image.

A High Quality Printed Document
One of the foremost benefits of a digital copier today, is that, the end product is always a higher quality copy and an even a higher quality computer generated printed copy, thru the digital encoding process of the document.  Moreover, it also can scan the document and save the data into memory or to a hard disk drive for later use.  In this way, digital copy machines can print the document from the memory or directly off a stored location on a hard disk drive; and also transmit them electronically to other digital devices that can receive the transmission.  These copiers produce copies with a much better image, because of the use of digital encoded electronics and high speed lasers, which in turn also allows for not only higher quality copies but, for a larger range of enlargement and reduction copies that can produce a much sharper defined text line and a much more defined image that shows all the finer details.

Multi-Functional Copiers
A digital copier is a multi-functional machine that can do many jobs simultaneously.  You can produce hard copies from the original document, at 100%, enlarged copies up to 400%, or reduced one’s down to 25%, either single sided, duplexed, sorted, stapled, punched or they can even transmit electronic copies to fax machines.  You can also transmit text to a single email address or multi email addresses.  It can scan a hard copy back to a single computer file system or to multi computer file systems on a network.  It can print out from one computer system or from several networked computers, either by standard hard wired networked systems or now in some situations by wireless network systems. These copiers can produce superior and better copy quality sometimes then the original master document.  It allows you to eliminate many steps during the communication process by going green and saving you time and money.  You also don't have to mail the hard copy of the document to different departments and locations.

Low Cost Copy Machines
Another benefit of it includes its low cost of operating.  This is due to the lesser number of moving parts to break down during the process.  In addition to this, the ink used in digital copiers produce more copies per cartridge than traditional copiers.  Although it is generally calculated that the cost of these copiers are more on the front end, but with regular and day to day use, you can save money over the long term. These copiers offer a wide range of features at affordable prices.

Environmental Friendly
One of the major benefits is; its environmental friendly feature and producing less noise while processing.  These copiers are also energy efficient and use energy saver modes. The machines are able to power down, if they are found to be unused for a predetermined amount of time, set by the user. These modern technology copiers are manufactured using more environmental conscious processes as compared to the old and traditional copiers.  These copiers also require fewer repairs and less maintenance, because of again less moving parts, more filtering systems, and more sealed recycling toner systems.

A New Way of Working

A digital copier encourages its users to find new ways of working that reverses the printing and distribution processes.  It scans the information optically from a piece of paper and is a success due to the combination of two technologies of paper handling and data handling. With the growing popularity of these copiers, more and more organizations are opting for this technique of copying and are moving away from the inefficient use of traditional copiers for document reproduction.  Some of the famous digital copy machine manufacturers are Canon, Konica-Minolta, Ricoh, Toshiba, and Xerox.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Do It Yourself Copier Repair and Paper Feed Troubleshooting

From the moment that you realize you need a copier repair, frustration sets in.  You had a feeling that something was going wrong, but you could not put your finger on it.  Still, you had a lot of duplicate copies that needed to be made, and you did not have time to figure out just what was going on.  So now; you have a piece of equipment down, and all of the work in your shop or office has come to a complete standstill.  While you may need to call a professional to come out and take care of things, consider trying to do a little copier repair fix yourself, by trying to deal with the paper feed issues on your own first.

Investigate the Problem

You already know that the paper is not coming through to the exit tray, as it should.  The lights are on and flashing; your work is piling up and not being completed.  Even if you are sure you have a paper feed issue in the copier, make sure that you understand exactly what is happening.  First ask yourself, which paper tray is the paper coming from?  Secondly; are the sheets being picked up by the machine at all, or is it just sitting there with the indicator lights displaying a false paper jam; in other words, is it indicating an actual jammed piece of paper or not?  Thirdly; if you clear everything out, is the problem resolved?

It is always tough to solve a problem if you don't know exactly what is going wrong.  Once you have done a little troubleshooting, you will have a better understanding and better idea of what is going on, so you can then get down to doing a little bit of your own copier repair yourself.

First: Check the Paper

Make sure the paper is stacked evenly, flat, square and loaded properly .  Side guides are not too loose and not too tight, either condition can cause problems that can easily be remedied and save yourself a lot of wasted time and expensive repairs.  Paper that is not stacked evenly, square, and flat can cause jams and paper pickup misses.  Paper loaded to tightly by the adjustable side guides or backstop can  cause mis-feeds that sometimes indicate false paper jams.  Paper loaded to loosely can cause skewed paper which usually ends up in a jam condition because of crashing into a guide, sensor arm, or roller.  Also, check to make sure the proper weight paper is being used; not to heavy or not too light, which can also cause mis-feeds and or jams as well as paper that is either too damp or too dry.

Second: Check the Rollers

The rollers are often the source of many copier repair problems.  If you start to see that things are jamming up as the paper is being drawn into the machine, there is a good chance that the rollers are the culprit of the problem.  Remove the paper and take a closer look at the rollers.  If there are loose pages torn off in there, they could be causing the entire system to shut down.   Most of the time they can be removed by hand.   If the path is clear, it may be time to clean out the rollers.
While still considered a copier repair, cleaning out the rollers is also a maintenance issue.  If you don't want to continue to see the same problem over and over again, schedule a time to handle this work on a peridotite maintenance schedule. (Anywhere to every quarter, 6 months, or a year; depending on how heavily a paper volume is being run thru the copier.)  Use a cleaning solvent like Formula 409 or Fantastic, but never alcohol; and spray it onto a towel.  Take the towel and rub it over the entire surface of the rollers.  You don't want to leave them saturated, give it a few minutes to dry; otherwise you’ll start to see the substance coming out on your documents once they have been run through the system and that could cause some severe damage to other components of the machine.  Take another cloth and wipe the rollers off completely.  Remember, do not to try and force them to turn.  There should be a mechanism that you can release or a directional knob that will allow them to turn unhindered.

Third: Alternative to the Problem

If you don't have a fix for the problem, you do have another option.  On some models, it is possible to bypass over the tray that is giving you grief, and manually select another paper drawer, so paper is being pulled and processed out of another tray.  This allows you to continue with your work flow for the day, while being un-interrupted, despite the fact that you don’t have a solution.  If you opt for this route, you may want to go ahead and schedule the copier repair service for another day and time.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, How to Save Your Company 99% - Buy Refurbished Copiers For Your Business

With the economy being the way it is, at the moment as a business owner, a simple way to save MONEY is by buying refurbished copiers.  A good quality copier is a purchase that is mandatory for any type of organization whatever the size may be; yet it is also a significantly expensive purchase.  Of course you could buy brand spanking new, and line the manufacturers pockets, or you could make your money go a lot further by purchasing a refurbished copier.  The difference could be a savings as much as up to 85% less then a new one.  

Used copiers can present superb value for any small business, start-up, or corporation.  Any organization owners or managers with a limited budget must look to save on expenses, wherever feasible; especially for costly color copiers, that ought to last a lengthy time to vindicate the cost.  Copiers refurbished to a high degree are a great way of slashing thousands of bucks - 10's of thousands on high-end digital copiers - off store prices.  A rental copier is another option, but when you are saving a good deal of cash on a refurbished copier it is a much more sensible way to buy a low-cost unit for the long-term.

When you buy a refurbished copier via a reputable supplier (Canon copiers, Ricoh copiers, and Xerox copiers, which are particularly popular) you can be rest assured, that thorough care has been taken to retain quality, performance and reliability as close to a new copier as possible.  The buyer will not only acquire an as-new device, but in addition, gets a considerably cheaper alternative to the retail cost of a new copier.

The thorough method of copier refurbishment begins by ruthlessly weeding out any, but scarcely used copy machines that continue being in great condition.  These copiers aren't just wiped down on the outside and sold on, but are taken apart and inspected; worn parts are replaced, cleansed internally and then go through a scrupulous 90 points service check-list.  The copier/printer is then completely tested to ensure it performs just as well and up to factory specifications as a new one does.
When buying refurbished copiers make certain you test the unit fully.  Additionally, make sure you check out the copiers meter count.  This will tell you how many copies it has processed (think of it like a cars odometer for a mileage check) and to judge how heavily utilized it has been used in the past.

Probably, the most crucial element for you, as the client, will be the new guarantee on the refurbished photocopiers.  This should give you some sort of peace of mind, as it means, the rebuilt copier and its performance have been repaired to a high level of standard.  It's often worth negotiating a more  lengthier copier warranty (it's always worth a try in business to save further costs!).  In addition, you may want to consider a maintenance contract with your supplier ensuring that all the parts that generally degrade over time; for instance, the drum, rollers, & belts are covered by the contract.

Refurbished copiers really offer an exceptional value and chance for any company owner worth his salt to nab a fantastic bargain, and use the resultant savings to splash out on himself, if he so wishes!  Now you know how to save MONEY, do you know which refurbished copiers to buy?

Now that you know how to save a significant amount of MONEY for your business by buying refurbished copiers which one do you choose?  Check out our website at to make an informed choice.
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Copier Lease or Purchase - Which Is the Best Option

If you are setting up an office, whether in a commercial building or at home, you will probably need a copy machine.  One of the important decisions you will be making, is whether you will go for a copier lease, or purchase one for yourself outright?

Unless you will need multiple copies of documents everyday, generally, the better and more economical choice is a copier lease.  Here are some of the reasons why:

- Maintenance and repair of your own copier machine could turn out to be more costly and more time-consuming than you think.  If you have a copier lease, regular maintenance will be provided for you, providing you purchase a contract with the lease, then if you need the machine to be fixed, all you have to do, is call the vendor, and they will send a repair person out to your location right away.

- In the same way, when a part is needed for your copier, you may have to go to several stores before you can find the exact part that you need...and then you have to install it yourself.  If you have a copier lease with a contract though, they will be the ones to look for a high-quality, but low-cost copier part.  True, you will have to pay for the part, but installation services are free if the lease includes a contract.
In addition, some copier leases also give you the benefit of free minor parts and free installation, but only if you purchased a all inclusive contract with the lease. Most companies will also provide you with a temporary unit, while your own copier is undergoing major repairs.

- When the time comes when you want to change to a more advanced model, it will be very easy, if you have a copier lease. Leasing companies are always willing to modify your lease and exchange your current machine with a newer model.

On the other hand, if your copier machine was purchased, and you want to buy a new one, you will end up with two copier machines.  Unless you have sufficient storage space, you will have the burden of looking for a buyer for your old unit, or you’ll have to dispose of it in some other way.

We specialize in providing Affordable canon copier repair service and sales of Refurbished like New Digital Color and Black and White Copiers.

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Call 847-398-5212, Looking for Best Copier Repair Service

If you are running a scanning department for your company, you understand the importance of a good copier, and you need a good service that will be there on the double to replace toner cartridges.  For example, your business needs your copier up and running.  If you run your business and depend on your copiers, your service man needs to be there quickly, so if you are down to one copier for a crew of fifty, who use it constantly for copying files to scan, then you need to have the service response quickly.

It can become a nightmare; because running these departments depends on if your copiers can continue to run in top notch shape for a constant eight to ten hours a day.  If your copiers need toner cartridges and you depend on five working copiers for production, your numbers can go down quickly, as your crew waits in line at the one copier that is in proper working order; otherwise, your production numbers can go down drastically.

Weekly or monthly machine maintenance and the supply of copier toner cartridges, may seem like nothing to an office environment, that just relies on their computers, for their workloads; but if you are a company taking care of documents and they need to be copied for litigation, or you’re just scanning old files, or even just daily mail for your company; then you can understand the need for someone to be there when your toner cartridges are empty.

Your service technician needs to be there promptly without delay to repair and keep your copiers up and running with toner cartridges.  This is imperative, when you have mail, from ten departments per day, to scan into the computer, and hard copies of these files as well; so you need your copiers to have full toner cartridges too.

Copiers keep your business up and running.  Repair services, need to schedule toner cartridges weekly or monthly, depending on your workloads.  Your service repair company should realize when you need your toner cartridges and be there for you.

For banking this is also imperative because the banking industry depends on this same department; so the need for a prompt and timely response to service requests are imperative.  Otherwise; the result is that you are working overtime waiting on other employees to copy their work, before you can even get to the copier.  This is when your production depends on toner cartridges.

We specialize in providing Affordable copier repair services and sales of Refurbished like New Digital Color and Black and White Copiers.

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