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Call 847-398-5212, How to Select a Printer & Copier Repair Service Provider

It becomes very annoying when you want to get an important print job done and your printer or copier fails to work properly.  To make things look worse, you get error codes and warning messages spread out over the whole screen.  For bailing oneself out of the whole situation, we try opening up the paper tray to see what things if any, we can fix.  

Once we come to the realization that we don't have any clue about the problem, it's time to pick up the phone and ask for help from a trained professional.  In other words, we have to seek help from a printer and copier repair service.  Let's see how to go about which criteria to choose in order to judge the many printer and copier repair service providers in today’s market place.

 1. Reliability

This is one of the foremost important criteria for choosing a copier repair service provider as for the work performed by the professionals of that company has been satisfactory work.  Only then will you know if it's been worth the price you paid, otherwise you may find yourself needing to call them back constantly as soon as you try running your next copy job.  To make a choice for a particular professional/ company, always count on reliable names in your area, which can be based on written reviews, ratings, and verbal recommendations.  You can check their reviews and ratings on the internet, along with spending a little more time researching the subject on printer and copier repair service providers.  You can then, make a more informed decision, based on your findings; otherwise if you opt for a poorer quality service provider, it may end up costing you more and causing you more damage to your printer or copier.

 2. Quality

Quality of service is also another deciding criterion for the choice of a copier and printer repair service provider.  No doubt, you can buy cheap spare parts for your copier or printer, but it is also advisable to rethink your decision twice; only because some sellers may sell you low quality generic products and you can end up with paying a lot more in the long run because of mounting repair bills.  No doubt, genuine OEM parts are always going to cost you more, but a genuine OEM part will always prolong the life of your copier or printer.

 3.  Cost-effectiveness

This one is a little dicey of an issue to deal with, as the choice of any copier repair service provider will depend upon your budget.  It is advisable to go with the best service provider within your budget limits.  As a tip though, never opt for too costly or too cheap of a copier and printer repair service provider.  It is always beneficial to opt with a copier and printer service providers who charge a nominal fee.  A little research on your own can always save you from troubled waters down the road. 

It is also a good idea to check the copier and printer reviews before purchasing either one of these services.

Always try to make sure your repair costs never exceed  more than the cost of a new copier or printer. If repair is the answer and the way to go; then make sure you always choose the best printer and copier repair service provider out there.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, The Brother Laser Printer - Is It the Correct Choice

When searching for a laser printer it doesn't matter if you are working in the corporate world or at home, you need a reliable laser printer that will do the job.  While there are many different types of laser printers that can economize good caliber print work, the Brother Laser Printer is reasoned to be one of the best  printers that are on the market today.

Since the very inception of the company's history the Brother Group has offered high quality products for its customers.  They have also been recognized as one of the leaders in customer support.  Now this is important, because when you have an issue with your laser printer you want it to be handled with professionalism and speed.  Now if you want to select a desirable laser printer for your company you need to have a clear idea of what type of tasks you will need from this laser printer.  Today, laser printers have a wide variety of functionality along with a variety of prices.

This info will be imperative and can help you select the Brother Laser Printer that will give you the highest economic value in your work.  Now, I will tell you pay special close attention to the multi functional inkjet printers.  You know the ones, they have the capability of faxing, printing and copying. Although, they have improved a lot, they have more moving parts that are trying to function together. Common sense will tell you, more chances of some small failure and high costs to operate.  Something you don't want to experience when you are trying to get that laser printer project done that has the deadline of an hour.

While there are quite a number of laser printers, all of these printers can be divided up into two distinct groups.  One group is the color laser printer group.  The other group delivers black and white only prints; and believe me there is a significant price difference in these two groups.  To see which Brother Laser Printer that you may need you should travel to one of their storefronts or you can visit an office supply store or a computer store.  All with have variation in selection and price.

From these places you can select the type of  Brother Laser Printer that you can afford and one that will also provide first-class caliber work.  Remember; test the product to see what the outcome is going to look like.  I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised as to the amount of people who just buy the product without testing it first.  For anyone who is not too sure of the type of laser printer that will be appropriate for their tasks they can ask for help in choosing these type printers. The shop personnel should be able to give you a little verbal description of the functions of each Brother Laser Printer.  However, if they are good at their job (which we sometimes expect), then they will be able to answer your questions.

Now you can also find selective information for these Brother Laser Printers from various links on the Internet.  Here, as you look through the many World Wide Web sites you will now be able to find performance evaluations.  Although, not all companies are delivering this information, many are trying. You will also be able to find out what past customers have to say about the many different makes of Brother Laser Printers.

When you have finished with your information search, you can go to the store that you feel will give you a good deal on the various Brother Laser Printer products and choose one of these printers. This also gives you an opportunity to get any last minute questions answered.

Before you you pull out your credit card to pay for the printer you should find out what the return policy is regarding the Brother Laser Printer.  This data will help you, if you find any problems or defects in the product that you have just purchased.  Do your diligence and research the various Brother Laser Printers.  With this information you will be armed to make the right decision.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, How to Save Your Company 99% - Buy Refurbished Copiers For Your Business

With the economy being the way it is, at the moment as a business owner, a simple way to save MONEY is by buying refurbished copiers.  A good quality copier is a purchase that is mandatory for any type of organization whatever the size may be; yet it is also a significantly expensive purchase.  Of course you could buy brand spanking new, and line the manufacturers pockets, or you could make your money go a lot further by purchasing a refurbished copier.  The difference could be a savings as much as up to 85% less then a new one.  

Used copiers can present superb value for any small business, start-up, or corporation.  Any organization owners or managers with a limited budget must look to save on expenses, wherever feasible; especially for costly color copiers, that ought to last a lengthy time to vindicate the cost.  Copiers refurbished to a high degree are a great way of slashing thousands of bucks - 10's of thousands on high-end digital copiers - off store prices.  A rental copier is another option, but when you are saving a good deal of cash on a refurbished copier it is a much more sensible way to buy a low-cost unit for the long-term.

When you buy a refurbished copier via a reputable supplier (Canon copiers, Ricoh copiers, and Xerox copiers, which are particularly popular) you can be rest assured, that thorough care has been taken to retain quality, performance and reliability as close to a new copier as possible.  The buyer will not only acquire an as-new device, but in addition, gets a considerably cheaper alternative to the retail cost of a new copier.

The thorough method of copier refurbishment begins by ruthlessly weeding out any, but scarcely used copy machines that continue being in great condition.  These copiers aren't just wiped down on the outside and sold on, but are taken apart and inspected; worn parts are replaced, cleansed internally and then go through a scrupulous 90 points service check-list.  The copier/printer is then completely tested to ensure it performs just as well and up to factory specifications as a new one does.
When buying refurbished copiers make certain you test the unit fully.  Additionally, make sure you check out the copiers meter count.  This will tell you how many copies it has processed (think of it like a cars odometer for a mileage check) and to judge how heavily utilized it has been used in the past.

Probably, the most crucial element for you, as the client, will be the new guarantee on the refurbished photocopiers.  This should give you some sort of peace of mind, as it means, the rebuilt copier and its performance have been repaired to a high level of standard.  It's often worth negotiating a more  lengthier copier warranty (it's always worth a try in business to save further costs!).  In addition, you may want to consider a maintenance contract with your supplier ensuring that all the parts that generally degrade over time; for instance, the drum, rollers, & belts are covered by the contract.

Refurbished copiers really offer an exceptional value and chance for any company owner worth his salt to nab a fantastic bargain, and use the resultant savings to splash out on himself, if he so wishes!  Now you know how to save MONEY, do you know which refurbished copiers to buy?

Now that you know how to save a significant amount of MONEY for your business by buying refurbished copiers which one do you choose?  Check out our website at to make an informed choice.
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