Saturday, January 30, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, HP Copier Scanner - A Perfect Device for Office Needs

The HP copier scanner is one of the most useful gadgets in an office.  Efficiency in the workplace does not only pertain to productive employees.  It is also about having the required equipment needed to accomplish different tasks.  The modern times in particular, depend heavily on various machines and gadgets to effectively carry out assignments and responsibilities.  In the past, the sole equipment needed to execute tasks was the typewriter, pen and paper, and the telephone.  Today, technology has evolved and so did the office needs.  As a result of this, offices need to employ machines that would greatly improve the productivity of its employees.

Office equipment, such as the HP copier scanner, and scanner printers are among the widely used contraptions in businesses nowadays.  These machines provide a range of benefits that help to run and manage an office as smoothly as possible.  A scanner printer refers to a three-in-one device that lets users perform different tasks from a single unit.  Typically, it enables the user to scan, copy and print any document or photo.  The gadget is also capable of converting files into digital formats and can produce a hard copy of it as well. The contraption is also able to fax documents.  With this type of machine, there is no need to switch to various other devices to get things done.

Multifunction copier or printer devices such as the aforementioned have become available today in answer to the varying needs of consumers and businesses.  Before, people had to contend with different machines to enable them to perform their tasks.  Also, office personnel had to have printers, copiers and fax machines separately; but with the invention of copier scanners and scanner printers, the redundancy was minimized.  This is predominantly beneficial in times when there are critical operations to be carried out.  This has resulted to better productivity for the employees.  More importantly, valuable time was used to perform other important chores in the office.

Obtaining functional equipment such as the copier scanner is a sensible investment.  In choosing the ideal one, it is important to note that even though they are all functional and provide efficiency, there is still a need to select wisely.  In other words, look for a device that provides the functions that are most required in the business.  

For the most part, evaluate the basic tasks that have to be accomplished on a daily basis.  One example would be, if the staff has to produce photocopies every day, and then acquire a machine that provides superior quality copies.  Then, find one that is easy to operate and requires no complicated steps to enable use.  Also, make sure to ask about the parts and the repairs for the unit. Additionally, compare features and prices in order to find the most appropriate device.

With the valuable aid of an HP copier scanner and other practical office equipment, efficiency can be ensured.  Aside from being space savers, the different features that these machines come with, pose a lot of benefits and advantages that result in better production for the office.  What's more, it is an effective way of keeping the business systematic and productive.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Modern Copiers Offer Higher Functionality

Today's printing and copying technology has evolved to the point when documents can be produced almost instantly.  Copy machines can produce hundreds of reproductions within mere minutes, not sacrificing quality and maintaining the look of the original document.  If your business has been using an older model copier, consider upgrading to a new, modern copier that has the ability to work more efficiency and streamline your document printing process.

There are many brands of copying and printing machines, and the competition between them has driven prices down, passing the savings on to the consumer.  Nowadays, copiers offer unprecedented functionality at prices that were unheard of ten years ago.

When choosing a copier for your office or business, consider the many ways your employees will use its functions.  Digital copy machines optically scan the original document and convert it into a digital format before being processed for printing.  Older, analog copiers optically transfer the image from the original paper to the copy paper, via thru several mirrors and a lens.  When it comes to speed and efficiency, both analog and digital copiers can quickly produce a multitude of documents.  However, most new digital copiers can offer multifunction processes, such as faxing, scanning, and printing.  The digital format allows for cross sharing amongst different media and can streamline your office workflow, and digital copies of documents will decrease the amount of paper you use for printing.

Black and white copiers have been a standard and popular choice for high-volume text document copying.  Black toner costs less than color toner, bringing your overall cost-per-copy down.  If you need the impact of vibrancy though, color copiers can help you make a great impression with high-quality, crisp color documents.  Color copiers are essential if your business needs to make a statement with presentations, brochures, signs or flyers.  Graphic color copiers are available for businesses that regularly produce comprehensive graphic documents where the image is an essential part of the print.

Color copiers are digital and work much like a laser printer, transferring scanned information to a charged drum by laser.  The toner adheres to the charged part of the drum and is heated before being transferred to the paper.   Higher-end color copiers can produce duplications quickly, while the less expensive models need to take multiple passes with the toner to achieve sharp images and colors.

Standard features on color copiers include image centering, border erasing, color balancing and color adjustment.  Higher end copiers offer additional functionality, including colorizing, which allows you to make color copies of black and white original documents by selecting a color for a designated design or area.  However, most users have access to image editing software that can allow them to manipulate the image and reprint it before it is duplicated.  Take into account all the features your employees will need in an office copier before making your purchase.

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Evaluating Copier Features

Experts say to keep the following in mind when buying a copier:

Digital vs. analog: Experts generally recommend digital copiers, because you pay less per copy and get better-quality duplicates.  However, analog copiers are cheaper and more suitable, if you make infrequent copies.

Consider an All-In-Ones instead: Among office equipment, there's been much more product development in multifunction printers than in copiers.  All-In-Ones can print, scan, and fax , -- in addition to copying.  However, many All-in-Ones are slower than a dedicated copier, are usually run at faster speeds and can accommodate the larger paper size.  All-In-Ones also need to be direct connected to a single computer, while copiers can be networked to several computers at once.

If you need duplexing, check the specs: Many copiers advertise duplexing, but unless you love to stop and flip the original page over, look for 'automatic duplexing,' which means no paper-flipping.
The copier features you need depend on the number and types of copies and printouts you plan to make.  Looking at the following options can help you determine which copiers will work in your office.

Following are the various features of copiers:
Size: How much room do you have for a copier in your office?  Look at each copier's dimensions in item listings.  If full-size business copiers seem to be too large for your space, you might want to consider a smaller multifunction ink-jet printer or multifunction color laser printer.

Capacity: How many copies does your business make each month?  How many do you need each copier in the office to handle?  Whether you need 50 copies or upwards of 5,000, make sure every copier you consider has a capacity that meets your needs.   Also look at the manufacturer's approximate "cost per copy." Larger-capacity copiers often have a lower cost per copy, which can save your business money in the long run; whereas the smaller multi-functional inkjet copier/printer will end up costing you a lot in ink supplies.

Paper sources: What type of copies do you need to make in your office?  Copiers typically have one or more fixed-size paper trays and several adjustable paper sources.  Look for paper trays that support the sizes of paper (8.5" x 11", legal, ledger, etc.) and types of paper (such as heavy stock, labels, or transparencies) your business requires.  Also consider a bypass tray if you want to feed special-size paper directly into the copier.

Copier speed: Copier speed is measured in copies per minute (cpm), pages per minute (ppm), or outputs per minute (opm).  If you frequently have large print jobs, look for copiers with faster speeds.  If you plan to mostly make single copies, pay closer attention to first-copy out speed to find out how long the copier will take to warm up and produce your copy.  Also note that more complex copy tasks, such as collating and sorting, typically take longer than printing multiple copies of a single page.

Memory: Digital copiers save documents in memory so they can print multiple copies without re-scanning original documents.  For multifunction network printers, memory is also used to store information about multiple print jobs in a queue as well as multiple pages in a fax.  With more memory, a copier can store more information at once, which can mean faster copying and printing speeds.

Stack less duplexing: Copy two sides of an original document and print double-sided copies.

Automatic document feeder (ADF): Save time copying multiple pages.  Look for an ADF that can feed up to 50 pages in a stack through the copier.

Finishers: Finishers-ranging from automatic staplers and three-hole punches to saddle stitch and folding finishers-are typically considered copier add-ons.

Consumables: Pay attention to the brands of toner, developer, and fuser oil your copier manufacturer recommends and make sure they're readily available.

Security: Many digital copiers allow you to require that users enter a code before they can make copies. This provides a level of security, preventing unauthorized usage and allowing you to analyze current usage patterns by department.  Some machines can also hold faxes or network documents in memory until the correct code is entered then print them.  This prevents confidential documents from being left in the output tray for any passerby to view.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, How to Save Money on Printer Toner Cartridges

The time to start saving money on printer toner cartridges is before you buy a printer.  It's a good idea to consider how much it's going to cost to print a page.  In some cases, the ink cartridge manufacturer will give an estimate of the number of pages a printer ink toner cartridge will print.  These estimates are highly variable and depend on your particular printing habits.  Graphics printing, for example, will consume more toner than text printing.

Consider Operating Costs in Addition to Price
Resist the temptation to buy that bargain-priced laser printer, even if it's a brand name.  Narrow your choice down to a couple of models and investigate the cost of toner cartridges for each.  It might just turn out to be, that the cost of toner ink cartridges for the inexpensive printer is higher than for the more expensive one.  Here's an example: Black ink toner cartridges for an inexpensive printer may cost $25.00 and yield 200 copies.  That works out to a per-page cost of .125.  For the higher priced printer, ink cartridges might cost $35.00 and yield 1000 copies.  In this case, the per-page cost is .035.  So in the long run, the more expensive printer is actually cheaper to operate.  Also, since you don't need to change the expensive cartridge as often, it's better for the environment.  Finally, the more expensive printer is likely to have superior speed, construction and durability.

Other Ink Conservation Tricks
The software that comes with your printer probably gives you some choices for print quality.  As a general rule, the higher the print quality, the more ink it requires.  For every day printing needs, set your printer software to "economy" or "draft" to make laser printer toner cartridges last longer.  It's a simple matter to reset the printer to a higher print quality when you need to.  Also, give some thought to why you print.  If you need to share information with others, why not send an electronic copy rather than a printed one?  If you need to preserve information, why not back it up electronically using a free online backup service?  This strategy works for low-volume backups.  For higher volume, consider a low-cost service like Carbonite.

Finally, to really help save on ink toner costs simply don't print unless it's necessary.   By implementing some of these simple techniques, you'll cut down on the cost of printer toner cartridges.

You Need a Correct-Tek Copier Repair Services Lincolnshire, Refurbished and New Copier Sales Parts Buffalo Grove ..

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