Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Saving Money in Tough Economic Times - Buy Refurbished

The company I work for has been getting calls from customers whose employers are telling them to buy refurbished telephones or have their telecom equipment repaired, rather than to buy new.  In the current economy, we think that makes a lot of sense for all businesses.

Buying refurbished not only saves money, you may actually receive items that are better than new. How can that be?  Well, just like new car models and software revisions, sometimes a bug or two slips through.  When that equipment is refurbished, a responsible refurbisher will correct those bugs so the equipment operates even better than the day it left the factory!

Besides telephone systems and equipment, there are many other items you can buy used or refurbished that will work just as well as new, but at a fraction of the cost.  Your local thrift store or GoodWill store may have used fax machines or copiers that will do in a pinch, too.

Other Items that might be a good "used" buy:
* Digital cameras
* Bar code readers
* Printers
* Credit Card Machines
* Headsets
* Books

Some sites to try:
CubeKing - Will meet or beat anyone's price on used office furniture.

Shop Goodwill Online - Auctions for computer equipment, digital cameras and more - for a good cause! - Try (an eBay company) for used books on marketing, communication, customer service, software, etc.

Scan Again - For refurbished bar code scanners and repairs.

Credit Card Terminal - for refurbished credit card and PIN terminals.

What's better than inexpensive??? Free!!! Try your local Freecycle chapter for used equipment and furniture.

Don't forget the repair option. Many companies offer repairs on phone system components, copiers, printers and the like. Local computer technicians may be able to help you squeeze another year out of your computer.

Some companies offer a full warranty on their refurbished equipment. Make sure you read the fine print. Check with the Better Business Bureau when in doubt.

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