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Sunday, July 15, 2018

HP Printers Vs Canon Printer

The world today has been incredibly altered by the developments of technology.  You'll be amazed at the many different innovations and modernization's that technology has produced for different machines.  All the mechanisms around us are becoming even more useful as time passes by.  Computers are some of these useful devices, and an HP or a Canon printer would definitely make the set complete.

A lot of printer makes and models have been released in the market, and most of them offer various new features and technological developments.  Each model has a different purpose in printing, but there is one thing you can be sure of: good printers have good reputations.  Examples are Hewlett-Packard and Canon printers.  The two names are well-known because of the excellent features that they offer.

They may be popular, but HP and Canon drove a long way before getting to where they are now.  Making a respectable image in the industry takes a long time, even several years, to establish.  The question now is: which one is better, Canon or HP?  It may not be that easy to tell because the companies have different sets of printers.  In order to find out, let us compare their models.
Firstly, HP and Canon do not have much difference when you talk about conventional printing. The trademark of HP in inkjet printers, the DeskJet series, and the inkjet printers of Canon are quite similar to each other.  The Business Inkjet 2800 from HP and the PIXMA iX7000 from Canon have the same business-quality performance that provides excellent document quality, professional prints, and colorful photos.

Having a photo printer of your own makes printing pictures very easy, and HP and Canon's photo printers are excellent for this job.  HP's Photosmart D7100 and Canon's PIXMA iP6220D are excellent photo printers that offer great features like a 2.5'' LCD color display that allows you to view and edit your photos and print them without a computer simply by inserting memory cards in the memory card slots.

For multi-functional features that are perfect for the office, an all-in-one printer where you can print, fax, scan, and photocopy is the best choice.  An example of this is the K7100 from HP's Officejet 4500 All-in-One series and the PIXMA MX7600 Office All-in-One printer from Canon.  You can use these two machines to print, copy, and fax in full color and receive documents and images in perfect hue.

If you want the latest in printing technology, laser printers offer the best printing quality and speed.  The Color LaserJet CP4025dn printer from HP and the image CLASS LBP6300dn from Canon allows you to save up to 50% of paper with their duplex-printing feature, and save time as well with printing speeds of 30-35 pages-per-minute.  These devices are also network-ready so you can connect and print straight from the internet.

As you can see, HP and Canon printers have a lot in common.  They may have different technologies but their features are a lot alike.  The only difference that they might have would be their prices.  For a more affordable selection, choose HP; but if you don't mind the costs, choose Canon.  Your decision makes the final statement.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

General Information About Laser Copier Information

Copier machines are common equipment that people usually use in their office and any other workplaces.  By using these type machines, you will be able to perform an easy and quick process of duplicating your documents.  These machines were invented in the 20th century and nowadays have been improved in their performance, speed and also along with many other prominent features.  A Laser copier machine is; the newest improvisation that you can get, if you want to have high quality and the quick process of printing.  You will get a lot of benefits and advance features at a competitive price, compared to any types that you can afford in today’s market.

There are some prominent matters that you need to understand before you are going to purchase a laser copier.  You need to remember that the laser copier is clearly a different device then a laser printer.  By using the laser copier you will be able to duplicate the paper sheet by scanning and copying it exactly.  You will be able to copy any images and sheets that already exist.  Different to the laser copier, the laser printer will help you to print many kinds of data and also documents that are already saved in your computer.  It is simply because the printer will automatically work if you connect it to the personal computer.  You can print and send the information to the printer devices by using some common software that are commonly used in printing and managing the data.

If you are going to purchase a laser copier machine, you also need to remember that this machine will help you to scan and also store your data.  It is one newest innovation that is offered by the copier technology.  Different to the older copier, this device will only have to scan a document once to make a lot of copies in your machine.  This device will save the scanning data in the hard disk and it can be recalled if you need it in the future.  Moreover, you will also get the benefits of creating your own image by using this smart device.  It is one machine that is composed with an imagining drum that is built along with photo-receptive elements with an electrical charge power.

By using the laser technology, you will be able to get the perfect process of the scanning and drawing the image into the scanning areas.  The next process will be held by transferring the image to the sheets of paper by using the electricity power of a laser unit and you will then get the perfect image of any kind of document and sheet that you have.  While you are using this machine, you will also get any other benefits of having a quick process of data and also document duplicating that you may not get from the conventional types of copy machines.  

You can run and also duplicate some documents in the same time with a perfect result and also color resolution.  It is possibly happened because, this device will not only copy the original document or image one by one, but it will be scanned once and it will be saved in the internal hard disk of the machine.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Smart Ways to Compare Copier Machines

Copier machines are office supplies that hold an important role for running the business.  When you are about to get this machine, you have to be sure that you get the best machine that fits your needs.  This is because this machine does not come in a one-size-fits-all option.

In order to get the best machine that you need, you should make some comparisons among the available copier machines in the market.  There are three main things that you should compare when you are looking for this machine for your needs. They are; the features, the size and the price of the machine.

When looking for the features in copiers, you should look at the speed of the machines to do the copying jobs.  You should also look at the automated options that they have and also other things that can be done by the machines instead of just copying.  You will find that there are some options available for the machines that have the multifunction feature; such as scanning, printing, and faxing.  You will find that these types of copiers will be a very great addition for your business.  Therefore, it is important to know the features that you need before deciding on which copier you will go with.

The copiers that you can find in the market might come in many sizes.  You will find that the commercial machines will take up a large footprint area in any specific room.   Keep in mind though; these types of copiers only bring benefits for the larger type companies, which do larger and bigger amounts of copying jobs.  If you are going to use the machine for your own personal use or in departments of a smaller company that only have a few employees, you could choose a medium size or smaller one.

Price might be the most important consideration that you may have to compare when purchasing copier machines for your needs.  You should look at all the features of the machines, so that you can determine whether the machines are worth it or not to buy.  

Make sure that you choose the copiers that have the features that you will probably be using the most for your needs.  You will find that it is not worth purchasing the copiers with features that you do not need.  Also remember, new is not the only option you have, there is a very good selection of refurbished copiers today in the market place, which can save you a considerable amount of money, and perform most any type of copier, printer, scan, or fax job very successfully and reliably.

Now, you can purchase the right type of copier machine by doing these types of comparisons. You will find that doing such comparisons will be a very important step in your decision making process, in order not to regret it in the future.

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Evaluating Copier Features

Experts say to keep the following in mind when buying a copier:

Digital vs. analog: Experts generally recommend digital copiers, because you pay less per copy and get better-quality duplicates.  However, analog copiers are cheaper and more suitable, if you make infrequent copies.

Consider an All-In-Ones instead: Among office equipment, there's been much more product development in multifunction printers than in copiers.  All-In-Ones can print, scan, and fax , -- in addition to copying.  However, many All-in-Ones are slower than a dedicated copier, are usually run at faster speeds and can accommodate the larger paper size.  All-In-Ones also need to be direct connected to a single computer, while copiers can be networked to several computers at once.

If you need duplexing, check the specs: Many copiers advertise duplexing, but unless you love to stop and flip the original page over, look for 'automatic duplexing,' which means no paper-flipping.
The copier features you need depend on the number and types of copies and printouts you plan to make.  Looking at the following options can help you determine which copiers will work in your office.

Following are the various features of copiers:
Size: How much room do you have for a copier in your office?  Look at each copier's dimensions in item listings.  If full-size business copiers seem to be too large for your space, you might want to consider a smaller multifunction ink-jet printer or multifunction color laser printer.

Capacity: How many copies does your business make each month?  How many do you need each copier in the office to handle?  Whether you need 50 copies or upwards of 5,000, make sure every copier you consider has a capacity that meets your needs.   Also look at the manufacturer's approximate "cost per copy." Larger-capacity copiers often have a lower cost per copy, which can save your business money in the long run; whereas the smaller multi-functional inkjet copier/printer will end up costing you a lot in ink supplies.

Paper sources: What type of copies do you need to make in your office?  Copiers typically have one or more fixed-size paper trays and several adjustable paper sources.  Look for paper trays that support the sizes of paper (8.5" x 11", legal, ledger, etc.) and types of paper (such as heavy stock, labels, or transparencies) your business requires.  Also consider a bypass tray if you want to feed special-size paper directly into the copier.

Copier speed: Copier speed is measured in copies per minute (cpm), pages per minute (ppm), or outputs per minute (opm).  If you frequently have large print jobs, look for copiers with faster speeds.  If you plan to mostly make single copies, pay closer attention to first-copy out speed to find out how long the copier will take to warm up and produce your copy.  Also note that more complex copy tasks, such as collating and sorting, typically take longer than printing multiple copies of a single page.

Memory: Digital copiers save documents in memory so they can print multiple copies without re-scanning original documents.  For multifunction network printers, memory is also used to store information about multiple print jobs in a queue as well as multiple pages in a fax.  With more memory, a copier can store more information at once, which can mean faster copying and printing speeds.

Stack less duplexing: Copy two sides of an original document and print double-sided copies.

Automatic document feeder (ADF): Save time copying multiple pages.  Look for an ADF that can feed up to 50 pages in a stack through the copier.

Finishers: Finishers-ranging from automatic staplers and three-hole punches to saddle stitch and folding finishers-are typically considered copier add-ons.

Consumables: Pay attention to the brands of toner, developer, and fuser oil your copier manufacturer recommends and make sure they're readily available.

Security: Many digital copiers allow you to require that users enter a code before they can make copies. This provides a level of security, preventing unauthorized usage and allowing you to analyze current usage patterns by department.  Some machines can also hold faxes or network documents in memory until the correct code is entered then print them.  This prevents confidential documents from being left in the output tray for any passerby to view.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, How to Save Money on Printer Toner Cartridges

The time to start saving money on printer toner cartridges is before you buy a printer.  It's a good idea to consider how much it's going to cost to print a page.  In some cases, the ink cartridge manufacturer will give an estimate of the number of pages a printer ink toner cartridge will print.  These estimates are highly variable and depend on your particular printing habits.  Graphics printing, for example, will consume more toner than text printing.

Consider Operating Costs in Addition to Price
Resist the temptation to buy that bargain-priced laser printer, even if it's a brand name.  Narrow your choice down to a couple of models and investigate the cost of toner cartridges for each.  It might just turn out to be, that the cost of toner ink cartridges for the inexpensive printer is higher than for the more expensive one.  Here's an example: Black ink toner cartridges for an inexpensive printer may cost $25.00 and yield 200 copies.  That works out to a per-page cost of .125.  For the higher priced printer, ink cartridges might cost $35.00 and yield 1000 copies.  In this case, the per-page cost is .035.  So in the long run, the more expensive printer is actually cheaper to operate.  Also, since you don't need to change the expensive cartridge as often, it's better for the environment.  Finally, the more expensive printer is likely to have superior speed, construction and durability.

Other Ink Conservation Tricks
The software that comes with your printer probably gives you some choices for print quality.  As a general rule, the higher the print quality, the more ink it requires.  For every day printing needs, set your printer software to "economy" or "draft" to make laser printer toner cartridges last longer.  It's a simple matter to reset the printer to a higher print quality when you need to.  Also, give some thought to why you print.  If you need to share information with others, why not send an electronic copy rather than a printed one?  If you need to preserve information, why not back it up electronically using a free online backup service?  This strategy works for low-volume backups.  For higher volume, consider a low-cost service like Carbonite.

Finally, to really help save on ink toner costs simply don't print unless it's necessary.   By implementing some of these simple techniques, you'll cut down on the cost of printer toner cartridges.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Several Things You Should Know About Folding Machines

Constructing a book needs to fold the papers so that folding machine is very important to do this purpose. You will find that this machine will make the job easily so that you will be able to fold the bulk of papers together.  This machine has been used since long time ago. For more information about the machine, you should read the following information.

When talking about the types of folding machine, you will find that there are three main types of this machine.  Those three types are the buckle or plate, the knife and the combination folder.  For the third type of this machine, you will find that this uses buckle and a knife in some of the different stages.

The work of each type of folding machine is different.  For the buckle type folder, the machine works by creating a fold when the backstop is hit by the piece of paper.  In this case, the paper is taken through a set of rollers into a folding plate. After that, the paper will be buckled and forced downward into a set of nip rollers.  Then, the nip rollers will grab the sheet of paper at the buckle before pulling it through and compressing a fold into the sheet of paper.

For the knife folder, you will find that the fold is made by using a blunt steel blade.  The blade will push the internal part of the paper that will be folded between two rollers.  Meanwhile, the combination folder works by propelling the sheet to further units, to have further folds.  The knife folders will make the folds that are parallel and then create a  buckle that will incorporate with the knife folding units so that the sheet will be folded at the right angels.

Nowadays, there are many options of folding machines available in the market.  You will find that the one that is modern is able to process sheets that are 4 by 4 inches up to 26 by 26 inches measurements. In some special cases though, the machine can fold up to 50 by 74 inches.  Moreover, there is also folding machines that are able to fold a sheet of 128 pages to produce sections of 32 pages each.  These are typically used in commercial type environments and are considered very high end.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Advantage of Sharp Copiers

Sharp copier is one of the most reliable copiers around.  It is recommendable for its ability to do a multiplicity of printing, coping, scanning, & faxing tasks, yet giving you consistent results each time out, unless you tamper with the settings.

They come in many different varieties and it is up to you to go for the one that is suitable for the kind and amount of work that you have to accomplish and also one that is pocket friendly to you.
Many factors come into place, once you consider buying a copier.  One, you will have to consider the size of the machine depending on how much space you have in the office.

Secondly, you may want to know the features that are within the copier so that you do not miss out on a feature that your kind of work may really need and demand. On the other hand you do not want one that is too complicated for simple use.

Thirdly, with the ever changing technological advances, you may feel that it may be expensive to replace your sharp copier, every time there is an advanced model of the same, in the market.  You may therefore want to consider renting one from the rental shops.  However, this option will require you to know how much the rental stores charge per month and the policy they have in regard to maintenance and repairs.

More information regarding the sharp copier may be obtained from the Internet.  You can then verify this information from the sharp copier office stores or from their authorized dealers.  If you want, you may also consider an Independent Reseller and possibly get a savings on certain new and refurbished models anywhere from 25%-75% of MSRP.  Once you have all the details on your finger tips, all that remains is for you to select the copier you want, pay for it and transfer it to your office.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Efficiency and Style With the Kyocera D2035dn Copier/Printer

It is debatable what the most important machine in a small to medium sized busy office is?  Is it the coffee machine or the desk-top printer?  I expect that the answer to this depends on how anyone is able to function without either one of these machines.  However a coffee machine cannot copy and a copy machine cannot make coffee, so perhaps it is wisest to have both!  The Kyocera D2035dn printer does not have coffee making as one of its capabilities, but it certainly has many other capabilities.

If you are looking for a reliable desktop multi-functional copier to assist in the day-to-day functioning of your busy office, this printer/copier will certainly provide a fully functional option.  For sharp, distinct and professional looking documents, it cannot be beaten for price.  It produces monochrome copies of up to 1800 x 600 dpi.

The Kyocera D2035dn printer is a flatbed copier, which also comes standard with a 50 page document feeder.  The document feeder provides a fast way to copy large documents of high quality at a low cost.

This is a marvelous printer for any home or small to medium sized office.  It will perfectly compliment you fax machine and is very user friendly.  A 250 page in-put tray holds both letter and legal sized paper and the printer can both copy and scan in color in one simple footprint.  Kyocera D2035dn printer has made office tasks simpler than ever with its feature rich options.

The flat-bed design simplifies making copies of books and magazines, which are both scanned and copied easily.  Reductions and enlargements may be made of between 25-400% in 1% increments, and it comes complete, packaged with everything you require to get started.  That is a CD Rom for both set up and installation, an imaging drum yielding up to 100k copies/prints or 3 years  whichever comes first , starter toner, power cord, auto document feeder and user guide.  However your printer cable is not included.

A user friendly control panel will alert users to any potential problems and you can make copies without having to be connected to a computer.  Connecting to a network is a simple matter and there are a variety of network connections available.  The Kyocera D2035dn printer is suitable for use with both Apple Mac OS and Windows for PC, and scans for both these operating systems in color and black and white.

There is a standard limited warranty of one year, which is normal for any type of equipment of this nature, while copy speeds are according to manufacturer's specifications, 35 per minute.
The Kyocera D2035dn printer can make as many as 99 copies at a time.  However there is one very important factor which cannot be overlooked.  Machinery which is this technologically advanced must be operated with the correct consumables, so ensure you use Kyocera D2035dn toner.  The printer itself is very affordable, so you don't want anything expensive to repair going wrong with it due to incorrect use of toner.

Summary: As far as desktop copiers go, the Kyocera D2035dn printer has rich features and efficiency on its side.  Of course there is also affordability to be considered and this is certainly not secondary.  It is a stylish printer which will do pretty much anything you ask of it.  Just be certain and always use original Kyocera D2035dn toner.  

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Copier Printer Scanner Features - Terms and Accessories

The copier printer all in one industry has changed over the past three years.  What use to be options now comes standard accessories on many copier models.  If you plan to lease a copier or purchase a copier printer all in one it's important to know the features and what you actually need for your office equipment.  What is an ADF or DADF (automatic document feeder or double-sided automatic document feeder)?  The ADF or DADF sits on the top of the copier printer scanner and gives you the ability to automatically feed a stack of papers to copy, fax out or scan to a computer.  Some brands of copiers still call this an option.  However, a machine never goes out the door without this.  Usually the feeder allows up to 50 pages (some up to 100 pages) at one time; on your digital copier or multifunction printer.
What does digital sorting mean on Canon, Sharp, Xerox and Ricoh Copiers (other brands too)? All brands of color copiers and multifunction copiers for the past 5 years provide digital sorting without using an external optional mailbox finisher.  Digital sorting means each copy, print or fax job is "offset" from the previous one (shifted side to side or criss cross sorted).  This feature does not limit the number of document sets your copier can sort.  If you had an optional external copier mailbox finisher then you are limited to the number of slots.  What is a duplex unit?  The duplex unit gives your digital copier the ability to do two sided printing and copying.   It's an option on some brands.  However, the more recent models (3 years old or less) it's standard.  On business class copiers (Canons, Sharp, Ricoh, Kyocera, Xerox  and other models) you can do two sided to one side, one to two sided, two sided to one sided copying and printing using the menu keys.

What are the paper Drawers options?  All business class copier printer scanners; come usually with at least two paper drawers.  The lower end personal copiers usually come with one drawer.  Each paper drawer "cassette" handles several size papers from A4 up to 11 x 17.  Most of the current models can handle sizes A4 to Legal.  Most mid-range digital copier's drawers handle paper up to 11 x 17 size pages. Paper Cassette Drawer Options include: Additional paper drawers (feeders) up to 3,000 pages on some models of copiers.  The typical optional copier paper drawers can handle anywhere from 250-550 sheets of paper.  If you are using heavy paper stock you may need to use a bypass tray on your laser printer copier.  Are the copier printers green by saving on electricity?  Energy compliant power save mode is a standard feature on most recent model digital copier scanners.  Due to pressure from governments, end user and marketing professionals, power save mode is here to stay.  Basically the color copier printer will put itself in a lower power usage stage, waiting for printer copier jobs to process.  Once it receives a job it powers back up quickly.  This reduces electrical expenses and saves you money.

Do all copier scanners come with the fax option?  Usually this is an option not a standard copier scanner accessory.  This copier all in one option gives you the ability to send and receive faxes.  Plus, with most brands of photocopiers you get fax to email and fax to computers.  If you have a network it will require the setting of mail boxes and installation of software of each computer.  What are the security and client tracking or billing features?  Lawyers are great at this.  They charge their clients for every piece of paper produced on their printer copier scanner.  One way they track the actual number of pages produced, is through the digital photocopiers security measures.  
Most machines have the ability to assign access codes.  You can assign a copier access code, for each employee, client or department.  Once setup, you have to input a security code before a job will print or copy on the all in one printers.

At the end of the billing period just print an access report to get the total pages copied or printed by each access code.  Not Sure What You need?  Ask questions!  If your sales person is all hype and no meat then go someplace else.  Color printer copier features and options are designed for a specific purpose. Do not assume the digital copier scanner will do what you want.  Ask for the specification sheet.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Should I Buy My New Copier From an Office Supply Superstore Or Not?

It depends.  You have a few options, but, first you have to figure a few things out.
The last time you visited one of the office supply superstores like Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot, I'm sure you saw row after row of desktop units that copy, print, scan and/or fax.  When I was an Account Executive and Sales Manager at a leading copier manufacturer, I spent a lot of my time fielding questions from small business owners asking if they really needed to go to a big copier company to purchase a new copier.  

As I told them, here are a few things you should consider:

1. What is your total monthly copy and/or print volume?  If you don't know the answer to this question, go and pull your invoices for your last paper purchase.  Estimate what percentage of paper was used for which function.  For instance: 60% used for print jobs, 30% for copy jobs and 10% for faxing.  You bought 10 reams of paper at 500 sheets of paper per ream.  You used it all up within a two-month time frame. Therefore, you copy and print approximately 2,000 images per month (90% of 5,000 sheets=4,000/2months, scans don't use up paper).  If your volume is well below 1,000 per month, your needs are probably best served by the office supply superstore.  Don’t stop there, but, read on...

2. Do you make any color prints or color copies?  If so, how important is image quality to you?  Generally speaking, the image quality on the desktop units is fairly basic and not conducive to the creation of impressive marketing materials or photo quality printing.  The "big boys" do a better job at this.

3. Are you outsourcing any copy or print volume (black/white and color)?  If so, have you considered bringing those jobs in-house?  Oftentimes, it is cheaper to do these kinds of jobs on your own system, but, this increased volume should be computed into the final monthly volume for your new copy system.

4. Is your volume fairly even throughout the year, or do you have wide ranging spikes in volume during certain times of the year?  For example, an accountant might see volume quadruple during tax time and would want to select a system that is able to withstand this level of seasonal wear and tear.

5. Once you find a model you are interested in at the office supply store, ask what the price is for the toner cartridge.  Ask what the toner yield is and what the fill ratio is for that toner yield.  Ask if the drum cartridge is a separate unit and if so, what the drum yield on that part is.  Use this information to figure out what is your cost per copy/print for this model.  The equation is: toner cost/toner yield + drum cost/drum yield= total consumable costs.  The fill ratio is an important detail to ask about.

Usually, these figures are quoted on an industry wide standard of a 6% fill ratio. This means you take a blank piece of paper and transfer toner ink to only 6% of coverage on the page.  Effectively, this is the equivalent of a two sentence letter.  How often do you copy or print a page with much more ink on the page?  I would imagine the answer is....a lot.  You must account for this disparity by assuming the toner yield will truly only is about 25% of what was quoted to you.  Compare this figure to the quote you receive from the copy manufacturer.  Usually, you will pay much more for an equivalent copier purchased from a copy manufacturer, but, the cost to operate it,  is often much less because the toner costs are much cheaper.  It is well worth your time to make these comparisons to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

6. Do you want to be able to call a service technician and have him come straight to your office to repair the system?  Usually an office supply superstore requires you to bring the system into the store for repairs or even ship it back to the manufacturer yourself, if there are any problems.  Make no mistake about it, the system will need repairs.

7. Do you want the option of leasing the equipment through a capital lease?  There are many tax advantages as well as cash flow considerations in favor of leasing.  A manufacturer of multifunctional devices can provide you with many leasing options that an office supply superstore cannot.

You have a lot to consider before you acquire the multifunctional device that keeps your business running like clockwork.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, How a Heated Roller Laminator Saves Money

Every school has one. Teachers and scrap bookers say it is one of their favorite tools.  Yet, in these tough economic times, the laminator is often one of the first pieces of equipment to remain idle.  This does not have to be so.  With a heated roller laminator, you can reduce your laminating costs without sacrificing quality.
First, let me provide a quick lesson on laminators. Roll laminators come in a multitude of sizes, configurations, and costs.  Laminators generally operate in two ways.  A heat shoe laminator consists of curved pieces of coated metal that surround the laminating rollers.  This metal is heated up and the laminating film is pulled across the shoes to melt the adhesive on the laminating film.  The rollers simply provide the pressure to stick the film to the item you are laminating.  The second type of laminator is a heated roller laminator.   Just as it sounds, the rollers in a heated roller laminator, which are normally made of silicon, are heated and thus melt the adhesive and provide the pressure for laminating at the same time.

So how can a heated roller laminator save you money?  It boils down to two factors: heat and waste. Let's look at each of these in more detail.

Heat Shoe Laminator
In order to melt the adhesive on laminating film, heat must be applied.  A standard 1.5 mil laminating film that is commonly used in schools generally melts around 275 degrees.  Now, with a heat shoe laminator, there is a small gap in between the heat shoe, where the heat is applied, and the rollers, where the pressure is applied. Now because there is no heating occurring in this gap, the laminating film cools down in between the heat shoe and the roller.  This often requires the laminator to be heated to a temperature much higher than 275 degrees, using more electricity and increasing the wear on the laminator's internal heating element.  A heated roller laminator does not require the laminator to be heated over the operating temperature of the laminating film because the film is constantly in contact with the heat source as pressure is applied to the item being laminated.  Lower heat equals less electricity used and less wear.  Not only is this good for your pocketbook, but good for the environment as well.

Heated Roller Laminator
A heated roller laminator results in much less waste than a heat shoe laminator.  Much like inkjet printers, a large part of the cost of laminating does not stem from the laminator itself, but the consumable supplies used.  Standard laminating film can be as expensive as $50 per roll.  By minimizing even just a few feet of waste per roll, large savings can be made.  A heated roller laminator minimizes waste in two ways.  First, when a heat shoe laminator is warming up, only the portion of the laminating rollers that are closest to the heat shoes are being heated.  The back sides of the laminating rollers remain cool.  This results in a repeating foggy pattern on the first several prints that are laminated because the cooler sides of the laminating rollers lower the temperature of the laminating film below the film's melt temperature before the appropriate amount of pressure can be applied.  Unless the laminator operator rotates the rollers during warm up, the first few feet of laminating film is wasted.

This is not the case with the heated roller laminator because the rollers are uniformly heated. Second, the clarity of laminated prints tends to be better with a heated roller laminator.  The laminating film is pulled across the heat shoes in a heat shoe laminator.  Any dust or burrs on the heat shoe can scratch the laminating film as it is pulled across the heat shoes.

In the past, heated roller laminators have been overly expensive when compared to heat shoe laminators.  GBC manufactures a popular heated roller school laminator; however the price is much higher than standard heat shoe laminators.  However, Banner American Products, a California-based manufacturer, recently introduced a low-priced heated roller laminator called the EasyLam School Budget.  The EasyLam Budget is half the price of existing heated roller laminators and is manufactured in the US. Start saving today with a heated roller laminator.

You Need a Correct-Tek Copier Repair Services, Refurbished and New Copier Sales Parts..

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Benefits Of Ricoh Copiers

Ricoh is one of the most trusted copier brands available in the market place.  The company is known for its high quality products, excellent service and a wide network of dealerships across the countries it operates in.  The company also owns Lanier Worldwide, an American company that offers complete document management solutions.  

Lanier printers are designed to meet the daily needs of the businesses, offices, large corporations and individuals.  These printing devices are fast and very convenient to use.  They are best suited for mid size businesses that find higher volume systems costly and the lower end systems unable to deliver the high quality resolution and performance of both Ricoh and Lanier printers and copiers.

Lanier Features
Lanier copiers offer high quality document solutions that are quick and affordable.  Whether it is full color or black and white, you can expect quick and easy delivery within no time.  These devices combine affordability and versatility to come up with an entirely new product catering to a hi-tier touched segment in the market place.

Many small and medium sized firms prefer these digital copiers because they come with a host of features that add value to their business.  Firstly, these copy devices can deliver you a copy within ten seconds.  That's pretty fast, isn't it?  Likewise, it includes a full bleed printing and copying feature.  The simple editing features allow you to manipulate the documents according to your needs.  An optional 20 bin stapler/sorter and or punch feature  is also provided for giving your documents a finishing touch.  Similarly, an auto duplex unit will help you work both sides of a page.

Why Opt for Lanier Copiers?
Well, these digital copiers can deliver 22 copies within a minute, irrespective of whether it is black and white or color copies.  The resolution of 600 dpi in the: Lanier 5722 includes all kinds of texts and graphics.  Further, its fully optional network printing module (including printing, scanning, email, & faxing) allows you to access various document management solutions directly from your computer.   Another aspect that enables Lanier to stand out in the market is its large distribution network.  This enables the company to provide a wide range of document solutions to individuals, small businesses and large corporations in an affordable and efficient manner.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Office Solutions - Tips On Buying Office Copiers

The time of handwritten notes and typed letters is long gone.  Today, businesses have to be equipped with all kinds of office gadgets to keep up with the fast pace and modern trends.  This includes having a top-of-the-line, cost effective copier.  Buying or leasing one of today's multifunctional copiers from Correct-Tek Copier Service in Arlington Heights can improve the efficiency of your office personnel.  It can also save you money.

Your staff members will no longer have to stand in line to copy papers, because the machine will work faster.  You can also cancel your printing service as you will be able to print your own advertising flyers, company newsletters, financial presentations, and other bulk paperwork. Copiers from Correct-Tek Copier Service in Arlington Heights are exceptional devices.   

While most models are quite impressive, not all of them will suit your business.  Therefore, pay close attention to our tips.  Through our advice, you will make an informed decision and buy a copier that is right for you that best fits your needs.

1.  Color or black and white - The choice should be easy.  Just think about what materials you copy and print.  If you are only concerned with printing letters and plain documents, a black and white copier should do fine.  On the other hand, if you often work with colored pictures, you will have to select one of the color copiers from Correct-Tek Copier Service.

2. Copy load - Personal copiers cannot handle bulk printing, so only consider models that are made especially for businesses.

3. Tray size - Do not underestimate this feature.  If you often need to print lots of documents or letters, you will need a copier with paper trays that hold at least 250 sheets.  Anything less and your staff will have to frequently restock the trays.

4. Versatility - You want a copier that can do more than print.  You want a device that has the duplex feature (printing on both sides of the page), can handle various paper sizes, sort, stapler, fax and do much more.  Just think about it; anything the machine can do frees up time your office staff can spend on other administrative tasks!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Quick Fix For Paper Feed Problems On Copiers, Fax And Printers

So you need ten sets of a fifty page document for this morning’s meeting.  It's 8:30AM and your meeting is at 9:00AM.  You begin with your project and the copier jams.  You clear the jam, but it keeps jamming! It's not pulling in the paper.  Sure you can call the copier repair person, but you need the copies now! There's nothing you can do, or is there?

All office equipment that feeds paper has a component inside that pulls the paper out of the paper tray and into the machine.  Most are made out of rubber and just like the tires on your car they wear out. When a roller is worn and dirty they will cause paper jams.  The purpose of this article is to show you how you can clean or rejuvenate the rollers long enough for you to complete your job and have your repair person come out and fix it properly.

Alternative Solutions:

When your machine is jamming, first locate where the paper is jamming.  Which paper tray?  Is it tray 1 or tray 2?  Also which size paper is jamming?  On machines that have more than one paper tray you can switch paper trays and then you can skip cleaning the rollers.  Make sure when you change cassettes that the copier registers the correct paper size.  The machine will think it is a different size and it will jam.  The sensors are set for a specific timing, and it will know the difference in length from letter size and legal size.  I also would try using the bypass tray or manual feed tray, if so equipped.  This will get you up and running quicker than cleaning the rollers.

Determining if the Rollers are the Problem:

If you need the specific tray to be functional we will get busy with the repair.
First make a single copy in the tray that is jamming.  By doing this, you are determining where the paper is jamming.  If it is jamming in the exit for instance, you have another problem.  If it is jamming in the center of the machine, again it is a different problem.  Now if it jams at the cassette or paper tray area, the next step is removing the paper tray.  Shine your flashlight into the paper feed area, and see if there are any pieces of paper torn off inside or something blocking the paper path.  Now that you have ruled out a blocked paper path, you can clean the feed roller(s).

Tools Required:

Flashlight, strong cotton towel (so it will not rip off in the machine), WD-40 or Rubber roller rejuvenator.

Note:  Never use alcohol to clean rollers.  It dries out the tread and the remaining tread will get ripped off and then it still will not feed.  Use WD-40 it works great!

Cleaning the Rollers:

Shine your flashlights into the paper feed area and locate the rubber rollers that feed the paper in.  Grab your towel and saturate it with cleaning fluid.  This can be WD-40 or your favorite roller rejuvenator. Start by cleaning the roller and spinning it all the way around not missing any of the surfaces of the roller.  Then go over it again with the dry part of the towel.  As I said, there are many different types. Some have a set of three rollers.  One Pre-feed roller, this pushes the paper into the other rollers.  One feed roller and one separation roller.  Others have a half moon style.  These are harder to clean because they have a clutch system that keeps it at home position when not feeding.

WARNING: If you try and turn these to clean them you will damage the clutch mechanism!  There are two ways you can clean these types.  First you can actuate the clutch by pushing down on the solenoid or release lever.  This sometimes can be hard to get to though.  You can also start the copy process and shut off the machine exactly when the feed roller engages.  This takes some patience and practice, but it is better than damaging the clutch.  Once you get it where you can clean the roller, repeat the procedure above.

Some alternatives to replacing feed rollers:

There is a material called feed roller tape.  I have used it when I didn't have the right roller in my car stock.  It works with some styles, mainly half moon styles.  Just peel off the adhesive and wrap it around the worn roller surface.  They also have some that stretch over the old rollers.  On old copiers or printers that you can no longer get parts for, you can apply clear silicon on the feed surface and let it dry twenty four hours.  It works, but I am inclined to use the real thing.  You can also use generic rollers manufactured for almost all equipment.  I have mixed feelings about these, because I have had to go back and change them again later.  For the best repair, I use genuine OEM feed rollers.  They are still inexpensive and they will last you longer, and you will have fewer headaches.

Feed Rollers

There are many types of rollers and feed systems.   Rollers will normally come in a maintenance kit but they may need to be replaced approximately half way through the maintenance kit cycle.

I hope this has helped you complete your print or copy job.  Please remember that, this article is just a quick fix and not a long term solution.  Be sure and call your copier repair person to fix it correctly.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, The Best Multi-Purpose Cheaper Copiers Guidelines

Cheaper  Copier Machine:

A Cheaper Copier machine is one of the best value equipments widely used in offices and commercial places today.  These devices are a gift for small size offices or new businesses, as such an investment savings.  Which normally turns out to be a great deal of money?  These types of machines were earlier called, Xerox machines, but with the advancements nowadays, these units provide top quality and high-grade photocopying tasks.  They perform functions; like copying colored materials; like photograph pictures, and much more.  With the industries growing demand; manufacturers continue to make new inventions and developments in the copiers to make them more useful devices.

Cheap Copier Features & Advantages:

There are a lot of advancements and innovations in the field of copiers.  Hundreds of models with amazing features have made work very easy and safer, thus saving a lot of time, space and most importantly money. This modern office equipment today, is multi-functional and capable of performing various unique functions like printing, faxing, and scanning with a single device.  These electronic devices allow copying, sending faxes, or making collated - even stapled - sets of documents from just a single piece of equipment.  These units also produce exceptional, sharp black and white images, true-color images and even many professionals use them for graphics and artwork as well.  Today's copiers are also fully loaded with features like settings for security, speed, resolution, brightness and contrast, and sizes.  If you need zooming capabilities, many copiers come with 25 to 400 per cent and minus 800 per cent reduction/enlargement capabilities. The type of copier that you choose will depend on your specific needs.

Cheap Copier Types:

There are many brands which manufacture different types of copiers in the market today that easily fulfills all the home, office and business needs. The most widely used cheaper copiers are the color inkjet photocopiers, desktop multifunction copiers, smaller laser printer copiers, network copiers and digital copiers.

Cheap Copier Buying Guide:

The huge price tag of the new copier machines is one of the main reasons that have forced many small business owners to buy cheaper or refurbished copier machines.  Before purchasing the cheaper copier machines, do ask the vendor about their refurbishing procedure.  It should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out, have all damaged parts or accessories changed.  The machine should be further inspected for any possible problems.  Resolve the warranty issue before hand with the dealer and do not settle down for a 30 day warranty period by any means.
Arrange for a maintenance agreement prior to the purchase, which covers all the parts that typically wear out or break, including the belts and drum.  When buying a used copier, the insurance is definitely worth the cost of the service coverage.  Many copier dealers will sell a used copier "as-is" for even steeper discounts, usually with no warranty or one as short as 14 days.  While the initial price may be attractive, you'll probably wind up paying more in the long run in repairs and maintenance for this reconditioned copier.

A cheap copier machine is one of the many great contributions of technology that help improve lives and create quality living.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Differences of Digital Copiers Over Analog Copiers

A photocopier is generally used to make copies of documents quickly and cheaply.  It is mainly used in schools, colleges, offices, and businesses around the world. There are two types of photocopiers- analog and digital copiers.  Analog copiers work on the old and traditional Xerox process to make copies through  several mirrors and a lens that are projected onto the drum; whereas a digital copier, the image is reflected thru only a couple of mirrors and then digitally encoded electronically and projected onto the imaging drum unit thru a high speed laser to  produce the image.

A High Quality Printed Document
One of the foremost benefits of a digital copier today, is that, the end product is always a higher quality copy and an even a higher quality computer generated printed copy, thru the digital encoding process of the document.  Moreover, it also can scan the document and save the data into memory or to a hard disk drive for later use.  In this way, digital copy machines can print the document from the memory or directly off a stored location on a hard disk drive; and also transmit them electronically to other digital devices that can receive the transmission.  These copiers produce copies with a much better image, because of the use of digital encoded electronics and high speed lasers, which in turn also allows for not only higher quality copies but, for a larger range of enlargement and reduction copies that can produce a much sharper defined text line and a much more defined image that shows all the finer details.

Multi-Functional Copiers
A digital copier is a multi-functional machine that can do many jobs simultaneously.  You can produce hard copies from the original document, at 100%, enlarged copies up to 400%, or reduced one’s down to 25%, either single sided, duplexed, sorted, stapled, punched or they can even transmit electronic copies to fax machines.  You can also transmit text to a single email address or multi email addresses.  It can scan a hard copy back to a single computer file system or to multi computer file systems on a network.  It can print out from one computer system or from several networked computers, either by standard hard wired networked systems or now in some situations by wireless network systems. These copiers can produce superior and better copy quality sometimes then the original master document.  It allows you to eliminate many steps during the communication process by going green and saving you time and money.  You also don't have to mail the hard copy of the document to different departments and locations.

Low Cost Copy Machines
Another benefit of it includes its low cost of operating.  This is due to the lesser number of moving parts to break down during the process.  In addition to this, the ink used in digital copiers produce more copies per cartridge than traditional copiers.  Although it is generally calculated that the cost of these copiers are more on the front end, but with regular and day to day use, you can save money over the long term. These copiers offer a wide range of features at affordable prices.

Environmental Friendly
One of the major benefits is; its environmental friendly feature and producing less noise while processing.  These copiers are also energy efficient and use energy saver modes. The machines are able to power down, if they are found to be unused for a predetermined amount of time, set by the user. These modern technology copiers are manufactured using more environmental conscious processes as compared to the old and traditional copiers.  These copiers also require fewer repairs and less maintenance, because of again less moving parts, more filtering systems, and more sealed recycling toner systems.

A New Way of Working

A digital copier encourages its users to find new ways of working that reverses the printing and distribution processes.  It scans the information optically from a piece of paper and is a success due to the combination of two technologies of paper handling and data handling. With the growing popularity of these copiers, more and more organizations are opting for this technique of copying and are moving away from the inefficient use of traditional copiers for document reproduction.  Some of the famous digital copy machine manufacturers are Canon, Konica-Minolta, Ricoh, Toshiba, and Xerox.

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