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Call 847-398-5212, How to Save Money on Printer Toner Cartridges

The time to start saving money on printer toner cartridges is before you buy a printer.  It's a good idea to consider how much it's going to cost to print a page.  In some cases, the ink cartridge manufacturer will give an estimate of the number of pages a printer ink toner cartridge will print.  These estimates are highly variable and depend on your particular printing habits.  Graphics printing, for example, will consume more toner than text printing.

Consider Operating Costs in Addition to Price
Resist the temptation to buy that bargain-priced laser printer, even if it's a brand name.  Narrow your choice down to a couple of models and investigate the cost of toner cartridges for each.  It might just turn out to be, that the cost of toner ink cartridges for the inexpensive printer is higher than for the more expensive one.  Here's an example: Black ink toner cartridges for an inexpensive printer may cost $25.00 and yield 200 copies.  That works out to a per-page cost of .125.  For the higher priced printer, ink cartridges might cost $35.00 and yield 1000 copies.  In this case, the per-page cost is .035.  So in the long run, the more expensive printer is actually cheaper to operate.  Also, since you don't need to change the expensive cartridge as often, it's better for the environment.  Finally, the more expensive printer is likely to have superior speed, construction and durability.

Other Ink Conservation Tricks
The software that comes with your printer probably gives you some choices for print quality.  As a general rule, the higher the print quality, the more ink it requires.  For every day printing needs, set your printer software to "economy" or "draft" to make laser printer toner cartridges last longer.  It's a simple matter to reset the printer to a higher print quality when you need to.  Also, give some thought to why you print.  If you need to share information with others, why not send an electronic copy rather than a printed one?  If you need to preserve information, why not back it up electronically using a free online backup service?  This strategy works for low-volume backups.  For higher volume, consider a low-cost service like Carbonite.

Finally, to really help save on ink toner costs simply don't print unless it's necessary.   By implementing some of these simple techniques, you'll cut down on the cost of printer toner cartridges.

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