Thursday, May 25, 2017

Laser Toner Companies and Tips

Discount Toner Company
This company is situated in the center of Illinois.  It is also close to the Cook County.  It provides low prices on compatible remanufactured copier toners, toner refill kits and laser toner cartridges.  The company sells a variety of laser cartridges with an easy interface and secure online ordering.
This company supplies the widest variety of Lexmark laser cartridges, HP laser cartridges, MICR toner cartridges and Canon copier cartridges.  It also provides products for fax machines, laser printers and other photocopiers.

Laser Toner Tips
Make sure you follow a few tips on how to replace a cartridge.  Buy a replacement for destroyed or old toner cartridge.  A cartridge in your printer must have several identifying type information on it, including the part number which you could use to distinguish the type you need.  As it starts to run low, several printers will launch a message to your computer which includes the part number for a replacement.

You can donate your old cartridge to an office supply store.  Several office supply stores will give you a store coupon for every cartridge that you donate.  Think of it as helping your environment.
Remove the destroyed cartridge.  You may need to snap the toner out of position.  Follow the instructions given to your printer if you have a hard time removing the destroyed one. Wear old cloth when replacing toner cartridges as the spills might stain your shirt.

Get the new toner cartridge out of the box.  Rock it back and forth several times.  Remove the protective cover and snap the new toner into position.  Close your printer cover if you installed the cartridge correctly.

Your printer may need to be aligned after replacing the toner cartridge.  Follow the instructions given by your printer for this type of task.

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