Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Choosing a Wide Format Printer, Copier Or Scanner

A few important things to consider when choosing a wide format printer, copier or scanner.  They are; whether to buy new or used, the purpose and amount of use the equipment will have, how will the increased capacity of such machines can affect your business and how long it will take to recoup the expense.  On the expense issues alone, there are big positives to encourage a business to make this purchase.  

If you are choosing a wide format printer, copier or scanner that is used and re-formatted you can realize savings on the initial investment of about fifty percent over new costs.  Prices vary from around $600 to $1000 on the low end to above $12,000 for refurbished printers, plotters, scanners and copiers in wide format configuration.  Used and re-formatted machines should come with their own warranty and technical support. Purchase only from a reputable company that stands behind their products 100%.

When using wide format machinery you will be able to produce different types of materials without the need for joining parts together on the finished product.  This can be a major plus for looks alone and durability.  You can easily produce larger posters, banners, window cling signs and other retail signage. This can be a real benefit to high volume businesses like advertising agencies, print shops and retail stores.  For these businesses it makes sense to purchase a wide format printer, copier or scanner because of the savings realized quickly due to the volume of items needed.

Obtaining good equipment is a great selling tool for any business that produces signage and reproductions.  Output can be made right in-house with less expense than if it were necessary to send jobs out to other sources for wide machine production.  Wide format is good when you are working with CAD and blueprints, large photographs or drawings or any other artwork that is best handled at one time.  With large format machinery you can copy, scan and print large artwork and designs without having to piece together the finished products.  Wide format printers are valuable and save time and money because you can print in one large piece.

Paper sizes from 24" to 42" widths are accommodated by various large format printers. High speed output is accomplished with fast drying ink jet printing and using convenient roll paper.  Fast speed at high resolution means you are able to reproduce  high quality line drawings, renderings or photographs. This is good especially for map making and other geographic renditions in monochrome or full color.  This is also great for archive storage of documents and records.

How you use the wide format machinery is open to imagination.  Posters, artwork and photographs in large sizes can be run quickly and cost effectively on wide format printers.  You can run large jobs or mixed jobs together and obtain large quantities faster than with smaller machines.  Text books, manuals and descriptive booklets with photos are good candidates for large format printers, copiers and scanners.  If you need volume, consider purchasing this type of equipment for your business.

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