Saturday, May 20, 2017

Add Copier Toner Cartridges To The Home Office Supply List

In the excitement of starting their own work from home business, some people overlook a crucial aspect: office equipment and supplies.  Many home-based businesses rely on paper and using the computer printer to make copies is often not feasible.  Investing in a high-quality copier and some toner cartridges is recommended for any home entrepreneur who will be duplicating documents.
While taking care of the legalities of starting a business, the individual should develop a list of required office equipment and supplies.  Even if the person has a computer, it might not be adequate for business use.  In some cases, only software upgrades will be necessary while in others, a new system will be needed.  Now is a great time to buy PCs and laptops because back to school deals are advertised everywhere.

A compatible printer should be included on the equipment list.  The latest styles feature wireless print capabilities, allowing printing to take place anywhere in the home.  When purchasing a new printer or getting the current one back into shape, an adequate supply of paper and ink is also recommended.  Keeping some in inventory ensures there will be no down time due to printer supply shortages.

Next on the list is the copier and it comes in various shapes and sizes with nearly as many features. The rule of thumb is to select one that does a bit more than is needed.  This way, when the business grows, a new machine will not be required.  When shopping for copier toner, look for premium compatible cartridges because these work as well or better as OEM cartridges and cost much less. Online retailers sell cartridges for major brands like Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, Konica-Minolta and Toshiba.

Pens, pencils, paper, filing cabinets, hanging files, folders, a stapler, and a calculator or adding machine are supplies that every home business owner should purchase.  Binders keep hard copy documents organized on shelves and in closets.  Do not forget the three-hole punch because without it, getting those papers into binders will be difficult.

With a shopping cart filled with everything from staples to toner cartridges, the new home business owner should be prepared for any situation.  Setting up a home office is fun but it is also a strategic exercise because furniture and equipment should be positioned to streamline workflow.  Once everything is in place, the new company will be ready to open its doors for business.

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