Friday, April 22, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, A Laser Printer Copier Can Save You Space

If you are struggling for space in your office, you may want to consider buying a combined laser printer copier to replace the old individual printer and photocopier you already own. The advances in technology mean that the newer machines are smaller and have more functionality than older models. By investing in the latest electronic devices you could find that you actually save money in the long term due to cheaper electricity bills and less toner supplies waste.

Older machines can eat into your resources.  If it takes an hour and a mountain of paper to get some decent copies or printouts you need a new machine.  How long do you currently spend trying to fix your copier or printer when it breaks down yet again?  Or do you find yourself always waiting on the repair man to come and fix it.

A new laser printer copier should help the office become more efficient once the initial learning curve is out of the way.  It makes sense for one person to learn how to use the machine properly as they can then train the other members of staff.  You can program a lot of tasks into the new machine and it should be able to process tasks much quicker than your older ones.  It has less moving parts too, so it shouldn't break down as often.  It will queue up specific jobs and some will even send you a message when your work is completed so you don't find you have to wander over to the machine wondering where your paperwork has gone.

Why not speak to your office supplier now and see which model of laser printer, copier he recommends to you?  Ask him to show you a couple of different models and to demonstrate how they can save you time, money and a little space.

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