Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Replacing Your Printer Cartridge

No matter how good your printer is there is one thing it will always need to work properly: toner.  The toner in your printer is stored in a specially designed printer cartridge and when the toner runs out this printer cartridge must be replaced.  Printer cartridges can vary widely in price but fortunately you have many options to choose from.

OEM Printer Cartridge
More likely than not when you first purchased your printer it came with a specially designed printer cartridge manufactured by the same company that built your printer.  Every printer is different and thus the cartridge needs will always vary.  Printer cartridges manufactured by the same company as those who built the printer are referred to as OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer.  Sometimes they are also referred to as Genuine OEM.

There are some advantages to replacing your toner with an OEM printer cartridge.  You will be sure that the cartridge will fit your model printer, as well as be sure of the quality. Unfortunately there is also a heavy price to pay with OEM printer cartridges, as OEM toner is usually fairly expensive.  If price is a concern there are other options as well.

Compatible Printer Cartridge
Your new printer cartridge does not necessarily need to be manufactured by the original printer manufacturer in order to work.  There are several companies out there that specialize in making compatible printer cartridges, that is, cartridges which are compatible with a number of different printer types from different companies.

The main advantage of a compatible printer cartridge is that it will be somewhat cheaper in price.  They can often run for as much as ½ the price of its OEM counterpart.  Most compatible printer cartridges will work just fine with your printer, however in rare instances a compatibility problem might arise.  Generally they are manufactured roughly the same as the original OEM printer cartridge, only it is manufactured by a different company.

Remanufactured Printer Cartridge
The last option for buying a replacement printer cartridge is to buy it remanufactured.  This is something made available by a number of companies in the business of recycling printer cartridges.  They take the old cartridges and rebuild them, as well as replacing the toner. Both OEM and compatible printer cartridges can be recycled and remanufactured, and will vary in price depending on the price of the original cartridge.

Remanufactured printer cartridges are popular not only because they are a cheaper alternative than OEM, but also because they are more environmentally friendly.  It cuts down on the need for new cartridges to be manufactured, as well as cutting down on the number of discarded cartridges taking up space in landfills.

The Final Step

Once you have purchased your replacement printer cartridge (or refilled your old one) it is time to put it back into your printer. Most printers will have instructions printed right on them for how to replace the printer cartridge, or you might need to consult the manual. Once your new cartridge is in you are ready to start printing again!

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