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If you are wondering how to find a great deal on copiers for sale, have you considered buying refurbished ones?  The term refurbished may frighten some people off, but it can be a great way to equip your office at a fraction of the usual cost.  You can buy all sorts of refurbished items from phones to printers.

Some stores will send their display models of printers and copiers back to the manufacturers.  These items can't be sold as new as the boxes have been opened and the machines may be slightly damaged.  It is usually only slight scratches on the external part of the machine.  The inner components are still in full working order and are probably even covered by a warranty.

Speak to your local dealers about their refurbished copiers for sale.  Ask them where the machines originated and what process is used to refurbish the equipment.  Some places just do a light clean whereas others will check out the unit thoroughly.  In addition to making sure that the item is working, they will replace any worn parts and will also provide a warranty for a specific period of time which is usually about 3 months.

Regardless of whether you are buying new or used always buy the right size and capability for your needs.  You may have underestimated the amount of copying you will be doing.  You don't want to go to a lot of trouble finding the right copier only to find out you’ll grow out of the machine within weeks.

Don't just pay the first price you see.  Negotiate hard when looking at copiers for sale as you can often achieve further discounts on stated prices.  This is especially true when you use cash at your local store as the store owner can save money on the fees charged on credit or debit card purchases.

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