Thursday, June 25, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Multifunctional Copier Features in Today’s Market

Today, they can do a lot more than making copies.  Many of the top, multifunctional models deliver a robust imaging solution that can handle the high volume demands of just about any business.  These premium devices are extremely reliable, are considered high performers, and will bring exceptional imaging results that will boost overall office productivity.

Multifunctional copiers in ARLINGTON HEIGHTS are equipped with many great features.  These attributes have been incorporated to make your copier more functional, saving you valuable time and money.  Indeed, the more your efficient copying device can do, the more time your staff can spend on more important business matters.

The following list will show you some of the options that are currently available in copiers in ARLINGTON HEIGHTS.

• Print, copy and fax - Having an all-in-one device will simplify the workings of your office, with speeds from 10-35 copies per minute up to 40-90 copies per minute.

• Dual scan document processor - High capacity copiers can scan up to 100 images per minute. They can handle multiple paper sizes, scan in black in white or optional color.

• Advanced finishing solutions - A first-class device that supports multi-position stapling, hole punching, and can fold booklets will save you a lot of manpower.

• Paper handling versatility - The more paper you can store in the trays, the less time you will spend on refilling.  They can come equipped with anywhere from 250 sheet capacity up to 2500 sheet capacity LCT type paper trays.

• High capacity toner cartridges - Busy work environments have little time to replace toner cartridges.

• Simple touch screens - An easy-to-use touch screen will help the employees to easily navigate between the different functions.

• Affordability - Check out the prices of the various multifunctional copiers in ARLINGTON HEIGHTS to find the one that will fit right into your budget.  Available either as new or pre-owned completely refurbished.

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